Srinathji 10

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sashtaanga paadam abhivandhya samastha bhaavai:
Sarvaan surendra nikaraan idameva yaache
mandasmidardra madhuranana chandrabimbe
nandasya punya nichaye mama bhakthir asthu!
        With humility and great devotion  I prostrate down and offer my only prayer to all the devas! I pray for blessings to have deep and steady devotion in the son of Nandagopa who is blue hued, with a charming smiling face! Saint Leela Sukar thus prays to the Lord in Sri Krishna Karnamritham!
     Radhekrishna! In the last issue we saw the great sadguru Vittalnath turned an evil minded man to be a great devotee of the Lord. Great is Bharatha and great are the Sadgurus. Sadguru Vittalnath had another disciple called Kumbhadasa. He was a poor potter but very much devoted to the Lord. The King Rajasimha hearing about this devotee wanted to meet him.
      Kumbhadasa was living near Govardhana giri. When then king went Kumbhadasa was crying out to his granddaughter to bring his mirror and chair as it was time for him to apply gopi on his forehead. He had to do his daily worship. A little girl came out of the hut and said 'Oh grandpa, the goat drank the mirror and ate your chair'. Hearing this the King was confused. He couldn't understand what she was saying and turned towards his minister. The minister understood what she meant and shed tears of joy. On enquiry the minister told the king that Kumbhadasa's mirror was a pot of water, and his chair was a bundle of grass. The goat had eaten the grass and drank the water it seemed. Kumbhadasa was a very poor man. But in the midst of such a poverty he was so devoted to the Lord.   
     Seeing this the king felt sorry for Kumbhadasa. Immediately he brought a mirror with a golden frame and kept it before Kumbhadasa. The potter was confused and looked at the King. The King explained that since his goat drank away his mirror, the king wanted to gift a Kumbhadasa with a mirror which the goat cannot drink. Surprised at this Kumbhadasa replied, 'but my mirror need not be kept with great care. Nobody would steal my mirror too. This mirror which you have brought needs great care and attention. Moreover I have to safeguard it  from thieves too. So I am not comfortable with this. Please take these away. As long as I am poor my Srinathji showers His blessings on us. If I become richer I might lose Srinathji's blessings. Without His blessings I don't want to live. To get His blessings I don't mind being poor, or sick, or even insulted. Only due to the merits of many births and guru kripa that I have bhakthi now. I don't want to lose that at any cost. So please don't mistake me.'
      The king was very much disappointed at this. He was sorry that he couldnt do any sort of service to this great bhaktha. Then he again requested the bhaktha whether he can name the village as Kumbhadasapuram. Kumbhadasa laughed at this and replied, 'why do you want to change its name? This place belongs to Lord Srinathji. We have no right to change its name. This vraja bhoomi is the Lord's. Don't think about give my name to this place.  It is great fortune to have entered this place. Don't sin by doing such heinous deeds and don't make too a sinner.! Do bhakthi and enjoy the Lord instead of pulling me into unwanted problems!'
        The king couldn't say a word to the mahathma. Kumbhadasa used to sing during one of the arathis performed daily at the temple. Srinath enjoyed his singing and used to gift him with His sweet kisses. Kumbhadasa was very happy with that. He was contented with the opportunity. So he had no more needs or desires. He was well aware of his guru's blessings. Such a wonderful bhaktha! King Rajasimha considered himself to be fortunate to meet this bhaktha and fell at his feet. Great is such a bhaktha and great is such a sadguru who has a disciple like him! 
     Meet you at the next issue with  more stories of Srinathji! Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna!

Srinathji - 9

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mani noopura vaachaalam vande thacharanam vibho:
Lalithani yadheeyani lakshmani vraja veethishu.
      Krishna roams around the Vraja lanes with tinkling anklets on His Feet. The sound of the anklets is accompanied by the tinkling of bells on the neck of the cows.  Those feet are soft like lotus flowers. They make beautiful marks of the conch, disc and the lotus on the dust of Vraja bhumi while He walks. I worship those lotus feet with all my heart, says Leela Sukar in Krishna Karnamritam.
Radhekrishna! The very same Lord saved the people of Brindavan from Indra’s wrath by lifting the Govardhana hills. He is their lovable Srinathji. Daily 8 pujas are done for Him. Morning mangala arathi is done. During this time Srinathji is woken up. He gets up late during summer and gets up early during winter. Vittalnath’s followers take turns and sing songs to wake Him up. They wipe His face with warm water with great care and love. He is offered bhog after that. Then comes sringar arathi. It is the time for Him to play. So they give flute in His hand. All play things are kept in front of Him and again singing is done. Dry fruits are offered for Him at that time. Arathi is done in the end.
        Then Gwal arathi is done. Time for Srinathji to take the cows and calves for grazing. Light tiffin is offered for Him then. Arathi is done.
Then noon it is time for Rajbhog and arathi. Numerous varieties of food items are offered for Him at that time. Arathi is again done now. After a tiring day and a heavy meal Srinathji will get tired and prefers a light nap.  He has to be waken up from the nap so afternoon by 3’ O'clock, uddhapan arathi is done.  He is gently woken up and arathi is done.    
         Next comes the time for Srinathji to have discussions with all the devas  who come to Him with various problems. It is said that whatever we wish at that time will be fulfilled by Srinathji. It is also said once Aurangaseb lost his eye sight.  Having heard about Srinathji’s miraculous powers, he prayed to the Lord at this particular time and got his sight back. Again a variety of food is offered to Him at that time and arathi done. Then evening arathi is done when He reaches back from the forests with the cows and cowherds.  Finally the sayana arathi is done when He is put to sleep. Lullabys are sung during that time. At that time after food pan (betel leaves with nuts) too is offered to Him.This system of puja was organised by Vittalnath, the son of Sri Vallabhacharya.  It has been followed for the past 600 yrs without much change. Vittalnath considered Srinathji as his own son. He considered himself as Yasoda matha. He guided many disciples towards bhakthi marga and corrected them. 
       There was a brahmin called Shreedhaswamy who had enimity towards Vittalnath due to jealousy. He couldn’t bear Vittalnath’s fame spreading far and wide. He used to say Vittalnath was only showing off bhakthi and he did not have real devotion. One day he took a coconut, removed the kernel inside stuck the two shells together and took it to Vittalnath. He asked him to offer the coconut to Lord Srinathji. He also prayed that he was devoid of devotion like Vittalnath and let Srinathji give him that much devotion.  
         Vittalnath innocently tried to take the empty coconut. Srinathji held Vittalnath’s hand and told him not to take the coconut. He said there was nothing inside and the man was trying to cheat him. Vittalnath smiled at this and said:- ‘True mylord! His inside is devoid of bhakthi and so empty. Why don’t you fill it with devotion? Then he will definitely change!
Srinathji:- What do you want me to do?
Vittalnath:- Fill it with what is needed.
Srinathji:- But how is it possible?
Vittalnath:- If at the age of 7 You can lift the Govardhana hill, then is this impossible for You? Put the kernel back in the shell please.
Srinathji smiled and accepted his request.  Vittalnath made the offering and turned to Sridhaswamy. He told him to consume the kernel inside so that he will get devotion.  He laughed aloud sarcastically and broke the coconut to show that Vittalnath was wrong. He was stunned to find the coconut full of kernel. He broke down and fell at Vittalnath’s feet begging pardon, ‘I am a sinner who came to cheat you. But you have showered me with divine blessings. How can I ever atone for my sin? I am really sorry now.’
       Vittalnath was moved with his tears and said he is not a sinner since he has uttered the name Srinathji.  Unless Srinathji desires, one cannot utter His name. That means he is lucky to get Srinathji’s blessings to utter that name.  Then he gave him nama upadesha. Sridhaswamy kept chanting the nama and attained the Lord ultimately. Guru kripa combined with bhagavath kripa can do wonders!  Radhekrishna!

