Panduranga - 14

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Naraharisonar 2
      Radhekrishna! In the last issue we saw that the ornament made by Naraharisonar for Panduranga did not fit to the Lord. The bhaktha's disappointment was great. He was worried that Panduranga did not accept his offering. His anger turned towards Naraharisonar. He came running to Naraharisonar's shop with the golden belt. He shouted at him 'Do you know your work?'. Naraharisonar became red faced and asked him why he was blaming him. The bhaktha then told him that the jewel did not fit the Lord since it was a bit smaller. Narahari took the jewel from his hand and checked with the measure string. He was surprised to see that the bhaktha was right. It was a bit smaller than the mark in the string. He couldn't understand how it happened. He was sure he did the work with utmost care and concentration. It is now proved that the mistake was on his part. He was puzzled. Anyway he admitted his mistake and promised to remake it to fit the size.  
        So Narahari cursing himself started and work again. He finished it and handed the jewel to the bhaktha's hand. He said it was the last time that he would venture into such project and said not to disturb him anymore with this. The bhaktha took the jewel and with his heart full of prayers entered the temple. He hoped that this time it should be the right fit and the Lord should accept the offering. He apologised to the Lord if he had ego in his mind. The Pujari took the jewel from him and tried it on Panduranga. This time it slid down the hip easily as it was a bit loose. The Pujari tried again and again to fix it somehow. But it would fall down again and again. The bhaktha was again defeated. 
         With tears in his eyes he went to Narahari's shop. Seeing him Narahari guessed that something was wrong again. When he was told that the jewel did not fit again he got very angry. He said that he would not do anything now. Those people were testing his patience he said. But the bhaktha also was not prepared to leave the matter. He said Narahari had promised to make the jewel perfectly as he wished. Now he has not fulfilled his words. It was not his falt. He had supplied the necessary gold, precious stones etc as Narahari demanded. Inspite of that he has disappointed him. By now people hearing about the strange story gathered around the shop. Now they all supported the bhaktha. What was the use of a jewel which did not fit to the lord?  Hot words crossed and finally it was decided that Narahari himself should take the measure and finish the jewel.  He tried to oppose it saying throughout out his life time he has never entered that temple and how could they expect him to come there. But he was alone on his side.
         Narahari felt he was trapped well. He could not get out of this situation. He had to do away with the work once for all. Now he has no other way but to measure the hip of Vittal himself. Hating himself for agreeing to such a nasty work he mutely agreed to come to the temple of his worst enemy. But he put forward one condition. He would tie his eyes and then only enter the temple. He would take the measurement with his hands. Everybody agreed to him. His eyes were tied and was led into the temple. Lord Siva danced with joy that one of his bhakthas was pulled by Sri Vittal. Narahari went inside chanting Namasivaya, Namasivaya loudly. The Lord smiled ' aha at last you have come here. Now let me see how you escape from here'!
           Narahari asked somebody to take his hands to the hip. The Pujari place his hands on the hip. He searched around with his hands. He felt his hands were touching tiger skin. He could even feel a snake. He was surprised. 'What is this! Is it not my Lord Siva? Are these foolish people calling my Lord only as Vittal?' he thought.  Excited he slowly led his hands downwards. He could feel ash on the body and also snake anklets on the feet. He was sure it was his Lord Siva himself. Encouraged he felt his way upwards towards the hands. He could feel the trident of the Lord very clearly. He couldnt control himself anymore. He just tore open the cloth covering his eyes and lo, before him was standing his enemy smiling mischievously. 
         Narahari was baffled to see Vittal. How could he have been mistaken? He hurriedly closed his eyes again. He felt very much embarassed. How he was fooled so easily ! He felt sorry for himself. Chii ! What a fool he has been! He would finish the measuring and leave the place immediately he  thought. He hurriedly took his hands to the deity. By mistake his hand touched the shoulders. He could clearly feel the smooth and cool serpant now. He felt upwards and felt the matted hair with Ganga on it. Hurriedly he half opened his eyes only to see the naughty smile of Vittala. 'Hey here you are caught' was the expression in His face.  Narahari couldn't accept his defeat. Again with closed eyes he searched now purposefully. He wanted to know what has tricked him to believe it was Lord Siva.  Now we will leave him like that for sometime. Let the Lord play with him as He wishes. See you all at the next issue. Till then Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna!



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