Srinathji -12

Friday, February 17, 2012

Adheera bimbaadhara vibhramEna
Harshadra venu svara sampadaa cha 
Anena kenaapi manoharena
Ha hantha ha hantha mano dhunothi.
      Oh Krishna! The indescribable beauty of thy gently moving red lips which I see in front of me, and the mesmerising music that flows from your flute, conquers my heart totally. Oh what can I do? Thus cries out saint Leela Sukar in ecstasy when confronting the Lord before his eyes.
       Radhekrishna! One Krishnadas was very much devoted to Lord Srinathji. He too was a disciple of Vittalnath. He used to sing in praise of the Lord and do services to Him. Once he was roaming out somewhere. On his way there lived a prostitute called Ranjini. She was very much after money and so used to attract men towards her and snatch their money away. Daily evening she used to dress herself up and dance in front of men. For the dance she used to sing songs which depicted RadhaKrishna leelas.  Many people are unaware of the prema rahasyam  hidden in the verses of RadhaKrishna leela. Though they are full of Sringara bhavam it has got the secrets of deep bhakthi. Ranjini too unaware of all these noble ideals was using those songs for her profession to attract the malefolk. 
        Krishnadasa who happened to cross her house heard the divine music and naturally was attracted by it. Ranjini sang those songs beautifully with her melodious voice.  Krishnadasa went inside her house. Those who had gathered there were totally surprised a saintly person like Krishnadasa had come to Ranjini. All paid money for the song and dance. Slowly they all dispersed. Krishnadasa remained there. Ranjini felt elated that she could attract a great bhaktha like Krishnadasa. Full of pride she asked him why he was still standing and what he wanted. 
Krishnadasa replied 'Of course I am waiting for you only!'
Ranjini's head bloated with ego that she could bring even Krishnadasa to her feet. Feeling victorious she came and stood by Krishnadasa. Krishnadasa hurriedly said that he wanted Ranjini for his boss.  Ranjini was totally surprised at this and sarcastically said 'Do you know how much money you have to pay for me?'
Krishnadasa took out a bundle of gold coins and threw them before her. 'Tell he how much money you want' he said. Her eyes bulged out seeing this and her attitude immediately changed. She became more humble now and asked Krishnadasa whether his boss was an old man.
Krishnadasa replied : No He is in the prime of youth.
Ranjini:- Is he ugly or so?
Krishnadasa:- He is the most handsome man you would have ever  
Ranjini:- Oh then probably He is new to Sringara rasa.
Krishnadasa laughed aloud and said : He is Sringara lolan.
Ranjini:- May be He doesn't know how to enjoy rasas.
Krishnadasa:- He is called rasikendra. There is no one to equal 
                     Him. There is no one in the world who can please all 
                     others like Him.
Ranjini was slowly getting attracted to the young boss Krishnadasa was talking about. Krishnadasa further described about His prowess, power, intelligence, bravery, etc etc. He also told her about His immense wealth which nobody in the world can equal Him. Ranjini now became really excited and wanted to meet the 'boss' immediately. 
       Krishnadasa took her with Him. Throughout the way he was talking about his 'Boss'. Ranjini's excitement knew no bounds and she became restless. She really wanted to meet the 'boss' now.  If she could get the 'boss' in her clutches then she will not have to worry about her future at all she thought. Well that was real truth indeed! Walking the distance her thirst to meet the 'boss' became very intent. Moreover Krishnadasa was putting fuel to the fire in her talking about the 'great boss'. Ultimately he brought her to Govardhana Hills. Ranjini was totally unaware of her surroundings. Her mind was fully preoccupied with Krishnadasa's 'boss' whom she hasn't met yet.
       Krishnadasa led her towards Srinathji. He asked her to look at his 'boss' now. Srinathji was in His full splendour that day. Wearing the yellow silk dhoti, with all the jewels bedecked, lovely peacock feather fluttering over His head, carrying a flute, smiled sensuously at Ranjini. Ranjini stared at the Lord without blinking her eye lid. Krishnadasa the sadguru, showed her the Lord in His true form. He looked from toe to head and from head to toe. All the Radhakrishna songs she had learnt came to her mind telling her all she has heard about the Lord was true. The sight was encapturing. She mumbled that Krishnadasa's 'boss' was really great! Krishnadasa replied, 'yes He is bhuvanasundara'!
        Ranjini who was proud of her beauty and youth now began to feel she was no match for Him. Her ego got a great blow. She felt ashamed that her body was used by so many ordinary men before. How dare she offer this 'dirty' body to this great 'sundara'! Her legs trembled and she couldnt stand erect. If she had met Him long before she would have offered herself as nivedyam for Him. Now it is too late. Why did Krishnadasa do this to her? Now she can't offer herself but at the same time she can't even breath without Him. She was in a total fix now. 
        Ranjini did not dare to stand before the Lord now and wanted to run away. But her body refused to move an inch from there. Her mind longed for Krishna. The deep sea of Krishna Prema was pulling her towards Him. But she felt she did not deserve Him. Krishnadasa told her to sing and dance before Him. 'If He likes your dance then you too are entitled to enjoy Him', he said. Happily Ranjini began to dance before the Lord singing with all her heart. This time the song came out with full feeling. The dance and singing was very different this time. Even the Lord was also inspired and joined her in the dance.  In the midst of the dance Srinathji unable to wait further hugged Ranjini tightly. Ranjini shrieked out at this unexpected gift. She lost herself in Him and fell down. Others who had gathered could not see what had happened.  They just saw that Ranjini fell down during her dance. Everybody gathered around her and lifted her only to know that she was dead! Yes she had mingled with Srinathji! We have heard about Pingala a prostitute who attained the Lord, in Srimad Bhagavatham. In this Kaliyuga itself an ordinary prostitute could attain the Lord with the grace of a sadguru ! Millions of pranams for that Sadguru and the Lord who is the embodiment of love! Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna!



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