Srinathji - 7

Monday, October 17, 2011

Athanthritha thrijagadapi vrajangana-
Niyanthritham vipula vilochanaajnaya.
Nirantharam mama hridaye vijrumbhatham 
Samanthatha: sarasatharam param maha: 
        Radhekrishna! The ultimate power which controls the whole universe, is but controlled by the innocent wide eyed women of Brindavan.  Oh Krishna! Let that brightness which spreads ananda everywhere shine in my heart.
       Once King Akbar’s wife wanted to have darsan of Srinath on Holi day.  She expressed her desire to the king. He discouraged her saying that many Hindu devotees would be coming on that day to have darsan of the Lord and it would be a hindrance for them if she went that day to the temple. But as she very much wanted to go she insisted and finally the king agreed to send her. She was sent there with all the paraphernalia. She tried to visualise the Lord in beautiful attire in her mind.
      As soon as she stood before the Lord she was surprised to see that the Lord was attired in the same way as she had visualised earlier. She was still more surprised to hear somebody sing in praise of the Lord. Those songs were the same which she had noted down secretly as and when they came to her mind. She didn’t know how those songs came to be sung by some total stranger.  She understood that the Lord had accepted her songs and deputed somebody to sing them. She felt herself melting before the great mercy ! She was losing her consciousness slowly. Finally she left the body to merge in to the Lord.  
         Now the people got very much scared. No one dared to pass on the news to the king.  They didn’t know what his reaction would be.  At last somebody went to the palace and informed the king of the happenings at the palace.  King Akbar thought for a minute and said ‘She has gone back to where she had come from. I had the fortune of living with her during the interim period. She is a great soul !’ Great is the husband who could understand the wife so clearly ! This is real love between a husband and wife. He understood that Lord Srinathji has swallowed his wife.  Many Hindu devotees felt sorry that they couldn’t do such a devotion inspite of being Hindus. The Lord considers only the devotion and He is not bothered by caste, creed etc. A muslim woman could easily attain His feet.
           Everybody loved Srinathji. Days were rolling. Vittalnath daily  night would put Him to sleep. Govindadas used to sing for Srinathji. But he had stopped singing now.  There was a helper named Rupan at the temple. His duty was to clean the temple at night and make it ready for next day. Every night while working he saw many devotees singing before the Lord when Vittalnath put Him to sleep. After everybody was gone he used to sing softly some songs. He didn’t know proper music but used to mumble some songs to himself while doing his work.
          One day when Vittalnath came to wake Srinathji, he found the Lord was wide awake.  The usual red eyes were redder. Alarmed Vittalnath asked the Lord whether He didn’t sleep the previous night. Lord Srinathji said He didn’t sleep at all. Vittalnath enquired why He didn’t sleep at night. The Lord said, ‘Yesterday Rupan didn’t sing me any lullaby. So I couldn’t sleep.’ Vittalnath was surprised to hear that.
Vittalnath:-  I have not seen him singing before you.
Srinathji:-  He sings only when all of you go out.
Vittalnath:- But he is a very bad singer. His singing is the worst I 
                    have ever heard.
Srinathji:-  No he sings the purest music. His singing is full of 
                   devotion, devoid of ego, and so sweet for me.
Vittalnath:- Well if you like it then it is ok. But why didn’t he sing
Srinathji:-  It is all because of that Govinda. He only told him not to
                   sing before me since he feels Rapan's music is awful 
                   Govindadas told him since I am a child I may not be able 
                   to withstand his terrible singing. So told him not to
                   disturb me anymore with his lousy singing. He got scared 
                   and stopped singing.
      Govindadas with all his love for Srinathji had stopped Rupan when he heard him singing. Rupan with all his love for Srinathji understood that and stopped singing.  Real race of devotion between bhakthas ! Lord Srinathji missed Rupan’s songs filled with devotion. So He couldn’t sleep. Hearing this Govindadas came running there and apologised before the Lord. ‘Hey Srinath ! You could have told me that you liked Rupan’s song.  I am sorry I interfered between you two’ said Govindadas.  He immediately went to Rupan and apologised with him too. ‘Rupa ! I am sorry. Srinathji enjoys your music very much. So please do sing before Him daily. Then only He will sleep.’ Rupan was moved with emotions. His devotion attracted the Lord very much. We need not be an adept in music. But if we sing with our heart filled with devotion then the Lord is pleased.                 Radhekrishna!  Radhekrishna!

