Srinathji -11

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Barham nama vibhooshanam bahumatham veshaaya seshairalam 
Vakthram dvithrivisesha kaanthi lahari vinyasa dhanyairalam
Seelairalpa dhiyaam agamya vibhavai sringara bhamgeemayam
Chithram chithramaho vichithrithamaho chithram vichithram  mahah.
        Radhekrishna!  For this cowherd boy an ordinary peacock feather is a suitable ornament! All the other jewels having joined His divine body become attractive and are not able to decorate Him. His face adorned with gopi thilaka  and the naturally sweet lips are wonderful indeed! Wonderful is His sringara bhava which can turn even an idiot into a great bhaktha! The brightness which emanates from His divine body keeps changing every minute making His friends and relatives wonder stuck! Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Nothing else to say! Thus praises Leela Suka, in his Krishna Karnamritham.

               The great bhaktha Kumbhadasa had a son who was also very much devoted to Lord Srinathji like him. He was called Chathurbhuja. Whatever happened he would not go outside Brindavan.  Vittalnath used to take Srinathji with him when he went to near by places. Once he took Srinathji to Mathura with him. Chathurbhuja did not at all favour Mathura since he thought Kamsa was still there.  He feared something might happen to his Srinath. Vittalnath stayed there for 2 days in Mathura. Chathurbhuja missed Srinathji very much and became dejected. He kept crying for the Lord in Brindavan.
           At the same time in Mathura the sayana arathi was going on for the Lord. After the arathi Vittalnath tried to put Srinathji in bed. But he noticed that the Lord was not sleepy. Worried he asked the Lord why He was not sleeping. Srinathji replied that He didn't want to sleep in a place where Chathurbhuja was not present. He too missed him very much and said He didn't like Mathura. He asked Vittalnath to carry Him immediately back to Brindavan.  Vittalnath said that it was dark already and it would be difficult to go across river Yamuna at this night. Srinathji laughed and said 'Don't tell me about the darkness of night. I left Mathura only at the midnight and I know Yamuna very well.  You carry me on your head and go. I will make Yamuna to give way for us.' 
        Well can Vittalnath argue anymore? Immediately he packed everything and started for Brindavan. As they started the conch was sounded and people hurried towards the place wondering what was happening.When Vittalnath said Srinathji could not sleep there they laughed. How did he know that Srinathji wanted to go away! But Vittalnath did not care for their comments and proceeded.
       Meanwhile Chathurbhuja was finding it difficult to spend the time. He ran towards Yamuna and kept looking towards the other shore in the hope that Srinathji might return. He even wanted to cross the Yamuna too. But controlled himself thinking that Srinathji might not like that. Ultimately he went to the Govardhan hill and pleaded with it. 'Hey Govardhan hill ! Please bring my Srinathji back. If you call out He will rush to you.' He was angry with Srinathji for leaving him like this. Suddenly he could hear the conch, bells and drums from the distance. He rubbed his eyes and looked. He saw Srinathji's group coming back. He rushed forward and hugged Srinathji. Srinathji told him that He couldnt sleep in Mathura without Chathurbhuja. Chathurbhuja was overwhelmed with emotions. Vittalnath was watching all these with tears in his eyes. He told Chathurbhuja that Srinathji missed him very much.The Lord easily conquers the heart of His devotees with His love. 
         Wonderful is Vittalnath's valsalya bhava!  Wonderful is Chathurbbuja's unflinching devotion! Wonderful is Srinathji's pure flow of love! Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna!



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