Srinathji 10

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sashtaanga paadam abhivandhya samastha bhaavai:
Sarvaan surendra nikaraan idameva yaache
mandasmidardra madhuranana chandrabimbe
nandasya punya nichaye mama bhakthir asthu!
        With humility and great devotion  I prostrate down and offer my only prayer to all the devas! I pray for blessings to have deep and steady devotion in the son of Nandagopa who is blue hued, with a charming smiling face! Saint Leela Sukar thus prays to the Lord in Sri Krishna Karnamritham!
     Radhekrishna! In the last issue we saw the great sadguru Vittalnath turned an evil minded man to be a great devotee of the Lord. Great is Bharatha and great are the Sadgurus. Sadguru Vittalnath had another disciple called Kumbhadasa. He was a poor potter but very much devoted to the Lord. The King Rajasimha hearing about this devotee wanted to meet him.
      Kumbhadasa was living near Govardhana giri. When then king went Kumbhadasa was crying out to his granddaughter to bring his mirror and chair as it was time for him to apply gopi on his forehead. He had to do his daily worship. A little girl came out of the hut and said 'Oh grandpa, the goat drank the mirror and ate your chair'. Hearing this the King was confused. He couldn't understand what she was saying and turned towards his minister. The minister understood what she meant and shed tears of joy. On enquiry the minister told the king that Kumbhadasa's mirror was a pot of water, and his chair was a bundle of grass. The goat had eaten the grass and drank the water it seemed. Kumbhadasa was a very poor man. But in the midst of such a poverty he was so devoted to the Lord.   
     Seeing this the king felt sorry for Kumbhadasa. Immediately he brought a mirror with a golden frame and kept it before Kumbhadasa. The potter was confused and looked at the King. The King explained that since his goat drank away his mirror, the king wanted to gift a Kumbhadasa with a mirror which the goat cannot drink. Surprised at this Kumbhadasa replied, 'but my mirror need not be kept with great care. Nobody would steal my mirror too. This mirror which you have brought needs great care and attention. Moreover I have to safeguard it  from thieves too. So I am not comfortable with this. Please take these away. As long as I am poor my Srinathji showers His blessings on us. If I become richer I might lose Srinathji's blessings. Without His blessings I don't want to live. To get His blessings I don't mind being poor, or sick, or even insulted. Only due to the merits of many births and guru kripa that I have bhakthi now. I don't want to lose that at any cost. So please don't mistake me.'
      The king was very much disappointed at this. He was sorry that he couldnt do any sort of service to this great bhaktha. Then he again requested the bhaktha whether he can name the village as Kumbhadasapuram. Kumbhadasa laughed at this and replied, 'why do you want to change its name? This place belongs to Lord Srinathji. We have no right to change its name. This vraja bhoomi is the Lord's. Don't think about give my name to this place.  It is great fortune to have entered this place. Don't sin by doing such heinous deeds and don't make too a sinner.! Do bhakthi and enjoy the Lord instead of pulling me into unwanted problems!'
        The king couldn't say a word to the mahathma. Kumbhadasa used to sing during one of the arathis performed daily at the temple. Srinath enjoyed his singing and used to gift him with His sweet kisses. Kumbhadasa was very happy with that. He was contented with the opportunity. So he had no more needs or desires. He was well aware of his guru's blessings. Such a wonderful bhaktha! King Rajasimha considered himself to be fortunate to meet this bhaktha and fell at his feet. Great is such a bhaktha and great is such a sadguru who has a disciple like him! 
     Meet you at the next issue with  more stories of Srinathji! Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna!



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