Srinathji - 6

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Eshu pravaaheshu sa eva manye
Kshanopiganya: purushayusheshu.
Aaswadyathe yathra kayapi bhakthya
Neelasya balasya nijam charithram.
         Radhekrishna!  In the span of our life time I consider only those moments worth living, which are spent in enjoying the divine leelas of Sri Krishna the blue hued boy of Brindavan says saint Leela Suka in his Krishna Karnamritham !
         Another of Srinathji's leelas with His bhaktha Govindadas! Govindadas used to sing very well! He was an expert in rendering bhairavi raga.  Once he was rendering bhairavi raga sitting beside the Govardhana hill.  At that time King Akbar came with Thansen to hear the divine rendering.  He sat there on a stone and started enjoying the music. Govindadas that day was poring out his heart in the spontaneous music. The rendering was so good that King Akbar was moved very much. Tears started coming down his cheeks. Then rendering over. Govindadas opened his eyes and saw King Akbar and Thansen emotionally moved.
         Akbar recovered himself first, got up and hugged Govindadas. He told Govindadas that the raga melted his heart away. Hearing this Govindadas was shocked and immediately began to cry.  Akbar could not understand why he was crying. He tried to console him in vain. Govindadas could not control his sorrow.  Then Thansen and Akbar some how managed to stop his crying and gently asked why he was so sorry. Govindadas said never again he will sing bhairavi raga in his life! Now it was the turn of Akbar and Thansen to get shocked. They were surprised at this and asked Govindadas why he was saying so.    
       Then Govindadas replied that, if his rendering of bhairavi raga could melt such a rock-hard heart like Akbar’s then what about the softest heart of Lord Srinathji? It is softer than the soft petal of a flower.  How much it will melt His Lord’s heart ! He couldnt bear even the thought of it. That instant he took the decision not to sing that raga anymore. He apologised mentally to His Lord for giving Him trouble. Wonderful ! Wonderful indeed !  Actually the Lord’s heart did not melt at Govindadas’s rendering, but melted completely when he said these words ! Oh! What a bhaktha !
       Usually people want to melt the Lord’s heart with their prayers and tears. But here was a bhaktha who does not want to trouble Him in anyway ! If we can acquire that kind of bhakthi then it is real treasure.  King Akbar was stunned to hear this and broke down at Govindadas’s feet seeing his devotion.  Never before has he seen or heard of a bhaktha like Govindadas.
        Back home King Akbar narrated the incident to his wife. She was thrilled by it and a deep desire to see Srinathji grew up in her heart.  So strong was that desire that whatever she did her mind was always calling out to Srinathji only ! It is a real wonder how Lord Krishna attracts muslim devotees again and again.  There was a Beevi Nachiar for Sampath kumaran, and again Thulukka Nachiar for Sriranganatha ! Somehow somewhere He will pull a muslim female devotee towards Him !
        On hear earnest request Sri Vittalnath took her for a darsan of Srinathji.  As she had her darsan with the help of a sadguru like Vittalnath, she could enjoy the real blissful form. Her heart immediately went over to Srinathji. She couldn’t  take the form she saw away from her mind and ultimately it gave her real meditation of the Lord.  Her sole interest now was her Srinathji whom she was enjoying in her heart always. 
           One day Sri Vittalnath as usual went to wake up the Lord. He found the Lord deep asleep that day which was unusual.  As he tried to wake Him up again and again He was falling asleep.  This surprised Vittalnath. Ultimately he managed to wake Him up and asked Him why He was so tired that day. He even checked with his hands whether Srinathji was running temperature ! For him it was not a mere deity ! It was real bhagavan Himself. The Lord smilingly said He had no fever but was only tired after a long playful night. It was only then that Vittalnath noticed that the dress He was wearing at bed time had changed. 
           The Lord was wearing a cap worn by muslims. Surprised Vittalnath enquired where He had gone at night and what happened to His dress. Lord Srinathji replied that He had been to the palace of Akbar badshah
Vittalnath:- But why did You go there of all the places?
Srinathji:- I went to meet the badshah’s wife.
Vittalnath:- What ! badshah’s wife ! What did you do there?
Srinathji:- Well I played chess game with her.  I have been going there for a few nights. Daily we play chess. She wins always. Today I wanted to win so the game took long time.
Vittalnath was overwhelmed at this mercy of the Lord. He had been to a muslim’s house just because she called Him daily.  What a great devotee to lure the Lord to play with her at night ! We too have nights daily. Have we at anytime spent the night with the Lord in anyway? We have spent long nights talking all nonsense with our friends,  playing useless games with useless people, watching good for nothing television shows.  Shame on us! How can we call ourselves devotees? Is there any other way to spend the night worthier than this?  Prostrations at the feet of such a great devotee !
          Vittalnath was worried over His wary nights. ‘Oh Krishna ! Now I know why You are losing Your weight nowadays. These sleepless nights lead to less appetite. So You must restrict Your night schedule.’  The Lord laughed aloud. ‘No amma. It is all your imagination. I am as plump as ever only.’ Here was a bhaktha who tied the Lord with his devotion in this kaliyuga just about 400 yrs back. Bhakthi can never be limited with time. If we want we too can enjoy bhagavan with our devotion. Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna!

