Panduranga - 23

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Thukkaram - 7
           Thukkaram left Kongan chanting Panduranga Panduranga. He was walking towards his home town. His staunch faith in the Lord saved him from the predicaments Thukkaram had to face in his business. A man had been watching Thukkaram for a long time. He thought it was very easy for him to cheat Thukkaram and approached him. He told some lies to Thukkaram that his wife was admitted in the hospital for delivery etc. He showed a pair of bangles and said it was made of gold. He wanted money in exchange for the bangles. Since the man was in distress Thukkaram accepted the bangles and gave whatever money he had with him. Then he reached his home. 
       Hearing that Thukkaram was coming back from chilli business people who had lent him money were waiting outside his home. As he entered they all gathered around him and enquired about his business. He replied it was a grand success and gave them the gold bangles. He asked them to sell it and take whatever money he owed them and return him the balance. Jijayi was surprised and happy that her husband had improved. Meanwhile a goldsmith was brought to check the quality of the bangle. It was found out that the bangle was not gold but duplicate covered with gold. The man had cheated Thukkaram. Jijayi was upset and shouted at Thukkaram at the top of her voice.
           A true wife should never let her husband down in front of the world. Be it poverty she should silently bore it as her prarabdha instead of abusing the husband who is the head of the family. It is a woman's dharma to protect and support her husband. That family will be filled with positive vibrations which will show in the prosperity of the family. Thukkaram realised he was cheated by the man. People began to say that his continuous chanting has lead him nowhere, it has not helped him at all. But Thukkaram didn't pay heed to them. He knew whatever happens is only because of some reason. It is only because he was prepared to be cheated that he was cheated. Now he has learnt his lesson. Events teach us new lessons he said. He prayed to the Lord that the man had done this due to some need so he should not be punished. This is the heart of a bhaktha. It is like butter and melts at other's distress. 
         Jijayi again managed to collect some money from her relative and requested her husband to do salt business. If he could do the business successfully it would be good for him. Otherwise he would have to go to them as their slave she warned! Thukkaram didn't reply her but laughed to himself. Are we not all slaves of the Lord he wondered! Anyway along with some other merchants of his village he tried selling salt and found out he could make some money out of it. With the money he again invested in jaggery and could do that also successfully. 
         The other merchants found Thukkaram spending his spare time chanting the Lord's name. Jijayi had requested them to have an eye over him lest he should go astray !!!! They teased him a lot. But he ignored. They were staying in a wayside inn at night. A man with a log of wood tied to his neck walked in with his family. He was begging. The people there drove him out saying he must be a thief. Thukkaram felt pity for him. He called the man aside and found him to be a brahmin. He enquired why he was so punished. The man said that he was working as a village chieftain who was straight forward. His relatives who were jealous of him managed to accuse him of some fault and bribed higher officials to punish him. He was found guilty of cheating the government of money and the King announced that he should pay Rs/300 as fine. Since he could pay only Rs/50 the log was tied around his neck till he paid the rest. 
          Thukkaram's heart melted at the brahmin's plight. He gave the brahmin Rs/300 which he got from his business and asked the brahmin to pay it. Other merchants tried to prevent Thukkaram from this. They told him he should not be so foolish to lose all the money he had earned like this. He should remember his family waiting for him at the village. But Thukkaram as usual ignored all these.The Lord was watching all these wondering. The other merchants hurried to their village to report the matter to Jijayi. Thukkaram dared not go back and face her. He decided to stay there itself to avoid that. 
      The Lord could not see His devotee suffer. He decided to solve the present predicament and again took a new form. This time He took the for of His bhaktha Thukkaram himself! What leelas the Lord did in the form of Thukkaram? Wait and see. Radhekrishna!


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