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Saturday, October 17, 2009

      Radhekrishna ! We are very happy to give you the english translation of Guruji Gopalavallidasar's Tamil book "BAKTHIYUM, BAKTHANUM, BAGAVAANUM"  about "SAKSHI GOPAL'S DIVINE HISTORY".  Checkout this blog every month to read the divine short stories of various great bakthas.

Radhekrishna! Life is a special experience. It is only a mixture of crores of incidents. The time between birth and death is called life. Everyone has the right to live. All want to be happy only. Happiness is connected with the mind. Those who have mind can definitely enjoy happiness. Only those who have clear mind enjoy all the incidents in life as such. Nobody can change or deny your life. It is only yourself who is trying to do both. Radhekrishna!
      According to the mind the world is either lofty or terrible. When the man is perfect his world too becomes perfect. But everyone keeps watching other’s life more than theirs. Or else they are more concerned with what others think about their life. Learn to live life for Bhagavan. The important thing is how we live and not how long we live. Whether we are rich, beautiful, or intellegent, everything is a waste unless we have peace in our hearts.  Only when the heart is filled with Bhagavan it derives peace. Radhekrishna!
       Bhakthi is the highest form of love we have for Bhagavan. Everyone is in search of love. Bhagavan Krishna only gives that completely. Bhakthi is a lofty experience.  It can never be attained with riches, beauty, leneage, or power. Bhakthi is the only thing indestructable in this changing world. Bhakthi is the great purpose of human life. Many are under the impression that to do bhakthi one should renounce everything and become a sanyasin. Some people separate bhakthi from normal life and say both cannot co- exist.  Some others think that we need to do bahkthi only at the fag end of our lives. Actually bhakthi is needed for living life perfectly. There is no need after its end. Bhakthi only accompanies us even after our life ends here.  Like food, shelter and dress, bhkthi is our daily necessity. Without bhakthi you can never have peace. Radhekrishna!

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