Srinathji - 1

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Naam umakku chonna naalkalum naniya aana
Semam nankudaithu kandeer seripozhil ananthapuram
Doomam nal virai malarkal thuval ara aaynthu kontu
Vaamanan adikku endru etha maaynthu arum vinaikal thaame!
      Radhekrishna! Swamy Nammalvar in his bhakthi, extols the greatness of Ananthapuram. One can realise the greatness of Ananthapuram only when immersed in bhakthi. Ananthan is endless! His greatness is also endless. Nammalvar says if u take flowers, sweet smelling sandal paste, or Tulsi leaves to offer at the feet of Lord Ananthapathmanaabha, all your prarabdhas will come to an end. So powerful is the Lord, so powerful is the kshethra. According to him it is only Vamana who is lying as Ananthapathmanabha in Thiruvananthapuram. So people of this world dont lose this golden opportunity says Nammalvar. We  need to go and stand in front of Him. He will shower His grace on us.
       The great Pathmanabha became a sweet child for the sake of sage Divakara muni and came to Syanandapuram assuming a large form.  He is lying down peacefully in a relaxed posture as if He is taking rest after lifting the Govardhana mountain to save His people from Indra’s wrath.  The Govardhana mountain was raised to the status of Giriraj after Bhagavan lifted it in His hand.
       It was during the period of Lord Rama’s sethubandhanam, that Anjaneya brought this mountain in his hand with the promise that the mountain can have Lord Rama’s darsan. But as he neared Brindavan Rama’s instructions reached him that the construction of the bridge was completed and all should keep down whatever they were bringing, where they stood. At that time the mountain cried to Anjaneya that it was denied of Rama darsan. Then Anjaneya consoled that the Lord was an ocean of mercy and would definitely fulfill its desire. He kept the mountain there and returned to Lord Rama. On his request Lord Rama promised to give darsan to the mountain in Dwaparayuga.  The mountain accepted Anjaneya’s words and waited patiently with full faith for Dwapara yuga.
       It was towards the end of Dwaparayuga that the Lord came down as Sri Krishna.  The mountain waited till Bhagavan reached Brindavan.  Bhagavan came to Brindavan from Gokulam. The gopas used to conduct Indra yagam every year to please Lord Indra. Indra became very proud with ego. Bhagavan interfered and convinced his father Nandagopa to do Govardhana puja instead!  Little Krishna said that all things happen due to the result of karma only.  So there was no need to worship Indra, He said.  He told them that Govardhana was the God who gave them rain and grass for the cows and so has to be worshipped. The people of Brindavan accepted whatever Krishna said. They were happy that Krishna revealed them the truth which so far they were unaware. They asked Him as to how to do the puja. Krishna told them to make all sorts of eatables, rice etc, and heap them to equal size of the mountain. Then worship with flowers and sandal paste.
      The people of Brindavan accepted everything and did as He said. When the food mountain was prepared, buckets of milk, curd and ghee were poured over it. Then camphor was lighted
and showed around Govardhana. By this time the Lord Himself took a form to represent the Govardhana mountain and appeared before them in person.  The offerings were accepted in person! They were very much impressed by the grace of Govardhana mountain. All of them were asked to prostrate  before the mountain. Krishna also prostrated along with them. Then all of them circumbulated the mountain. Govardhana shed tears at this mercy!
      The wrath of Indra knew no bounds. He felt very much insulted by a small 7 year old boy. He started showering the rains fiercely. The whole was becoming flooded. The people of Brindavan had no other refuge than Krishna! So they approached Him in distress with full faith. It was the Lord’s duty to save them who have surrendered to Him with full faith. He called them all to come with Him. All were wondering what He was going to do.  In a minute He was standing with the Govardhana mountain in His hand. Krishna called everyone to come underneath the mountain.  All were wonder struck at this feat. All of them surrounded Him filled with divine love. The gopa boys couldnt stand their Krishna bearing this weight and all of them tried to hold the mountain with their respective sticks.
      Meanwhile the gopis were thankful to Indra for the heavy down pour. Because of him only they could enjoy their Krishna at such a close distance.  They need not go away from there and they could stare at Him as long as they wanted!  For full seven days Krishna stood holding the mountain in His hand. Govardhana mountain was overwhelmed with the grace! He thanked his guru Anjaneya from his heart.  Indira defeated thoroughly ran out of rain clouds in his stock.  When the rains stopped,  Krishna asked everyone to move out from underneath the mountain. They all ran out and turned to see how Krishna kept the mountain back. But they could see Krishna walking calmly behind them and the mountain stood where it was before! Wonder of wonders!
      Sri Periyazhvar has sung 10 pasurams on Krishna holding the Govardhana mountain. Nandagopa and Balarama were full of appreciation for Krishna’s deed while Yasoda matha was worrying herself to ward off evil eye on Krishna! Gopa boys took His hand and massaged it while gopis sent meaningful glances at Him. Indra subdued by Bhagavan’s feat came and feel at the lotus feet. He conducted Govinda pattabhisheka on the Lord with the help of Surabhi, the divine cow.  Radhekrishna!



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