Sakshi Gopal 3

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Radhekrishna!! Worldly people can never understand Bhagavan’s sankalpa. True bhakthas understand Bhagavan’s intentions in the right way. A rich brahmin was living near Kalyana Brahmachari’s house. His family consisted of his wife, one son and daughter. He had riches, a big house and other luxuries. His wife and son lived life for the comfort of their bodies only. The rich man’s daughter was very much devoted to Krishna. The old brahmin wanted to go for a pilgrimage. Visiting holy places where there are Bhagavan’s temples and taking bath in holy rivers destroy our accumulated sins. In Bhatarha desam plenty of such holy places are there. The old man asked his wife and son to accompany him. But they refused as they had no interest in that. He hesitated to take his daughter with him as her safety and comforts cannot be guaranteed. But his desire for the pilgrimage became severe. He firmly believed that God will show some way for him. We should have firm belief that Bhagavan will fulfill our desire some day. Patience is necessary for bhakthi. When a seed is planted it takes time to grow into a sapling, plant, tree, then flower and fruit. Do not we wait patiently till then? God also will shower His grace upon us. Don’t imagine that things should happen the way you want. Let Bhagavan take the charge. Gajendra, when caught by the crocodile cried out ‘Bhagavan save me!.’ He never gave instructions to Bhagavan as to how to save him. Did not Bhagavancome to his rescue? Draupathi in the Kaurava court while being humiliated rose both her hands up and cried out ‘Govinda! Pundarikaksha! Raksha mam saranagatham!’. She did not ask Him to kill Dussasana and save her. Actually Bhagavan could have carried her away from the court and saved her or even could have appeared on the spot and killed all the sinners. Draupathi did not ask any of these. She only wanted Him to save her. Bhagavan provided her with unending clothes. Nobody else dared to do so with her again. So we should also do our duties and keep praying leaving our responsibilities to Bhagavan. The old brahmin also with full faith in Bhagavan kept waiting. Radhekrishna !

One day the old brahmin saw his neighbour, Kalyana Brahmachari standing outside his house. Then it struck him to seek the youth’s help for the pilgrimage. He prayed to Bhagavan and then asked the youth whether he could do him a favour. It is only proper to pray before talking with anybody. Antharyami will guide us and we will definitely win. We should always keep Him by our side. Kalyana Brahmachari with folded hands replied he would do whatever he could to help the old brahmin. He had clear idea of his strength and weakness. The old brahmin then told him his desire of a pilgrimage and that he wanted the brahmachari to accompany him. Hearing these words Kalyana Brahchari was moved with emotions and started shedding tears. In his heart he thought: ‘Oh Krishna! now I understand why you made me wait this long for my Brindavan yathra. You are aware of the reasons behind every action.’ He had the desire but did not have the money , while the brahmin had the money but needed a help to take him. Bhagavan co ordinated these two in His beautaiful way. This is the secret of life. If we understand this there will never be sorrow for us. The old brahmin’s family also agreed to this and a date was fixed for their travel. Both of them prayed Bhagavan before starting for the pilgrimage. Radhekrishna ! They visited many pilgrimage centres and holy rivers. They enjoyed good darsan and prasadams. Both of them had many things regarding Bhagavan and bhakthi to share with each other. Both of them chanted the divine nama together. At last they reached the holy place of Sri Brindavan.It was their life’s dream. This is where Lord Krishna enacts his various divine leelas. Irrespective of caste, creed, age or status everybody in this place keep chanting the nama Radhe Radhe. The whole place is flooded with prema bhakthi. This is the holiest place in the whole world. Andal in her Nachiyar thiurmozhi has sung 10 pasurams in praise of Brindavan. There are many great men who have experienced Krishna’s presence in Brindavan. One should have the desire to experience Krishna leelas. Along with effort, guru kripa and namajapam they can definitely achieve their aim. Periyazhvar also in his Divya prabandham describes Krishna’s ‘venugana leela’. The cows of Brindavan are in ecstacy when they hear His flute. Being an animal the cow is very fortunate to have some connection with Krishna. He tended to its needs of food and also happiness. He enjoyed grazing the cows. Isnt he the best shepherd? It is said that even now daily Bhagavan plays there with his friends and cows in Brindavan.