Srinathji - 5

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bhavena mugdha chapalena vilokanena
Manmaanase kimapi chaapalam udvahantham  
Lolena lochana rasaayanam eekshithena
Leela kisoram upagoohithum uthsukosmi.
       The childlike pranks, mesmerising looks of those beautiful eyes, increase the greed in my heart for the darsan (vision) of bala (little) krishna. I long to hug with my eyes the young form of the Lord  which is the cause for paramananda (ultimate happiness)! Saint Leela Sukar says so in Sri Krishna Karnamritham.                            
        In our last issue we saw that Vittalnath drove Govindadas away since he was blaming little Srinath! Let us continue with the story now. Noon time came. Vittalnath went in with the nivedyam.  He saw Srinathji’s face was dull. He said ‘Come on my pet! I have driven Govindadas away. He is a liar, cheat, and loser but keeps putting the blame on you always. So I drove him away. I know You didn't lie, and You are straight forward.’
 But Srinathji looked disappointed and said ‘But amma I want to eat with him only. I always take my food with him you know and I miss him now.’
Vittalnath:- ‘My sweetie! Don’t play with him anymore. He talks ill about you. He has been telling everyone that You are a liar, loser etc. I can’t stand him talking like that about You!’
Srinathji:- But he is not a liar. He tells the truth only.
Vittalnath:- Oh my child. He says you have stolen his marbles. How dare he say that about You!
Srinathji:- But amma he is absolutely right. Look here..’ Saying this the Lord extended His folded palm and Vittalnath saw the shining marbles in His hand.
Now Vittalnath could not hide his feeling and he laughed aloud.  What a naughty child and at the same time how much He loves His friend!  The real truth! Bhagavan plays all kinds of mysterious leelas. But He will never ditch His bhakthas. All these things happened in this Kaliyuga itself! Bhakthi cannot be limited by time!
         Well Vittalnath went out and called Govindadas. Govindadas who was hiding outside came running to him saying ‘ Well did you ask your son? What did He say? I know He cannot eat without me. Didn’t I tell you not to drive me out.  Did He admit His misdeeds?’ Vittalnath was dumbfounded by his sishya’s devotion.  He was immersed in his bhava towards Srinathji!  Govindadas was aware that the Lord was happy to eat with him. This is sakhya bhakthi!
         Vittalnath invited Govindadas to have lunch with his Son. But Govindadas flatly declined.  He said as Vittalnath  told him to get awayhe felt insulted and did not want to have lunch with his Son. Vittalnath now began to beg with him forgetting the fact that  Govindadas was his sishya. ‘My child! Please don’t take that seriously.  You are also my child like little Srinath. Don’t I have the right to scold you?’ He wanted to go to any extent to please his Son.  He said ‘ It is all because you made a big issue of this in front of everybody. I can never belittle my Krishna. So I got furious and scolded you. Please try to understand that and come with me. He says He will  eat with you only. It is past His lunch time. You know He cannot bear hunger’
         Hearing that Govindadas realised that it was getting late and that Srinathji cannot stand hunger. So he took hold of his guru’s hand and rushed inside. Vittalnath saw that little Srinath was sitting turning His back towards them.  Govindadas touched Him and called ‘Krishna! please come for Your lunch. I am  here’ Srinathji didn't turn and said ‘I don't know you or anybody.’ Govindadas pleaded with Him. ‘Look Krishna I am sorry! I admit I am the loser. You won the game’.  Srinathji became happy now, turned around brightly and said ‘Yasoda matha! Didn't I tell you. I only won this game!’ Vittalnath laughed and said ‘Yes darling. I knew You only won. You are the winner always!’ Then he served food for both of them.
         Many readers might think this strange. But in bhakthi it is the bhava that counts. In bhakthi bhava anybody can experience the Lord. Vittalnath and Govindadas were so immersed in their attitudes or bhava towards the Lord that they could experience the above said incident simultaneously.  Nobody need criticize this. Only those with bhakthi  can understand this. Others might think it is all strange or crazy. Anyone can attain this by constant chanting of the Lord’s name with full faith.  The attitude for the Lord should be deep routed. There shouldn’t be an iota of doubt of any form in that. Then only one can experience and enjoy the Lord directly! So keep chanting with full faith for the next issue. Till then Radhekrishna!

Srinathji - 4

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hasthamaakshipya yaathosi balath krishna kimathbhutham
Hrudayath yadhi niryaasi paurusham ganayaami they!
   Hey Krishna! You pushed my hands away and ran from me. Is this a great deed?, Please try to run away from my heart if you can.  Then I will accept you are a true man! Sri Leelasukar makes this challenge to little Lord Krishna! Such is the deep faith and love in him for the Lord. Now we will continue with last issue’s story.
      Sri Vallabhacharya had eight main followers like the ashta sakhikal of Radhika Rani! Each of them are allotted particular timings for their service of Srinathji. Till today their lineage have the right to do the worship. Vallabhacharya had a son name Vittalanath. He was a wonderful bhaktha who considered himself as the mother of Srinathji. A great mahathma indeed!  Vittalanath had a disciple called Govindadas.  He worshipped the Lord in Sakhya bhava, as a friend. He considered himself as a small  boy and played with Lord Srinathji
       One day the Lord appeared before him and called aloud ‘Govinda!’.  Govindadas asked the Lord whether He wanted to play something.  The Lord replied that He was bored with the usual games and wanted something new and different. Govindadas suggested they play marbles or pebbles.  This sounded interesting for the Lord and he immediately agreed to play. But there was a problem since Lord Srinathji didn't know how to play!!  The all knowing God pretended that He didn't now how to play marbles!  What a divine leela! Govindadas was happy as he planned to win Lord Srinathji!! 
       So Govindadas agreed to teach the Lord how to play with marbles.  He sincerely taught the Lord how to concentrate His eyes at the marble, and how to pick them up with two fingers without disturbing the other marbles. They started to play.  Govindadas kept winning as he was an expert in the art and the Lord could not equal him in scores as He was inexperienced! Govindadas leered at Him, ‘shame on you Srinath! You cannot do even this! You claim you are an experienced shepherd but cannot even pick a marble with two fingers.  Shameful indeed!’.  Lord Srinathji felt very much insulted and angry. The Lotus red eyes became redder now in anger and shame. He snatched some pebbles  in his hand and began to run away from GovindadasGovindadas chased Him crying aloud ‘hey loser! Don't try to run away. Accept you are defeated!  I have won this game’! 
       Smart as He was Govindadas could not catch the Lord.  Furious he began to pelt the Lord with the marbles he had in his hands. The Lord entered the sanctum and hid Himself. Govindadas tried to follow Him. The pujaris inside the sanctum saw that Govindadas was coming inside the sanctum to beat Lord Srinathji, pushed him out and immediately closed the sanctum doors. Govindadas kept crying out ‘Open the door! He has my marbles! Ask Him to give them back to me!’ etc. The pujaris thought he was mad and laughed at him.  He kept repeating that Srinathji has stolen his marbles. They got tired of him and went to complain with Vittaldasa.
           On hearing this Sri Vittalnath came angrily and questioned Govindadas why he was trying to beat his little Krishna.  ‘You are wicked to do like this to my innocent child’ cried Vittalnath. He was immersed in valsalya bhava and considered himself as Yasoda matha!  Govindadas replied ‘It is not me but your son who is wicked. He only snatched away my marbles while playing. He doesn't know even how to play properly.  He is not ready to accept His failure too.  This is very unfair’.  Vittalnath couldnt stand that.  ‘How dare you call my son wicked? I know you are lying.’ For this Govindadas replied ‘No your son is a liar, loser of the game and playing foul’.  Vittalnath became angrier ‘My son can never be the loser. He knows everything.  Why do you unnecessarily blame him?’ He also told him not to play with his son any more.
          Govindadas in turn told Vittalnath ‘Hey Yasoda matha! Don't jump into conclusions and take decisions. You will repent later. If I go away forever  then your son will miss me very much and feel depressed. Don't forget that!  You call Him aloof and enquire with Him.  You promise Him butter and laddu, He will tell you the truth!’ This infuriated Vittalnath more. He drove Govindadas away. Govindadas went out and hid himself behind a tree waiting for Srinathji to come out some time. It is a real wonder that the two grown up men, were so immersed in their bhakthi bhava that they completely forgot themselves. Radhekrishna!  Will be back in the next issue with more stories of Srinathji.

