Srinathji - 3

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hrudaye mama hrudya bibhramanaam
Hrudayam harsha visala lola nethram
Tharunam vraja bala sundareenaam  
 Tharalam kinchana dhama sannidhatham.
    Saint Leela Sukar in his Krishna Karnamritham prays to the Lord
'Let the lustrous form of the Lord in the prime of youth who pleases the mind, who is the soul of the cowherd women of Brindavan, whose wide eyes keep wavering, be fixed in my heart always.'
           Radhekrishna! In the last issue we saw the divine child was encircled by the fire form of the Lord Vaishvanara. Seeing their child amidst the encircling fire, the parents ran towards the child to save it. Immediately the fire disappeared. They took the baby and returned home.  It was an ekadasi day. On that very same day the face of the Lord formed completely in the govardhana mountain. The devotees were very happy to see the fully formed face and continued their worship.  In the meantime the child grew up somewhere in Madhyapradesh! The boy was named as Vaishvanara! At the right age his father conducted the upanayana samskara for the boy.  The father taught everything to the son and the boy learnt them with great interest. By and by he became a Krishna bhaktha.
         Once Vaishvanara started on a grand pilgrimage visiting many temples on foot. He reached the banks of Chandrabhaga and saw Lord Panduranga!  He became fascinated by the form of the Lord. When it was time for closing he was very reluctant to leave the temple. He waited at the steps when the doors closed for the night. The Lord came in his dream.  “My child! Bhakthi is very special indeed! I know you intend to take sanyasa. But I command you to get married and enter family life.  You can enjoy me in valsalya bhava!  You offer the love you have for your wife, children etc to me. You don't have to worry about finding a suitable bride too. Tomorrow morning the proposal will come in search of you! ”
      Vaishvanara woke up with a start.  He was wonder struck at Bhagavan’s words. He had mentally decided to take sanyasa and lead an ascetic’s life. But here Bhagavan was asking him to get married and enter family life!  He had to oblige Bhagavan now.  If Bhagavan’s wish is so he must accept that. He accepted everything and decided to enter family life.  At the same time Bhagavan came in the dream of a brahmin who had a daughter of marriageable age. He ordered the brahmin to meet Vaishvanara who was in Pandarpur and give his daughter’s hand in marriage to him. The brahmin came in search of Vaishvanara to the temple of Panduranga. He brought his daughter along with him. He met the brahmin boy in front of the temple and told him about Bhagavan’s command in his dream.  Vaishvanara wondering at the divine leela of the Lord gave his consent and the marriage went off in front of Panduranga.
      The couple lived happily in Pandarpur for a while immersed in bhakthi.  Then they continued their pilgrimage roaming around the country. Finally they reached Brindavan the divine leelasthal of Lord Krishna!  Even today Bhagavan is playing there for many bhakthas.  His presence is felt there by many even today! Fortunate indeed are vrajvasis!  The couple enjoyed their stay there very much. Daily they would take bath in Yamuna and roam around Brindavan. Vaishvanara used to give talks on Bhagavatha, explaining the slokas in it. People would gather around him to hear his talks. He used to circumbulation of Govardhana giri too.
 In the course of time he got the name of Vallabhacharya! 
     Days were rolling in happiness for them and one day Vallabhacharya got the darsan of Srinathji!!  He saw the lord holding the govardhana hill in his left hand standing in front of him.  As he looked fascinated at the form the Lord began to run away. Vallabhacharya ran behind chasing! The lord climbed the govardhana hill and disappeared. Vallabhacharya searched the govardhana hill and reached where Bhagavan protruded His hand and face! The complete form had come out of the hill as the deity of Srinathji!  He was moved with emotions at the mercy of the Lord.  .  “Oh Lord! You gave darsan for a mean person like me? Great is your mercy!!”  he cried.  
      The Lord was chubby with the left hand raised upwards. He looked really enchanting. The eyes were sparkling, the lips coral red, curly hair, wearing a peetambara smiled at Vallabhacharya. “My child!  Worship me in valsalya bhava! Become my Yasoda matha! Shower me with all your love and enjoy” said Bhagavan.
     Sri Vallabhacharya took out the deity and built a temple for the Lord. He set up a system of worship of Srinathji! The valsalya bhakthi way of Pushti marg was established by Sri Vallabhacharya!  Even today we can see Srinathji worshipped in valsalya bhava! His decoration (alankar) is unique, His dress is unique, His nivedyams (offerings) are unique in every way. His clothing differs according to the seasons. Even the colour of the flowers offered will match the colour of His dress! His food too varies according to the seasons!  An unique function of bhog called annakkoototsavam is done for Srinathji.  2300 kilos of rice is prepared  as a hill and offered to Srinathji! Vallabhacharya set up a unique system of worship of the Lord which is being followed till now.  Radhekrishna!



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