It was here that Dhruva and Ambarisha realised Sri Hari by doing penance. It was here that Indra’s ego was subdued by Krishna, and he did Govinda pattabhishekam to Bhagavan.It was here that maha papis like Aghasura, Bakasura, Vathsasura, Dhenukasura got moksha. It was here that the brahmana pathnis got their long cherished desire of Krishna darsanam. It was here that the gopis enjoyed the great rasakreeda with Krishna. Here we can find plenty of peacocks, parrots, monkeys, and Koels. Even a minute spent there is worthy. They did not have much time to spend there. But the old brahmin suddenly fell ill there and they had to prolong their stay. The brahmachari took this as Krishna sankallpa and took care of the brahmin very well. The old man was immensely pleased with the service he did and wanted to compensate him in some way. As he knew kanya dana (giving a girl as gift) is the greatest of all danas he decided to give his daughter in marriage to this young man who had great Krishna bhakthi. For him that was a good enough qualaity. But brahmachari was more practical and was aware of the ways of the world. He declined the offer saying that the brahmin was rich and he was a poor orphan. He also told the brahmin that old man’s family would never accept this proposal. He advised him to drop the idea then itself, for if the brahmin made a promise here he would be later forced to forgo that and that would turn out to be a sin. But the brahmin in his mood of happiness would not listen to any of his words and made a promise in front of a deity in a temple that if at all he forgets the promise Gopala would come and stand as a witness for the brahmachari. Brahmachari took everything as Bhagavan’s wish only and accepted it. They spent some more days in Brindavan and then returned to Vidyanagaram. Radhekrishna !

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Sakshi Gopal 2

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Without bhakthi you can never have peace. Radhekrishna!

                         ‘Thrisathyasya bhakthireva gariyasi’

Sage Narada in his Naradabhakthi suthram says that in past, present and future bhakthi is the only truth and there is nothing greater than bhakthi. Only if we do bhakthi we can realise its quality. Bhakthi is the easiest thing in the world. There are four types of bhakthas says Sri Krishna in Bhagavath Geetha. 
     Chathurvidha bhajanthe mam janaH sukrithinorjuna!

      Artho jijnjaasu arthaarthi njaani cha Bharatharshabha!

                                                       Slo:16, Chap: 7

Those who approach Bhagavan to fulfill their needs, those who want relief from their problems and difficulties, those who want to know more about Bhagavan and those who are fully realised and are enjoying Him are the four types of bhakthas. Bhagavan likes all the  four types of bhakthas. We must have full faith in Bhagavan all the time. To whatever extent the situation might go the real bhaktha will win definitely. Bhagavan takes care of the needs of his bhaktha who believes Him. If we think whether these things are practical in this kali yuga, we should say they are.  Many think that in this present age no such leelas are taking place. Also when some terrible incidents happen they think that Bhagavan is not present in this age.  They decide their life according to the sufferings of the body. Life is nothing but the mixture of incidents due to our deeds of past janmas. A two year old  cannot understand life. If it has wrong notions about life it is not God’s mistake.  Dharma and the qualities of men in the four yugas change. But Bhagavan’s karunyam never changes. Bhagavan is blemishless—‘kurai ondrum illaatha Govindan’.  In fact with our bhakthi we can fully realise Bhagavan’s karunyam in this kali yuga itself. Bhagavan is present everywhere. We have to become Prahlada to experience Him. Like  King Parikshit, if we want we can mingle with Bhagavan even in a week’s time. We must have that unchanging faith in a Sadguru as Parikshit had. We can bring Bhagavan in front of us in five months as Dhruva did. We should have that much yearning for Bhagavan as he had. Radhekrishna!

      Faith is the base for our life. Nobody with faith failed in their lives. So hey bhakthas! surrender yourselves completely unto Bhagavan. U can experience Him definitely. Even when we have nobody on our side, be assured that Bhagavan is always with us. He is inside us watching everything we do as a witness. He is the permenant power, wonderful ocean of mercy!. We must believe Him. He does not know to discard those who believe Him. Sri Krishna is really great! He resides as Gopala in Brindavan. One should have the desire to spend at least a minute in His presence. Live your life with Him. It is indeed a great experience!

