Srinathji - 14

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Madhurathara smithamrutha vimugdha mukhamburuham 
Madhasikhi pinchalanchitha manogya kacha prachayam 
Vishaya vishaamisha grasana grudhnushi chethasi mei 
Vipula vilochanam kimapi dhaama chakasthi chiram!

         'The beautiful lotus like face with the nectar of thy sweet smile, pleasing curly hair, wide eyes, the lustrous form which cannot be explained with words, shines in my heart which is ready to swallow the poison of worldly matters' says  Leela Suka in Krishna Karnamritham.
         Radhekrishna! For the sake of His bhakthas Lord Srinathji becomes very simple and approachable!  Another of His divine leelas! Once a gem merchant came to Mathura for selling his precious gems. He was a muslim named Raskhan! He saw a good crowd and thought that he could find a good market there. Some discourse was going on and the crowd had gathered for that only. Since he wanted to meet some prospective customers he sat in a corner and was forced to hear what the 'pauranika' was saying. Fortunately at that time the pauranika was in the midst of describing Lord Krishna! He explained in detail how the Lord took the Govardhana mountain in His hand and saved the people of vraja.
         The pauranika was able to bring a clear picture of the scene. Raskhan was very much fascinated with the 'little cowherd boy with the flute'! He wondered whether there really was a blue hued boy. After the upanyas was over everybody but Raskhan left the place. The pauranika noted him and asked why he was still sitting there. He could make out that the man was a muslim. Raskhan came to him with folded hands and said that his description of the blue boy fascinated him very much. He wanted to know if he can meet the boy in person. The pauranika replied that he can very well meet the boy in Brindavan. "If you cross the Yamuna and go that side you can meet Him" he said. "Where and how will He be?" asked Raskhan. 
 "At times He would be dressed like a cowherd boy with a turban tied over His head. At times He would be playing on the sands of the bank of Yamuna with cowherd boys. Sometimes He would be playing a flute. Sometimes He would be sitting on the branch of a tree carrying with Him the Gopis' dresses" said the pauranika.
'How can I find Him'? asked Raskhan.
' He will be available for only those whom He permits to see.'
Raskhan immediately rushed towards Brindavan. He ran here and there searching for Krishna asking everybody he met on his way. At last he reached near the Govardhana mountain. Somebody informed him that Krishna was standing with the Govardhana mountain on His hand inside the temple.  Excitedly he rushed towards the temple. But he was stopped outside by the security people. They would not allow him inside since he was a muslim. Only Hindus were allowed inside the temple they said. Heart broken he cried and cried. He pleaded with them to let him see the 'blue boy' at least once. But he was denied permission. In terrible agony he kept crying in front of the temple. He forgot his family, his profession, his relatives and everything. His mind was now fully occupied with the blue boy only. He kept crying out 'Neela bala, Neela bala'! Sri Vittalnath was at that time inside the temple watching everything. But he did not interfere or utter a word. He looked at the Govardhana mountain and pleaded 'giri raja giri raja'! Whenever somebody passed that way he would rush to them and request them to tell Srinathji that a good for nothing, mean destitute was waiting outside to have His darsan. 
Will Raskhan's wish be fulfilled? Wait and see in the next issue. Till then do keep chanting the Lord's name ! Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna!



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