Srinathji - 3

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hrudaye mama hrudya bibhramanaam
Hrudayam harsha visala lola nethram
Tharunam vraja bala sundareenaam  
 Tharalam kinchana dhama sannidhatham.
    Saint Leela Sukar in his Krishna Karnamritham prays to the Lord
'Let the lustrous form of the Lord in the prime of youth who pleases the mind, who is the soul of the cowherd women of Brindavan, whose wide eyes keep wavering, be fixed in my heart always.'
           Radhekrishna! In the last issue we saw the divine child was encircled by the fire form of the Lord Vaishvanara. Seeing their child amidst the encircling fire, the parents ran towards the child to save it. Immediately the fire disappeared. They took the baby and returned home.  It was an ekadasi day. On that very same day the face of the Lord formed completely in the govardhana mountain. The devotees were very happy to see the fully formed face and continued their worship.  In the meantime the child grew up somewhere in Madhyapradesh! The boy was named as Vaishvanara! At the right age his father conducted the upanayana samskara for the boy.  The father taught everything to the son and the boy learnt them with great interest. By and by he became a Krishna bhaktha.
         Once Vaishvanara started on a grand pilgrimage visiting many temples on foot. He reached the banks of Chandrabhaga and saw Lord Panduranga!  He became fascinated by the form of the Lord. When it was time for closing he was very reluctant to leave the temple. He waited at the steps when the doors closed for the night. The Lord came in his dream.  “My child! Bhakthi is very special indeed! I know you intend to take sanyasa. But I command you to get married and enter family life.  You can enjoy me in valsalya bhava!  You offer the love you have for your wife, children etc to me. You don't have to worry about finding a suitable bride too. Tomorrow morning the proposal will come in search of you! ”
      Vaishvanara woke up with a start.  He was wonder struck at Bhagavan’s words. He had mentally decided to take sanyasa and lead an ascetic’s life. But here Bhagavan was asking him to get married and enter family life!  He had to oblige Bhagavan now.  If Bhagavan’s wish is so he must accept that. He accepted everything and decided to enter family life.  At the same time Bhagavan came in the dream of a brahmin who had a daughter of marriageable age. He ordered the brahmin to meet Vaishvanara who was in Pandarpur and give his daughter’s hand in marriage to him. The brahmin came in search of Vaishvanara to the temple of Panduranga. He brought his daughter along with him. He met the brahmin boy in front of the temple and told him about Bhagavan’s command in his dream.  Vaishvanara wondering at the divine leela of the Lord gave his consent and the marriage went off in front of Panduranga.
      The couple lived happily in Pandarpur for a while immersed in bhakthi.  Then they continued their pilgrimage roaming around the country. Finally they reached Brindavan the divine leelasthal of Lord Krishna!  Even today Bhagavan is playing there for many bhakthas.  His presence is felt there by many even today! Fortunate indeed are vrajvasis!  The couple enjoyed their stay there very much. Daily they would take bath in Yamuna and roam around Brindavan. Vaishvanara used to give talks on Bhagavatha, explaining the slokas in it. People would gather around him to hear his talks. He used to circumbulation of Govardhana giri too.
 In the course of time he got the name of Vallabhacharya! 
     Days were rolling in happiness for them and one day Vallabhacharya got the darsan of Srinathji!!  He saw the lord holding the govardhana hill in his left hand standing in front of him.  As he looked fascinated at the form the Lord began to run away. Vallabhacharya ran behind chasing! The lord climbed the govardhana hill and disappeared. Vallabhacharya searched the govardhana hill and reached where Bhagavan protruded His hand and face! The complete form had come out of the hill as the deity of Srinathji!  He was moved with emotions at the mercy of the Lord.  .  “Oh Lord! You gave darsan for a mean person like me? Great is your mercy!!”  he cried.  
      The Lord was chubby with the left hand raised upwards. He looked really enchanting. The eyes were sparkling, the lips coral red, curly hair, wearing a peetambara smiled at Vallabhacharya. “My child!  Worship me in valsalya bhava! Become my Yasoda matha! Shower me with all your love and enjoy” said Bhagavan.
     Sri Vallabhacharya took out the deity and built a temple for the Lord. He set up a system of worship of Srinathji! The valsalya bhakthi way of Pushti marg was established by Sri Vallabhacharya!  Even today we can see Srinathji worshipped in valsalya bhava! His decoration (alankar) is unique, His dress is unique, His nivedyams (offerings) are unique in every way. His clothing differs according to the seasons. Even the colour of the flowers offered will match the colour of His dress! His food too varies according to the seasons!  An unique function of bhog called annakkoototsavam is done for Srinathji.  2300 kilos of rice is prepared  as a hill and offered to Srinathji! Vallabhacharya set up a unique system of worship of the Lord which is being followed till now.  Radhekrishna!

Srinathji - 2

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

         Radhekrishna! Last issue we saw how Krishna lifted the govardhana giri and saved the people of Brindavan! Nandagopa and Balarama were full of appreciation for Krishna’s deed while Yasoda matha was worrying herself to ward off evil eye on Krishna! Gopa boys took His hand and massaged it while gopis sent meaningful glances at Him. Indra subdued by Bhagavan’s feat came and feel at the lotus feet. He conducted Govinda pattabhisheka on the Lord with the help of Surabhi, the divine cow.  

       Bhagavan finished His avatara and returned to Vaikunta. Govardhana giri was lying like that for many years. Many bhakthas came, prostrated, circumbulated the mountain,  and worshipped it. Years rolled by. In the year 1410, one day Bhagavan’s left hand was seen protruding from the mountain. It was lying like that for some time. Then after some time the Lord’s face also slowly appeared. People began to worship that. There was a mahathma in Andhrapradesh known as Lakshmana bhatt. The family had a great lineage of conducting yagas. His ancestors had completed 95 yagas and it was his duty to do 5 more to make a centinary.

       Then he decided to spend some time peacefully on the banks of Ganges in Kashi kshethra. He stayed there for some time with his family and relatives. His wife was pregnant at that time. Suddenly there was muslim attack and they ran for their life. Lakshmana Bhatt and his wife ran to a safe place and she delivered a baby premature. The baby seemed to be still born. They were running for their life and so couldnt do anything. They covered the baby with a cloth and put it in a hole in a tree trunk and left the place with heavy hearts. They reached a village where some good hearted family gave them assylum hearing their pitiable story. The mother was tired due to the delivery and the father too due to the strain of their escape. They fell into a deep slumber at the house. Bhagavan appeared before them in dream!  "Hey Lakshmana! The yagas done by you have given fruits. I am pleased by your devotion and namajapam. Your child is not dead, he fainted in my dhyanam. You can go and take him now" said the Lord. The couple were surprised that both of them got the same dream! They ran towards the forest where they had left the baby. To their dismay the place was surrounded by fire. The tree where they left the baby was fully surrounded by fire, but the baby was safely playing inside. The fire was nothing else but Vaishvanara, Bhagavan’s form!  The child was staring at Bhagavan’s form of fire! Radhekrishna! Wait till the  next issue comes meditating on Bhagavan's form!