       On the banks of river Godavari, is the city called Vidyanagaram. There was a bachelor  boy named Kalyana Brahmachari. He was an orphan  with no relatives at all for him. He was a poor brahmin with great devotion. He did not have the pride of lineage, education, or riches.  The most important quality one should have is humility. The mind free of jealousy will enjoy bhakthi. Bhagavan also likes one who is devoid of ego. 
         ‘Isvarasyaapi abhimaanadveshithvaath dhainya priyathvaachcha’.
                              (Naradabhakthisuthram -27)

      Those with humility  are more liked by Bhagavan than those with selfishness.  This youth lived his life for Bhagavan. He did all his Karmas for the sake of Bhagavan and offered the results too to Him. He was watching all the incidents happening in this world as the divine leelas, accepting everything that came in his life as Bhagavan’s prasadam, chanting the divine name always and living life happily. He used to pray to Bhagavan that all his indrias (senses) should yearn for Bhagavan only, and that the bad qualities of kamam (desire), krodham (anger), madham (pride),  mathsaryam (jealousy) should be completely eradicated from him. He prayed for pure bhakthi alone. Each day whatever he did his lips were chanting the divine nama. each day he would pray that he too experience the different experiences of different bhakthas. The cows of the Brindavan had the fortune ot pulled, tied, hugged and kissed by Krishna. He wanted to become like them. It was enough for him to become a product of Bhagavan. He wanted to become the thamala truee on which bhagavan sat. He wanted to become all those things which were enjoyed by Bhagavan. Radhekrishna!

         He had a long time desire of going to Sri Brindavan. He had heard great mahans say that a birth of blade of grass in Brindavan is a great sowbhagya. If we go on a pilgrimage our prarabdha gets destroyed. But this young man did not get the chance so far. But he firmly believed that some day Bhagavan will take him too to Brindavan. Bhagavan knows when to take whom to somewhere. It took eleven years for Akroora to reach Brindavan. Akroora waited with full faith till that time. Kalyana Brahmachari also with prayers and full faith was waiting for that day. Prayer never fails. Most of the times during prayer we slip into imaginations. That is why sometimes our prayer does not give results. Pray with full faith and without any sort of imaginations. Radhekrihsna!

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Sakshi Gopal - 1

Saturday, October 17, 2009

      Radhekrishna ! We are very happy to give you the english translation of Guruji Gopalavallidasar's Tamil book "BAKTHIYUM, BAKTHANUM, BAGAVAANUM"  about "SAKSHI GOPAL'S DIVINE HISTORY".  Checkout this blog every month to read the divine short stories of various great bakthas.

Radhekrishna! Life is a special experience. It is only a mixture of crores of incidents. The time between birth and death is called life. Everyone has the right to live. All want to be happy only. Happiness is connected with the mind. Those who have mind can definitely enjoy happiness. Only those who have clear mind enjoy all the incidents in life as such. Nobody can change or deny your life. It is only yourself who is trying to do both. Radhekrishna!
      According to the mind the world is either lofty or terrible. When the man is perfect his world too becomes perfect. But everyone keeps watching other’s life more than theirs. Or else they are more concerned with what others think about their life. Learn to live life for Bhagavan. The important thing is how we live and not how long we live. Whether we are rich, beautiful, or intellegent, everything is a waste unless we have peace in our hearts.  Only when the heart is filled with Bhagavan it derives peace. Radhekrishna!
       Bhakthi is the highest form of love we have for Bhagavan. Everyone is in search of love. Bhagavan Krishna only gives that completely. Bhakthi is a lofty experience.  It can never be attained with riches, beauty, leneage, or power. Bhakthi is the only thing indestructable in this changing world. Bhakthi is the great purpose of human life. Many are under the impression that to do bhakthi one should renounce everything and become a sanyasin. Some people separate bhakthi from normal life and say both cannot co- exist.  Some others think that we need to do bahkthi only at the fag end of our lives. Actually bhakthi is needed for living life perfectly. There is no need after its end. Bhakthi only accompanies us even after our life ends here.  Like food, shelter and dress, bhkthi is our daily necessity. Without bhakthi you can never have peace. Radhekrishna!

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