Srinathji - 5

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bhavena mugdha chapalena vilokanena
Manmaanase kimapi chaapalam udvahantham  
Lolena lochana rasaayanam eekshithena
Leela kisoram upagoohithum uthsukosmi.
       The childlike pranks, mesmerising looks of those beautiful eyes, increase the greed in my heart for the darsan (vision) of bala (little) krishna. I long to hug with my eyes the young form of the Lord  which is the cause for paramananda (ultimate happiness)! Saint Leela Sukar says so in Sri Krishna Karnamritham.                            
        In our last issue we saw that Vittalnath drove Govindadas away since he was blaming little Srinath! Let us continue with the story now. Noon time came. Vittalnath went in with the nivedyam.  He saw Srinathji’s face was dull. He said ‘Come on my pet! I have driven Govindadas away. He is a liar, cheat, and loser but keeps putting the blame on you always. So I drove him away. I know You didn't lie, and You are straight forward.’
 But Srinathji looked disappointed and said ‘But amma I want to eat with him only. I always take my food with him you know and I miss him now.’
Vittalnath:- ‘My sweetie! Don’t play with him anymore. He talks ill about you. He has been telling everyone that You are a liar, loser etc. I can’t stand him talking like that about You!’
Srinathji:- But he is not a liar. He tells the truth only.
Vittalnath:- Oh my child. He says you have stolen his marbles. How dare he say that about You!
Srinathji:- But amma he is absolutely right. Look here..’ Saying this the Lord extended His folded palm and Vittalnath saw the shining marbles in His hand.
Now Vittalnath could not hide his feeling and he laughed aloud.  What a naughty child and at the same time how much He loves His friend!  The real truth! Bhagavan plays all kinds of mysterious leelas. But He will never ditch His bhakthas. All these things happened in this Kaliyuga itself! Bhakthi cannot be limited by time!
         Well Vittalnath went out and called Govindadas. Govindadas who was hiding outside came running to him saying ‘ Well did you ask your son? What did He say? I know He cannot eat without me. Didn’t I tell you not to drive me out.  Did He admit His misdeeds?’ Vittalnath was dumbfounded by his sishya’s devotion.  He was immersed in his bhava towards Srinathji!  Govindadas was aware that the Lord was happy to eat with him. This is sakhya bhakthi!
         Vittalnath invited Govindadas to have lunch with his Son. But Govindadas flatly declined.  He said as Vittalnath  told him to get awayhe felt insulted and did not want to have lunch with his Son. Vittalnath now began to beg with him forgetting the fact that  Govindadas was his sishya. ‘My child! Please don’t take that seriously.  You are also my child like little Srinath. Don’t I have the right to scold you?’ He wanted to go to any extent to please his Son.  He said ‘ It is all because you made a big issue of this in front of everybody. I can never belittle my Krishna. So I got furious and scolded you. Please try to understand that and come with me. He says He will  eat with you only. It is past His lunch time. You know He cannot bear hunger’
         Hearing that Govindadas realised that it was getting late and that Srinathji cannot stand hunger. So he took hold of his guru’s hand and rushed inside. Vittalnath saw that little Srinath was sitting turning His back towards them.  Govindadas touched Him and called ‘Krishna! please come for Your lunch. I am  here’ Srinathji didn't turn and said ‘I don't know you or anybody.’ Govindadas pleaded with Him. ‘Look Krishna I am sorry! I admit I am the loser. You won the game’.  Srinathji became happy now, turned around brightly and said ‘Yasoda matha! Didn't I tell you. I only won this game!’ Vittalnath laughed and said ‘Yes darling. I knew You only won. You are the winner always!’ Then he served food for both of them.
         Many readers might think this strange. But in bhakthi it is the bhava that counts. In bhakthi bhava anybody can experience the Lord. Vittalnath and Govindadas were so immersed in their attitudes or bhava towards the Lord that they could experience the above said incident simultaneously.  Nobody need criticize this. Only those with bhakthi  can understand this. Others might think it is all strange or crazy. Anyone can attain this by constant chanting of the Lord’s name with full faith.  The attitude for the Lord should be deep routed. There shouldn’t be an iota of doubt of any form in that. Then only one can experience and enjoy the Lord directly! So keep chanting with full faith for the next issue. Till then Radhekrishna!



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