Srinathji - 7

Monday, October 17, 2011

Athanthritha thrijagadapi vrajangana-
Niyanthritham vipula vilochanaajnaya.
Nirantharam mama hridaye vijrumbhatham 
Samanthatha: sarasatharam param maha: 
        Radhekrishna! The ultimate power which controls the whole universe, is but controlled by the innocent wide eyed women of Brindavan.  Oh Krishna! Let that brightness which spreads ananda everywhere shine in my heart.
       Once King Akbar’s wife wanted to have darsan of Srinath on Holi day.  She expressed her desire to the king. He discouraged her saying that many Hindu devotees would be coming on that day to have darsan of the Lord and it would be a hindrance for them if she went that day to the temple. But as she very much wanted to go she insisted and finally the king agreed to send her. She was sent there with all the paraphernalia. She tried to visualise the Lord in beautiful attire in her mind.
      As soon as she stood before the Lord she was surprised to see that the Lord was attired in the same way as she had visualised earlier. She was still more surprised to hear somebody sing in praise of the Lord. Those songs were the same which she had noted down secretly as and when they came to her mind. She didn’t know how those songs came to be sung by some total stranger.  She understood that the Lord had accepted her songs and deputed somebody to sing them. She felt herself melting before the great mercy ! She was losing her consciousness slowly. Finally she left the body to merge in to the Lord.  
         Now the people got very much scared. No one dared to pass on the news to the king.  They didn’t know what his reaction would be.  At last somebody went to the palace and informed the king of the happenings at the palace.  King Akbar thought for a minute and said ‘She has gone back to where she had come from. I had the fortune of living with her during the interim period. She is a great soul !’ Great is the husband who could understand the wife so clearly ! This is real love between a husband and wife. He understood that Lord Srinathji has swallowed his wife.  Many Hindu devotees felt sorry that they couldn’t do such a devotion inspite of being Hindus. The Lord considers only the devotion and He is not bothered by caste, creed etc. A muslim woman could easily attain His feet.
           Everybody loved Srinathji. Days were rolling. Vittalnath daily  night would put Him to sleep. Govindadas used to sing for Srinathji. But he had stopped singing now.  There was a helper named Rupan at the temple. His duty was to clean the temple at night and make it ready for next day. Every night while working he saw many devotees singing before the Lord when Vittalnath put Him to sleep. After everybody was gone he used to sing softly some songs. He didn’t know proper music but used to mumble some songs to himself while doing his work.
          One day when Vittalnath came to wake Srinathji, he found the Lord was wide awake.  The usual red eyes were redder. Alarmed Vittalnath asked the Lord whether He didn’t sleep the previous night. Lord Srinathji said He didn’t sleep at all. Vittalnath enquired why He didn’t sleep at night. The Lord said, ‘Yesterday Rupan didn’t sing me any lullaby. So I couldn’t sleep.’ Vittalnath was surprised to hear that.
Vittalnath:-  I have not seen him singing before you.
Srinathji:-  He sings only when all of you go out.
Vittalnath:- But he is a very bad singer. His singing is the worst I 
                    have ever heard.
Srinathji:-  No he sings the purest music. His singing is full of 
                   devotion, devoid of ego, and so sweet for me.
Vittalnath:- Well if you like it then it is ok. But why didn’t he sing
Srinathji:-  It is all because of that Govinda. He only told him not to
                   sing before me since he feels Rapan's music is awful 
                   Govindadas told him since I am a child I may not be able 
                   to withstand his terrible singing. So told him not to
                   disturb me anymore with his lousy singing. He got scared 
                   and stopped singing.
      Govindadas with all his love for Srinathji had stopped Rupan when he heard him singing. Rupan with all his love for Srinathji understood that and stopped singing.  Real race of devotion between bhakthas ! Lord Srinathji missed Rupan’s songs filled with devotion. So He couldn’t sleep. Hearing this Govindadas came running there and apologised before the Lord. ‘Hey Srinath ! You could have told me that you liked Rupan’s song.  I am sorry I interfered between you two’ said Govindadas.  He immediately went to Rupan and apologised with him too. ‘Rupa ! I am sorry. Srinathji enjoys your music very much. So please do sing before Him daily. Then only He will sleep.’ Rupan was moved with emotions. His devotion attracted the Lord very much. We need not be an adept in music. But if we sing with our heart filled with devotion then the Lord is pleased.                 Radhekrishna!  Radhekrishna!



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