Srinathji - 1

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Naam umakku chonna naalkalum naniya aana
Semam nankudaithu kandeer seripozhil ananthapuram
Doomam nal virai malarkal thuval ara aaynthu kontu
Vaamanan adikku endru etha maaynthu arum vinaikal thaame!
      Radhekrishna! Swamy Nammalvar in his bhakthi, extols the greatness of Ananthapuram. One can realise the greatness of Ananthapuram only when immersed in bhakthi. Ananthan is endless! His greatness is also endless. Nammalvar says if u take flowers, sweet smelling sandal paste, or Tulsi leaves to offer at the feet of Lord Ananthapathmanaabha, all your prarabdhas will come to an end. So powerful is the Lord, so powerful is the kshethra. According to him it is only Vamana who is lying as Ananthapathmanabha in Thiruvananthapuram. So people of this world dont lose this golden opportunity says Nammalvar. We  need to go and stand in front of Him. He will shower His grace on us.
       The great Pathmanabha became a sweet child for the sake of sage Divakara muni and came to Syanandapuram assuming a large form.  He is lying down peacefully in a relaxed posture as if He is taking rest after lifting the Govardhana mountain to save His people from Indra’s wrath.  The Govardhana mountain was raised to the status of Giriraj after Bhagavan lifted it in His hand.
       It was during the period of Lord Rama’s sethubandhanam, that Anjaneya brought this mountain in his hand with the promise that the mountain can have Lord Rama’s darsan. But as he neared Brindavan Rama’s instructions reached him that the construction of the bridge was completed and all should keep down whatever they were bringing, where they stood. At that time the mountain cried to Anjaneya that it was denied of Rama darsan. Then Anjaneya consoled that the Lord was an ocean of mercy and would definitely fulfill its desire. He kept the mountain there and returned to Lord Rama. On his request Lord Rama promised to give darsan to the mountain in Dwaparayuga.  The mountain accepted Anjaneya’s words and waited patiently with full faith for Dwapara yuga.
       It was towards the end of Dwaparayuga that the Lord came down as Sri Krishna.  The mountain waited till Bhagavan reached Brindavan.  Bhagavan came to Brindavan from Gokulam. The gopas used to conduct Indra yagam every year to please Lord Indra. Indra became very proud with ego. Bhagavan interfered and convinced his father Nandagopa to do Govardhana puja instead!  Little Krishna said that all things happen due to the result of karma only.  So there was no need to worship Indra, He said.  He told them that Govardhana was the God who gave them rain and grass for the cows and so has to be worshipped. The people of Brindavan accepted whatever Krishna said. They were happy that Krishna revealed them the truth which so far they were unaware. They asked Him as to how to do the puja. Krishna told them to make all sorts of eatables, rice etc, and heap them to equal size of the mountain. Then worship with flowers and sandal paste.
      The people of Brindavan accepted everything and did as He said. When the food mountain was prepared, buckets of milk, curd and ghee were poured over it. Then camphor was lighted
and showed around Govardhana. By this time the Lord Himself took a form to represent the Govardhana mountain and appeared before them in person.  The offerings were accepted in person! They were very much impressed by the grace of Govardhana mountain. All of them were asked to prostrate  before the mountain. Krishna also prostrated along with them. Then all of them circumbulated the mountain. Govardhana shed tears at this mercy!
      The wrath of Indra knew no bounds. He felt very much insulted by a small 7 year old boy. He started showering the rains fiercely. The whole was becoming flooded. The people of Brindavan had no other refuge than Krishna! So they approached Him in distress with full faith. It was the Lord’s duty to save them who have surrendered to Him with full faith. He called them all to come with Him. All were wondering what He was going to do.  In a minute He was standing with the Govardhana mountain in His hand. Krishna called everyone to come underneath the mountain.  All were wonder struck at this feat. All of them surrounded Him filled with divine love. The gopa boys couldnt stand their Krishna bearing this weight and all of them tried to hold the mountain with their respective sticks.
      Meanwhile the gopis were thankful to Indra for the heavy down pour. Because of him only they could enjoy their Krishna at such a close distance.  They need not go away from there and they could stare at Him as long as they wanted!  For full seven days Krishna stood holding the mountain in His hand. Govardhana mountain was overwhelmed with the grace! He thanked his guru Anjaneya from his heart.  Indira defeated thoroughly ran out of rain clouds in his stock.  When the rains stopped,  Krishna asked everyone to move out from underneath the mountain. They all ran out and turned to see how Krishna kept the mountain back. But they could see Krishna walking calmly behind them and the mountain stood where it was before! Wonder of wonders!
      Sri Periyazhvar has sung 10 pasurams on Krishna holding the Govardhana mountain. Nandagopa and Balarama were full of appreciation for Krishna’s deed while Yasoda matha was worrying herself to ward off evil eye on Krishna! Gopa boys took His hand and massaged it while gopis sent meaningful glances at Him. Indra subdued by Bhagavan’s feat came and feel at the lotus feet. He conducted Govinda pattabhisheka on the Lord with the help of Surabhi, the divine cow.  Radhekrishna!

Dwarakanatha - 9

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dwarakanatha - 9

    Once there was a devotee of Dwarakanatha, Banvari Rajaputhra! He was living away from Dwaraka. But had staunch faith in Ranchodji. It was a Deepavali day and Banvari Rajaputhra chanted Krishna Krishna along with many devotees. They all jointly were singing bhajans. Suddenly Banvari Rajaputhra stopped singing and with his hands made signs of brushing his dress. The king was also at the bhajan and asked Banvari why he behaved strange.  He replied that it was aarathi time at Dwaraka and a piece of camphor from the pujari’s hand fell on Lord Dwarakanath’s dress. So he hurriedly brushed the dress with his hands to put out the fire. The king could not believe this. How come when the accident occurred at Dwaraka this man brushed his dress to put out the fire? Bhakthas don’t buy dress for themselves and wear. What ever they wear they wear it as Krishna prasadam only. So as far as Banvari was concerned he was wearing Bhagavan’s dress only. We say that some dress was gifted to us by somebody.  We can mentally offer our dress to Bhagavan and then wear it. Uddhava knows the pleasure of wearing the dress worn by Krishna! Is there anything to equal the greatness of this?  Banvari Rajaputhra realised its greatness and enjoyed. The king wanted to know the truth of this incident. He sent a messenger from his country to the present king of Dwaraka to convey his Deepavali wishes and asked if there was anything special in Dwaraka on Deepavali day.  The reply came that everything went on fine there and on Deepavali day it so happened that during the Arathi time a piece of burning camphor from the arathi fell on Bhagavan’s dress. The dress caught fire and as all of us rushed to put out the fire it subdued by itself miraculously.  The king was stunned to hear this. He fell at the feet of the bhaktha Banvari Rajaputhra and asked him how he got to know about the accident.  Banvari replied that only his body was there during the bhajan and his mind was in Dwaraka only and so he could see what happened there! Such a great devotee!
Such a merciful Bhagavan! Dwaraka is always crowded with pilgrims from all over. Let the Lord of Dwarakanath who swallowed Meera Matha swallow us too. For that we must do bhakthi as the great devotee. Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna!

