Srinathji -15

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mukulaayamaana nayanaambujam vibho
Murali ninada makaranda nirbharam
Mukuraayamaana mrudu ganta mantalam
Mukha pankajam manasi mei vijrumbhathaam.
       Radhekrishna! 'Let the lord's eyes which resemble lotus buds, soft and mirror like cheeks, lotus like face filled with the honey of venu ganam (flute) appear in my mind' prays Leela Sukar in Krishna Karnamritham.
        We saw in the last issue that a  Muslim merchant became devoted to Lord Srinathji simply by hearing His leelas. He reached Brindavan in search of the Lord and was not allowed to go inside the temple to see the Lord. He pleaded with the Govardhana mountain to let him go inside the temple. He kept begging at the people who passed that way to tell Srinathji about himself and seek His permission to let him see the Lord. Raskhan forgot everything, his family, his business and everything. He had only one goal in his life now - to see Srinathji! At a certain stage it was impossible for him to spend even a minute without seeing the Lord. 
      Lord Srinathji decided that Raskhan was now mature enough to receive His blessings. He sent Sri Vittalnath to Raskhan. Seeing Vittalnath coming out Raskhan came rushing towards him and fell down at his feet. He begged the sadguru to show him the Lord. He was sorry that he had not enough devotion. Even then with the sadguru's blessings he can have darsan of the Lord. He begged with Vittalnath with tears in his eyes. Vittalnath was moved by his devotion and took hold of Raskhan's hand. 
'Hey Raskhan! Come with me. I will take you to Lord Srinath.'
Ras: 'Ah. What do you say? Do you say that I can come inside the    
       temple and have Srinathji's darsan?
Vitta: 'Of course! Only you deserve His darsan my boy!'
Hearing this Raskhan was overwhelmed with happiness and jumped up. Full of excitement he began to pull Vittalnath inside. Now it was the turn of other devotees to stare at Raskhan with wonder. Nobody could stop him since he was with Sri Vittalnath. Vittalnath made him stand before the deity and asked him to look at the Lord. Raskhan was wonderstruck. The Lord appeared as much as the 'pouranika' had described. He could see the actual 'neela bala', who was chubby, with curly hair, red lips, lotus like hands feet and eyes, exactly as the 'pouranika' had described. Tears ran down his cheeks. He was excited and cried out 'I have seen the neela bala'. 
    The Lord became happy with Raskhan's devotion. That is what is needed. Nobody else need to acknowledge our devotion but Bhagavan. Our devotion should be such that Bhagavan is pleased with us. What more do we need!  Raskhan settled there in Brindavan itself worshiping the Lord for the rest of his life. No need to say that he finally attained the Lord Himself. The Lord has no discrimination at all. He loves those who love Him. Raskhan loved Srinathji so much that he entirely forgot his family, assets, business etc. Pleased with his love the Lord took him. These great devotees teach us how our devotion should be. They teach us the purpose of our life itself! Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna!



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