Panduranga - 15

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

      Radhekrishna! A staunch devotee of Lord Siva and a severe rival of Lord Panduranga Naraharisonar was faced with a strange problem in his life. First he was forced to make an exquisite jewellary for the one whom he despised most! Then he was forced to enter the temple also and touch the deity with his own hand. Now he was staring face to face with the one whom he never wanted to see in his life! What more punishment he needed in this life! Naraharisonar stood bewildered. Whenever he closed his eyes and felt with his hands he could clearly feel the form of his favourite Lord Siva. But when he opened his eyes he saw Lord Vittal. He was confused and defeated. He couldn't understand what was happening. His ego would never allow him to accept the power of Vittal.
              He was sure he felt the kapaala haaram, the smooth and cool snakes that ornamented his Lord, the trident in his hand, the matted hair with Ganga matha in it, the axe in one hand, everything when he
searched with his hands keeping the eyes closed. But as soon as he opened them he could see the beautiful form of Lord Vittal only. He was puzzled. Each time he looked at the form he was being attracted to that beauty. Slowly he was tempted to look at the form again and again. He fought in his mind but failed miserably. The Lord was looking  at him as if to say 'where else will you go my dear. You will have to come to me ultimately'. Slowly it dawned in him that all the gods are present in Him only. Slowly he was being defeated by this enchanting form of Vittal. He understood that all the other Gods are chanting His name only. He now saw the form of Lord Siva inside Vittal and the form of Vittal inside the form of Lord Siva. How could he separate the forms, he realised. 
       Suddenly he broke down and cried at the feet of the Lord. All his inhibitions were washed out completely. 'Oh Lord how I have wasted my whole life so far!' People around were stunned to see the change in him. The place was filled with the cries of 'Jai bolo Pandurang ki' and Jai jai Vittal'. Naraharisonar welcomed the cries to his heartful. Now he realised the grace of the Lord. What a leela he has played to bring him towards the Lord. He washed the feet of the Lord with his tears. The bhaktha who was watching all this too was moved with emotions. He cried 'hey Panduranga! Karunasagara! Please accept my humble offering also Vittala!'. Hearing his heart rending cries the Pujari full of pity for him casually tried to put the jewel on the deity. Wonder of wonders the jewel was just right for the Lord. It shone like the bright sun on his hip. The Lord had accepted the bhaktha's offering whole heartedly!
         If somebody like Narahari who had been hating the Lord was pulled towards Him then what to say if we hold on to the lotus feet and do continuous namajapam! Will not the Lord take us on His lap? Do hold onto him bhakthas and do namajapam continuously. You will realise the power of the Lord. Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna!



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