Srinathji - 6

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Eshu pravaaheshu sa eva manye
Kshanopiganya: purushayusheshu.
Aaswadyathe yathra kayapi bhakthya
Neelasya balasya nijam charithram.
         Radhekrishna!  In the span of our life time I consider only those moments worth living, which are spent in enjoying the divine leelas of Sri Krishna the blue hued boy of Brindavan says saint Leela Suka in his Krishna Karnamritham !
         Another of Srinathji's leelas with His bhaktha Govindadas! Govindadas used to sing very well! He was an expert in rendering bhairavi raga.  Once he was rendering bhairavi raga sitting beside the Govardhana hill.  At that time King Akbar came with Thansen to hear the divine rendering.  He sat there on a stone and started enjoying the music. Govindadas that day was poring out his heart in the spontaneous music. The rendering was so good that King Akbar was moved very much. Tears started coming down his cheeks. Then rendering over. Govindadas opened his eyes and saw King Akbar and Thansen emotionally moved.
         Akbar recovered himself first, got up and hugged Govindadas. He told Govindadas that the raga melted his heart away. Hearing this Govindadas was shocked and immediately began to cry.  Akbar could not understand why he was crying. He tried to console him in vain. Govindadas could not control his sorrow.  Then Thansen and Akbar some how managed to stop his crying and gently asked why he was so sorry. Govindadas said never again he will sing bhairavi raga in his life! Now it was the turn of Akbar and Thansen to get shocked. They were surprised at this and asked Govindadas why he was saying so.    
       Then Govindadas replied that, if his rendering of bhairavi raga could melt such a rock-hard heart like Akbar’s then what about the softest heart of Lord Srinathji? It is softer than the soft petal of a flower.  How much it will melt His Lord’s heart ! He couldnt bear even the thought of it. That instant he took the decision not to sing that raga anymore. He apologised mentally to His Lord for giving Him trouble. Wonderful ! Wonderful indeed !  Actually the Lord’s heart did not melt at Govindadas’s rendering, but melted completely when he said these words ! Oh! What a bhaktha !
       Usually people want to melt the Lord’s heart with their prayers and tears. But here was a bhaktha who does not want to trouble Him in anyway ! If we can acquire that kind of bhakthi then it is real treasure.  King Akbar was stunned to hear this and broke down at Govindadas’s feet seeing his devotion.  Never before has he seen or heard of a bhaktha like Govindadas.
        Back home King Akbar narrated the incident to his wife. She was thrilled by it and a deep desire to see Srinathji grew up in her heart.  So strong was that desire that whatever she did her mind was always calling out to Srinathji only ! It is a real wonder how Lord Krishna attracts muslim devotees again and again.  There was a Beevi Nachiar for Sampath kumaran, and again Thulukka Nachiar for Sriranganatha ! Somehow somewhere He will pull a muslim female devotee towards Him !
        On hear earnest request Sri Vittalnath took her for a darsan of Srinathji.  As she had her darsan with the help of a sadguru like Vittalnath, she could enjoy the real blissful form. Her heart immediately went over to Srinathji. She couldn’t  take the form she saw away from her mind and ultimately it gave her real meditation of the Lord.  Her sole interest now was her Srinathji whom she was enjoying in her heart always. 
           One day Sri Vittalnath as usual went to wake up the Lord. He found the Lord deep asleep that day which was unusual.  As he tried to wake Him up again and again He was falling asleep.  This surprised Vittalnath. Ultimately he managed to wake Him up and asked Him why He was so tired that day. He even checked with his hands whether Srinathji was running temperature ! For him it was not a mere deity ! It was real bhagavan Himself. The Lord smilingly said He had no fever but was only tired after a long playful night. It was only then that Vittalnath noticed that the dress He was wearing at bed time had changed. 
           The Lord was wearing a cap worn by muslims. Surprised Vittalnath enquired where He had gone at night and what happened to His dress. Lord Srinathji replied that He had been to the palace of Akbar badshah
Vittalnath:- But why did You go there of all the places?
Srinathji:- I went to meet the badshah’s wife.
Vittalnath:- What ! badshah’s wife ! What did you do there?
Srinathji:- Well I played chess game with her.  I have been going there for a few nights. Daily we play chess. She wins always. Today I wanted to win so the game took long time.
Vittalnath was overwhelmed at this mercy of the Lord. He had been to a muslim’s house just because she called Him daily.  What a great devotee to lure the Lord to play with her at night ! We too have nights daily. Have we at anytime spent the night with the Lord in anyway? We have spent long nights talking all nonsense with our friends,  playing useless games with useless people, watching good for nothing television shows.  Shame on us! How can we call ourselves devotees? Is there any other way to spend the night worthier than this?  Prostrations at the feet of such a great devotee !
          Vittalnath was worried over His wary nights. ‘Oh Krishna ! Now I know why You are losing Your weight nowadays. These sleepless nights lead to less appetite. So You must restrict Your night schedule.’  The Lord laughed aloud. ‘No amma. It is all your imagination. I am as plump as ever only.’ Here was a bhaktha who tied the Lord with his devotion in this kaliyuga just about 400 yrs back. Bhakthi can never be limited with time. If we want we too can enjoy bhagavan with our devotion. Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna!



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