Dwarakanatha - 9

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dwarakanatha - 9

    Once there was a devotee of Dwarakanatha, Banvari Rajaputhra! He was living away from Dwaraka. But had staunch faith in Ranchodji. It was a Deepavali day and Banvari Rajaputhra chanted Krishna Krishna along with many devotees. They all jointly were singing bhajans. Suddenly Banvari Rajaputhra stopped singing and with his hands made signs of brushing his dress. The king was also at the bhajan and asked Banvari why he behaved strange.  He replied that it was aarathi time at Dwaraka and a piece of camphor from the pujari’s hand fell on Lord Dwarakanath’s dress. So he hurriedly brushed the dress with his hands to put out the fire. The king could not believe this. How come when the accident occurred at Dwaraka this man brushed his dress to put out the fire? Bhakthas don’t buy dress for themselves and wear. What ever they wear they wear it as Krishna prasadam only. So as far as Banvari was concerned he was wearing Bhagavan’s dress only. We say that some dress was gifted to us by somebody.  We can mentally offer our dress to Bhagavan and then wear it. Uddhava knows the pleasure of wearing the dress worn by Krishna! Is there anything to equal the greatness of this?  Banvari Rajaputhra realised its greatness and enjoyed. The king wanted to know the truth of this incident. He sent a messenger from his country to the present king of Dwaraka to convey his Deepavali wishes and asked if there was anything special in Dwaraka on Deepavali day.  The reply came that everything went on fine there and on Deepavali day it so happened that during the Arathi time a piece of burning camphor from the arathi fell on Bhagavan’s dress. The dress caught fire and as all of us rushed to put out the fire it subdued by itself miraculously.  The king was stunned to hear this. He fell at the feet of the bhaktha Banvari Rajaputhra and asked him how he got to know about the accident.  Banvari replied that only his body was there during the bhajan and his mind was in Dwaraka only and so he could see what happened there! Such a great devotee!
Such a merciful Bhagavan! Dwaraka is always crowded with pilgrims from all over. Let the Lord of Dwarakanath who swallowed Meera Matha swallow us too. For that we must do bhakthi as the great devotee. Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna!



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