Dwarakanatha - 8

Thursday, February 17, 2011

      Dwarakanatha - 8
      The great devotee Narasimha metha had deep devotion for Dwarakanath.  He ran away from his home once and reached a Shiva temple. He took hold of the Lingam and cried to Lord Siva to give him manthra upadesam!  Lord Siva appeared before him and gave Krishnamanthra for him and also showed him Bhagavan’s divine Rasakreeda!   Narasimha metha was also inflicted with the prema roga as Lord Siva. He forgot everything including his family. Now it was Bhagavan’s duty to take care of his family including the marriage of his daughter. From somewhere a rich man came in search of Narasimha metha’s daughter’s hands for his son. The marriage went off well. But it was only after the marriage that the mother in law realised she was cheated as Narasimha metha did not have much money to give his daughter. She began to torture the poor daughter in law. She asked her son to leave the daughter in law at her house and she should come back only with the necessary money and things. Narasimha metha left everything at the feet of Ranchodji.  At a particular stage the people around also began to talk about Narasimha metha’s daughter. So one day he took her to her in laws house.  The mother in law showered insults on him and told him not to come here without the money. Narasimhametha with full faith in Dwarakanatha made a promise to her that he would come back in a short time with the necessary money and left. He surrendered completely to the Lord. At that time some pilgrims from far off came to meet Narasimha metha.  They were going to have darsan of Dwarkanath. They were carrying money for their expenses there. But as it was not very safe to carry money on the way they wanted to keep it in the safe custody of Narasimha metha. But at the same time Narasimha metha should do some arrangement for them in Dwaraka for their expenses there. They hoped that Narasimha metha had some contact there in Dwaraka.  Narasimha metha took advantage of the situation and lied to them that he had a shop there in Dwaraka which was run by a man called Shyamala.  He wrote a letter for Shyamala  signed it as Krishnadasa and handed over it to the pilgrims. They left their money in Narasimhametha’s custody in the faith that his contact there, Shyamala would take care of their needs there. Narasimha metha handed over the money to his daughter’s mother in law who was now pleased very much. Now Narasimha metha began to feel guilty of what he had done. He began to cry out Krishna Krishna thinking the difficulties those pilgrim would be facing there in an unknown place like Dwaraka. The pilgrims also searched everywhere in and around Dwaraka for a person called Shyamala who was Narasimha metha’s aid. They could not find such a person and by evening they became tired and sat on the beach worryig what to do next. Just then a dark coloured pleasant looking young man came there calling out Narasimhametha’s name. They were relieved to see the young man. He gave them the money due to them and also a note signed as Shyamala for the money he had paid them and after sending his love to Narasimha metha he went away.  With that money the pilgrims stayed comfortably there and returned after a few days. Meanwhile Narasimha metha could not forgive himself for the mean way he had cheated the devotees.  At last the pilgrims reached Narasimha methas house.  He fell at their feet and begged for their pardon. They didn’t understand why he was behaving like this. Then he told them that he had no shop or contact there as he had lied to them. He apologised for being to mean with them. But they had an entirely different story to tell Narasimha metha. Narasimha metha could not  believe their words. They described Shyamala as a dark skinned, pleasant looking young chap. Narasimha metha understood who it was and broke down at the mercy of Bhagavan. The pilgrims were thoroughly surprised at this and fell at Narasimha metha’s feet as  it was because of him that Bhagavan came to them as Shyamala! Narasimha metha cried out that it was the pilgrims’ bhakthi that gave them the divine darsan and not  his. He himself had not had Bhagavan’s darsan till now. Sadguru is like this. He would do all the work for the disciple to enjoy Bhagavan. He would not want to enjoy for himself alone! Narasimha metha cried out to Dwarakanatha to give darsan for him too. Bhagavan appeared as Shyamala. He cried “Prabho you obliged even a liar like me?” asked Narasimha metha. Bhagavan responds to pure bhakthi only.
        Once a devotee from Brindavan decided to go to Dwaraka with some pilgrims. At night Radhika Rani appeared in his dream and told him not to go. She said “ Don’t go to Dwaraka! It is Krishna’s official place! You will find Krishna holding the conch, disk, gada etc. You can only see Him there! Only in Brindavan you can enjoy Krishna’s leelas! So don’t go!” But the devotee did not pay heed to her words and started for Dwaraka. He had darsan of Krishna with conch disk etc, and chanted Narayana Narayana! After some time he reached back Brindavan. As he was tired he lied down to sleep and Radhika Rani came in his dream. She ordered him to get out of Brindavan as he did not pay heed to her words before. The bhaktha with folded hands prayed to her “Hey Radhe I am leaving Brindavan. I came back just to see your reaction only. With your blessing only I saw Dwarakanatha. I know now onwards I will always be in your mind as you keep remembering those who leave Brindavanam. You cant stand anybody leaving Brindavanam!” With this peayer he returned to Dwaraka.

