Srinathji - 16

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Yaani thvath charithamruthani rasanalehyani dhanyathmanam
Ye vaa chaapala shaishava vyathikaraa radhaparadhonmukha:
Yaa vaa bhaavitha venu geetha gathayo leela mukhamboruhe
Dhara vahikaya vahanthu hrudaye thanyeva thanyeva mei.
          Oh Krishna! Only the blessed ones enjoy the divine taste of Your leelas in their tongue. Let there be a spontaneous flow of Your strange leelas with Radha Rani,  waves of sweet music from the flute in Your lotus like face, in my heart. Thus says Sri Leela Sukar in his Krishna Karnamritham. 
      Once there was a great mahathma called Hariraya. He used to sing bhajans in praise of the Lord and many people gathered to hear his bhajans. A princess also used to attend the bhajan sessions. Some how she got attracted to Hariraya's physical appearance. She expressed her desire to him without any hesitation. Hariraya felt sympathy for her.  With prayers to Srinathji he asked her one night to come to his room. On entering the room Hariraya asked her to first prostrate before Srinathji kept on his lap.  When she got up she saw not Hariraya there but Yasoda matha with her son little Krishna on her lap. She was breast feeding her son covered by her saree. The little lotus feet kept peeping out of her saree. Droplets of milk was trickling out through the saree. The princess was stunned by what she saw. In a moment the scene vanished and she saw Hariraya sitting with Srinathji on his lap. She realised the truth and fell down at his feet. He gave her nama upadesa. She chanted the nama and ultimately realised the Lord.
        Srinathji's greatness and grace is endless. Numerous devotees have experienced His grace.  There was a King who became so devoted that he threw away even his kingdom for the sake of Srinathji. He ultimately merged with the Lord. This seven year old boy is a source of attraction for many. There was one Nandadas who used to sing on Lord Srinathji. Once King Akbar happened to hear Tansen sing one his songs. The king was so attracted by the bhava in the song that he wanted to meet the great devotee. But unfortunately before the king could meet him the mahathma left his body. Sri Vittalnath also merged himself in the Govardhana mountain.
        Originally Srinathji was in Brindavan only. It was in 1627 that Srinathji left Brindavan and reached Rajasthan. Tales run around that it was due to Muslim attack etc that the temple was shifted. But the truth is Bhagavan was attracted by Meera matha's pure devotion and so only settled in Rajasthan. Today the place is called Nathdwara. It is near Udaipur. The followers of Pushti marg worship Srinathji only. Holi, Diwali, Janmashtami etc are celebrated in a grand scale here. It is indeed a great blessing to visit Nathdwara and have darsan of Lord Srinathji. With sincere prayers one can attain this fortune. Do pray sincerely and enjoy the Lord. Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna!



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