Dwarakanatha - 8

Thursday, February 17, 2011

      Dwarakanatha - 8
      The great devotee Narasimha metha had deep devotion for Dwarakanath.  He ran away from his home once and reached a Shiva temple. He took hold of the Lingam and cried to Lord Siva to give him manthra upadesam!  Lord Siva appeared before him and gave Krishnamanthra for him and also showed him Bhagavan’s divine Rasakreeda!   Narasimha metha was also inflicted with the prema roga as Lord Siva. He forgot everything including his family. Now it was Bhagavan’s duty to take care of his family including the marriage of his daughter. From somewhere a rich man came in search of Narasimha metha’s daughter’s hands for his son. The marriage went off well. But it was only after the marriage that the mother in law realised she was cheated as Narasimha metha did not have much money to give his daughter. She began to torture the poor daughter in law. She asked her son to leave the daughter in law at her house and she should come back only with the necessary money and things. Narasimha metha left everything at the feet of Ranchodji.  At a particular stage the people around also began to talk about Narasimha metha’s daughter. So one day he took her to her in laws house.  The mother in law showered insults on him and told him not to come here without the money. Narasimhametha with full faith in Dwarakanatha made a promise to her that he would come back in a short time with the necessary money and left. He surrendered completely to the Lord. At that time some pilgrims from far off came to meet Narasimha metha.  They were going to have darsan of Dwarkanath. They were carrying money for their expenses there. But as it was not very safe to carry money on the way they wanted to keep it in the safe custody of Narasimha metha. But at the same time Narasimha metha should do some arrangement for them in Dwaraka for their expenses there. They hoped that Narasimha metha had some contact there in Dwaraka.  Narasimha metha took advantage of the situation and lied to them that he had a shop there in Dwaraka which was run by a man called Shyamala.  He wrote a letter for Shyamala  signed it as Krishnadasa and handed over it to the pilgrims. They left their money in Narasimhametha’s custody in the faith that his contact there, Shyamala would take care of their needs there. Narasimha metha handed over the money to his daughter’s mother in law who was now pleased very much. Now Narasimha metha began to feel guilty of what he had done. He began to cry out Krishna Krishna thinking the difficulties those pilgrim would be facing there in an unknown place like Dwaraka. The pilgrims also searched everywhere in and around Dwaraka for a person called Shyamala who was Narasimha metha’s aid. They could not find such a person and by evening they became tired and sat on the beach worryig what to do next. Just then a dark coloured pleasant looking young man came there calling out Narasimhametha’s name. They were relieved to see the young man. He gave them the money due to them and also a note signed as Shyamala for the money he had paid them and after sending his love to Narasimha metha he went away.  With that money the pilgrims stayed comfortably there and returned after a few days. Meanwhile Narasimha metha could not forgive himself for the mean way he had cheated the devotees.  At last the pilgrims reached Narasimha methas house.  He fell at their feet and begged for their pardon. They didn’t understand why he was behaving like this. Then he told them that he had no shop or contact there as he had lied to them. He apologised for being to mean with them. But they had an entirely different story to tell Narasimha metha. Narasimha metha could not  believe their words. They described Shyamala as a dark skinned, pleasant looking young chap. Narasimha metha understood who it was and broke down at the mercy of Bhagavan. The pilgrims were thoroughly surprised at this and fell at Narasimha metha’s feet as  it was because of him that Bhagavan came to them as Shyamala! Narasimha metha cried out that it was the pilgrims’ bhakthi that gave them the divine darsan and not  his. He himself had not had Bhagavan’s darsan till now. Sadguru is like this. He would do all the work for the disciple to enjoy Bhagavan. He would not want to enjoy for himself alone! Narasimha metha cried out to Dwarakanatha to give darsan for him too. Bhagavan appeared as Shyamala. He cried “Prabho you obliged even a liar like me?” asked Narasimha metha. Bhagavan responds to pure bhakthi only.
        Once a devotee from Brindavan decided to go to Dwaraka with some pilgrims. At night Radhika Rani appeared in his dream and told him not to go. She said “ Don’t go to Dwaraka! It is Krishna’s official place! You will find Krishna holding the conch, disk, gada etc. You can only see Him there! Only in Brindavan you can enjoy Krishna’s leelas! So don’t go!” But the devotee did not pay heed to her words and started for Dwaraka. He had darsan of Krishna with conch disk etc, and chanted Narayana Narayana! After some time he reached back Brindavan. As he was tired he lied down to sleep and Radhika Rani came in his dream. She ordered him to get out of Brindavan as he did not pay heed to her words before. The bhaktha with folded hands prayed to her “Hey Radhe I am leaving Brindavan. I came back just to see your reaction only. With your blessing only I saw Dwarakanatha. I know now onwards I will always be in your mind as you keep remembering those who leave Brindavanam. You cant stand anybody leaving Brindavanam!” With this peayer he returned to Dwaraka.



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