Srinathji - 12

Dwarakanatha - 7

Monday, January 17, 2011

Dwarakanatha - 7 
         Once a sage did penance in Dwaraka in order to enjoy Bhagavan as a child. He wanted to pet Him, play with Him, and enjoy Him as his own child. Controlling all his senses and mind with full concentration chanted Krishna nama continuously.
Kulasekhara Alwar gives the greatness of the nama very clearly in the following sloka in Mukunda mala –
   “Shathru chedaika manthram sakala upanishad vakya sampujya manthram
    Samsaarothara manthram samupachitha thama sangha niryana manthram
    Sarvaisvaryaika manthram vyasanabhujaga sandashta santhaana manthram
    Jihve sree Krishna manthram japa japa sathatham janma saaphalya manthram!”
           No puranas or ithihasas have given such definition for the greatness of bhagavannaama as Sri Kulasekhara Alwar. This manthra is capable of defeating all our enemies such as kama, krodha, madha and mathsarya!  Just the chanting of the nama is enough to shatter  our enemies.  All Upanishads praise Krishna manthra as the ultimate manthra. With the help of this manthra it is very easy to cross the ocean of samsara because it removes the darkness of agyaana from us. It gives us all sorts of riches because it is capable of making us cross all our difficulties easily. So hey tongue ! Chant the manthra again and again so that your birth attains its purpose !
            The yogi sitting in Dwaraka, doing puja for his Salagrama murthy, chanted the nama with great sincerity. Bhagavan became tied by the sincere namajapam of the sage and appeared before him as a 2 year old child. Seeing the charming plump child, dark skinned, with lotus like feet, hands, eyes and coral lips, the sage was very much impressed and attracted towards it.   With his anklets tinkling, the peacock feather on his hair swaying,  he came rushing towards the sage. The sage could not take his eyes away from the child. He asked the child who he was. The child stared at him for some time.  Then brushing the amritha trickiling out of the corner of His mouth, He smiled and told the sage that He had no parents or anyone.  Seeing His actions the sage was losing his heart to the child. The child said He liked the sage very much and would like to stay with him. The sage felt immensely happy at this and readily welcomed the child to stay with him. The child now put on a condition that the sage should never get angry with Him. The sage couldn’t help smile at the innocent condition of the child and promised Him that he would not get angry with Him at any cost. All his senses were attracted towards the child and he completely lost his heart to Him.
“Thath kaisoram thath cha vakthraaravindam,
That kaarunyam they cha leela kataksha!
That saundaryam saa cha mandasmitha shree
Sathyam sathyam durlabham daivatheshu”
 says, Leelasukar in Krishna Karnamritham.  Absolute truth only! Bhagavan’s beauty, the enchanting smile, are indeed irresistable!  No wonder the sage fell for Him! Now the child re assured that the sage would keep his promise of not getting angry with Him whatever he did.  The way the child asked pointing  his finger at the sage in a threatening manner was so enticing that the stage immediately assured Him that he would never get angry with Him. He couldn’t control himself any more and hugged the child with both his hands. The child sat on the sage’s lap ready to be fondled. The sage’s happiness knew no bounds. It was in explicable. Anyone with sincere bhakthi and namajapam can experience all these. Only the mind is needed for it.  Didn’t Periyaazhwar and Swami Ramanuja experience it in this same Kaliyuga? Everyone should take efforts for the experience. That is the purpose of human life! The sage gave Him a tight kiss on the cheeks. The cheeks reddened with the force. The child complained that it hurt Him and told the sage not to do like this again.  The sage was in heavens living with the divine child. At night the child would lie on his lap and insist him to tell some stories.  The sage would tell about a blue little boy, with lotus like feet, lotus like arms, coral red lips, lotus like eyes, wearing a pitambaram, with tinkling anklets on his feet, and a fluttering peacock on his hair. Inquisitive the child would ask who was that boy. The sage would immeidately reply with a laugh it was none other than the child. The child seemed to be pleased with that. The sage did not realise that it was the same Bhagavan, to attain whom he was doing penance for long years.  Morning the child would wake up and would again gladden the sage’s heart with fresh pranks of His. The sage would sit for meditating the Lord while the Lord Himself was playing in front of him. The child would hug him from his back and the sage would feel that a softest thing in the world has brushed him. If he turned to see who it was the child would try to hide Himself behind a tree and or shake Head negatively as if to say “not me! not me!”  Sometimes when the stage was meditating it would jump on to his lap, pull his tied hair down and pretend He was riding a horse! These actions were very much pleasing for the sage. Sometimes the sage would do nivedyam or offering food to the Lord. He would close his eyes and mentally offer the food to the Lord with all sincerity. He would be startled to hear the sound of the bell near his ear, done by the naughty boy, requesting him to hurry up the process as He was really hungry ! Sometimes as the sage closed his eyes before offering the nivedyam the boy would silently slip in and finish off with the food by Himself ! ! Sometimes when the sage was immersed deep in meditation the boy would pinch his thigh and wake him up. As he opened his eyes He would say ‘an ant bit him’ ! Oh the great devotee Radhika knows the pleasure of being pinched by Krishna. At times when the sage sits with closed eyes for meditation the child would cover both his eyes with His lotus like soft hands and ask him who was covering his eyes !  Sometimes while the sage was drenched inside in Bhagavath dhyaana, the child would drench him outside too with the water in his kamandaloo !  The sage enjoyed all these pranks very much. He never got tired of His pranks. So ultimately Bhagavan was slowly being defeated by the devotee. Bhagavan decided to irritate him some how. So one day while the sage was doing puja for his Salagrama murthy, the child took the murthy in His hands and put it inside His mouth. 
            Due to divine sankalpa the sage got furious with the child for playing with the Salagrama murthy which was his object of worship for the past few years.  In a fit of anger he pushed the child away with his left hand. Immediately He became insulted and His eyes became redder and began to run away from him. Now the sage was in a fix. He could not stand the child going away and tried to run behind to call him back.  The child did not pay heed to his calls and kept running.  Thoroughly defeated the sage  surrendered to Bhagavan and resorted to namajapam. Now he hated Dwaraka and began wandering from that place chanting and asking everybody on the way about the child. He was crying aloud and was holding on to his life with the sweet memories of the child’s pranks. He wandered a long way and at last he reached a place where he saw the child sitting inside the cavity of an old iluppa tree. Delighted he ran towards the tree when the tree fell down with a loud noise and he saw Bhagavan lying as Padmanabha stretching over a few miles.  He was lying with His head in  Mathsya thirtham,  feet in sankha theertham, and both his hands in dharma theertham and adharma theertham in a huge form, with a lotus in His naval.  It was only Dwarakanatha who came here as Pathmanabha !
       The sage Divakara muni was scared at the sight itself. He pleaded with Bhagavan to shrink this huge size so that he can see Him properly and also do pradakshina.  Bhagavan complied to the prayers of this devotee and condensed His form to three times of the stick or dhantu in the sage’s hands. This leela is depicted in Syanandurapura varnanam by garbhasriman maharajah Swathi Thirunal. So the residents of Ananthapuram need not go to Dwaraka to see Dwarakanath for He Himself has come down from there for the people of Ananthapuram.  


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