Srinathji - 13

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bhasatham bhava bhayaika bheshajam
Maanase mama muhur muhur muhur
Gopavesha upasedusha svayam
Yaapi kaapi ramaneeyatha vibho!
     'Let the only remedy for the dread of samsara (material world), which is the inexplicable, and wonderful beauty of Sri Krishna, who Himself has taken the role of a cowherd boy, shine forth in my mind again and again and again' prays Leela Suka in his Krishna Karnamritham.
            Radhekrishna! Wonderful are the leelas of Lord Srinathji! Once a servant in the temple of Srinathji happened to go to Kasi kshethra. There was a famous devotee called Paramananda in Kasi who used to conduct bhajan sessions in his place. Big crowds used to gather for his bhajans. The man who worked under Vallabhacharya went there hearing the bhajans. He sat among the devotees and joined in the singing. 
         Suddenly Paramananda got up and kept staring at the servant of Vallabhacharya. The man didn't understand anything. After staring for sometime with folded hands he came towards the man. Seeing that panic seized him. He could not at all understand why Paramananda was coming towards him an ordinary man. Paramananda stood before the man and humbly enquired who he was. The man asked why he was asking that. Paramananda again asked him who he was. He said he was a humble servant of Vallabhacharya. Hearing this Paramananda prostrated before him. The man was shocked and jumped away asking why he was doing like this. 
      Paramananda replied that little Krishna was playing on his lap! Though the man was unaware of it Paramananda could see with his own eyes! Just because the man had some connection with Vallabhacharya, Srinathji was sitting on his lap and eating butter. He was wonderstruck at this leela. Then what would be the greatness of Swami Vallabhacharya, he wondered. He left everything that moment and proceeded to meet Vallabhacharya. He surrendered to Vallabhacharya completely and begged for his grace. In the course of time it is said Vallabhacharya blessed him with Srinathji's darsan. Ultimately he attained moksha!
        In the lineage of Vittalnath came Hariraya another staunch devotee of Srinathji. Like his predecessors he too worshipped the Lord in vathsalya bhava. Daily night Srinathji was led to His sayana griham, which was a little away from the sanctum. They have to pass through an open space to reach there. Daily silk carpets were spread on the path for Srinathji. One day there was heavy rain. Due to the heavy rains carpets were not spread that day to avoid getting spoiled. Lord Srinathji was taken to the sayana griham and left there as usual. Hariraya returned to his place and was lying down thinking of Srinathji. 
       Suddenly he heard somebody knock at his door. Wondering who might be at this hour of night he hurriedly got up and opened the door only to find little Srinath standing there! Surprised he asked the Lord why He had come there. Srinathji didn't answer him but went inside and sat on Hariraya's bed which was an old jute sack. Hariraya was confused so asked Srinathji why He came there. Srinathji :- Come and lie down here amma!
Hariraya obeyed Him. Srinathji lied down hugging him. He put His 
leg on Hariraya trying to sleep!
Hariraya:- Why didn't you go to sayana griham my child? What 
                 happened?  Couldn't you sleep there?
Srinathji:- Oh Amma you know I have to walk through sandy 
                ground to reach there!
Hariraya:- Yes my child! But for that we have arranged for silk  
                carpets to be spread on the ground.
Srinathji:- True! But the pujaris hadn't spread it fearing it might get 
                spoiled. They do not want the botheration of washing it.
                I didn't want to get my feet spoiled by wet mud. So I 
                didn't go.
Hariraya could not help but laugh aloud. Srinathji had come all the way to his home in wet mud only. He took Srinathji on his hip, cleaned the lotus feet with his angavasthram and carried Him towards the temple. He woke up the pujaris, made arrangements for spreading the silk carpets and left Srinathji on His bed. Such is the sowlabhya or simplicity of Lord Srinathji towards His bhakthas! Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna!



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