Srinathji - 2

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

         Radhekrishna! Last issue we saw how Krishna lifted the govardhana giri and saved the people of Brindavan! Nandagopa and Balarama were full of appreciation for Krishna’s deed while Yasoda matha was worrying herself to ward off evil eye on Krishna! Gopa boys took His hand and massaged it while gopis sent meaningful glances at Him. Indra subdued by Bhagavan’s feat came and feel at the lotus feet. He conducted Govinda pattabhisheka on the Lord with the help of Surabhi, the divine cow.  

       Bhagavan finished His avatara and returned to Vaikunta. Govardhana giri was lying like that for many years. Many bhakthas came, prostrated, circumbulated the mountain,  and worshipped it. Years rolled by. In the year 1410, one day Bhagavan’s left hand was seen protruding from the mountain. It was lying like that for some time. Then after some time the Lord’s face also slowly appeared. People began to worship that. There was a mahathma in Andhrapradesh known as Lakshmana bhatt. The family had a great lineage of conducting yagas. His ancestors had completed 95 yagas and it was his duty to do 5 more to make a centinary.

       Then he decided to spend some time peacefully on the banks of Ganges in Kashi kshethra. He stayed there for some time with his family and relatives. His wife was pregnant at that time. Suddenly there was muslim attack and they ran for their life. Lakshmana Bhatt and his wife ran to a safe place and she delivered a baby premature. The baby seemed to be still born. They were running for their life and so couldnt do anything. They covered the baby with a cloth and put it in a hole in a tree trunk and left the place with heavy hearts. They reached a village where some good hearted family gave them assylum hearing their pitiable story. The mother was tired due to the delivery and the father too due to the strain of their escape. They fell into a deep slumber at the house. Bhagavan appeared before them in dream!  "Hey Lakshmana! The yagas done by you have given fruits. I am pleased by your devotion and namajapam. Your child is not dead, he fainted in my dhyanam. You can go and take him now" said the Lord. The couple were surprised that both of them got the same dream! They ran towards the forest where they had left the baby. To their dismay the place was surrounded by fire. The tree where they left the baby was fully surrounded by fire, but the baby was safely playing inside. The fire was nothing else but Vaishvanara, Bhagavan’s form!  The child was staring at Bhagavan’s form of fire! Radhekrishna! Wait till the  next issue comes meditating on Bhagavan's form!



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