Panduranga - 16

Thursday, October 17, 2013

       Radhekrishna!  Bhagavan takes over the responsibilities of those devotees who have offered their lives to Him. The little child who lies in bed near its parents has no worry about anything. It will ask his mother for water and call the father to take him to the toilet. The parents attend to its call without any hesitation. The child puts forward its demand without fear. Because it has full faith in its parents. The parents also oblige since they know it is fully dependent on them.  The same parents when the child has grown up and demands for water, the mother will ask him to go and take for himself.  If we surrender to the Lord like the child He will take care of our lives.
           Once some devotees of Lord Vital gathered together and were singing bhajans. It was late night. It was suggested that some sweet drink be made with jaggery (panakam) and offered to the bhakthas. One of them ran to a shop to buy the needed things. The shop keeper had put off the light and was on the process of closing the shop. The bhaktha requested him to give him the things. The shop keeper agreed and hurriedly gave the things the man demanded and closed the shop. The drink was prepared with jaggery, dried ginger etc. and distributed to the devotees. Whole night the bhajan was going on without any hindrance. They all sang with full devotion.
            It is only due to the Lord's grace that we are able to sing. But we  think that it is our inert talent in our. It is only the Lord who is making us sing and talk. Even a dumb one is able to make sounds, but cannot talk. Unless God gives us the power we cannot do anything. The bhakthas sang without any trace of ego and didn't even know the time was running. Well it dawned ! The shop keeper as usual went to open his shop uttering the Lord's name. He tried to arrange the things and suddenly his eyes fell on a box kept over the table. It contained rat poison. Wondering how he had left it there he suddenly remembered last night's incident. He was shocked to find that he has parcelled the poison instead of jaggery by mistake. Since it was dark inside and he had kept the two sacks side by side this mistake had happened. 
       He cried out 'Panduranga' loudly fearing he has done a grave mistake. His body was shivering. He has given poison to all the bhakthas who were singing the Lord's name ! What a great sin he has done! All of them would be dead by now. He has fallen into the hell for many births to come ! He collected himself and ran towards the house crying out Panduranga Panduranga! When he neared he could hear the bhajan still going on. He felt relieved. Oh by god's grace they have not used the thing he thought. Anyway he hurried inside the caught the man who had come last night. He asked him where he has the kept the things he bought last night. He innocently replied that they were used last night itself. They had made the drink, offered it to the Lord and have taken it.
       The shop keeper was stunt. He couldn't utter a word. How come they are all still alive even without a mark of illness! He stared at the deity of the Lord. Suddenly he noticed that the deity had turned blue in colour below the neck. He broke down and cried aloud. The devotees seeing his strange behaviour asked him what has gone wrong. Then he narrated everything and said the Lord had saved them all from the poison. The Lord had accepted even the poison he had offered ! All of them were speechless. They all did bhajans for their sake only. They sang bhajans to forget their problems, to purify themselves and to attain moksha. But the Lord has protected them in spite of that. So now thankfully they started singing bhajans again. 
       Put all your worries at His feet and sing His songs. His karunyam is seamless. You chant the nama while doing all your works. It is not necessary that you sit in a group and sing bhajans. It is not at all necessary that you should be able to sing. If you chant the Lord's name sitting alone in your home the Lord will listen to it with pleasure. You offer your mind and heart to Him. He needs only that. Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna!



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