Panduranga - 7

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sakkubai – 3

Paripalaya nah kripaalayethi asakruth jalpitham athma baandhavah
Murali mrudula svanaanthare vibhuh aakarnnayithaa kadaa nu?
       Radhekrishna! The above sloka is from Krishna Karnamritham by Sri Leela Suka.He cries out to the Lord, ‘hey the source of mercy! When you are playing sweet music in your flute (venu) how will you be able to hear our cries to save us from this samsara, world? We keep crying out again and again but can you hear our cries amidst the sweet music of your venu?’ The truth is the Lord is straining His ears to hear us calling out to Him even when He is engaged otherwise. We must have the full faith in Him to do that. Panduranga was listening to Sakkubai's calls with love!
         Sakkubai never doubted the Lord’s mercy. She believed the words of her guru and kept on chanting. She did all her work for her Panduranga only. She thought she was washing clothes for Panduranga. She cooked for her Vital only. She cleaned the house for her Panduranga’s comfort.  Her heart was fully dedicated to Panduranga only. People of the world could not understand her bhavam. Her in laws and husband started torturing her in many ways. But she never considered them as sufferings. She accepted everything as bhagavath prasadam only. So she was happy.
     One day when she was washing clothes in a pond she heard some people singing bhajans. She came up to the road and saw a group of  bhakthas with various musical instruments singing abhangs and moving forward very happily.  She was very much fascinated by their singing. She slowly approached one of them and enquired where they were going to.  The man replied that they are proceeding towards Pandarpur. She was thrilled to hear that. The desire to go to Pandarpur which she kept in her heart now jumped out. She became so excited and forgot everything. Till now she was enjoying her Vital in her heart. But now she wanted to see Him directly. She can even touch Him she thought.  “Can I also come with you?” she blurted out in excitement. The bhakthas saw her enthusiasm and eagerness. But since they thought she was a married woman they advised her to get permission from her husband.
         In the meantime some of her neighbours who did not like Sakkubai told her in laws that Sakkubai was flirting with some people on the way. The infuriated in laws received Sakkubai with harsh words mid way. Sakkubai was very happy to see her husband coming towards her and told him that some bhakthas are going to Pandarpur. She begged that they should also go with them. Her husband red with anger slapped her harshly.  By the unexpected reaction she fell down. She got up and again asked him whether they can also go with them. But the man had turned an animal and began to beat her in front of everybody.  The antharyami Lord in Sakkubai inspired her to ask him again. She felt she should go to Pandarpur now.  She again asked him to let her go at least for once. She wanted to see Panduranga once.
        Her husband got more irritated now. He pushed her down and began to draw her to their house. Her whole body was bruised. But she was adamant in her demand.  Her mother in law kept asking whether she had a secret lover in Pandarpur. Sakkubai shivered at her words. But some how she was obsessed with the idea of going to Pandarpur. All her in laws’ admonitions didn’t help at all. Whatever happened Sakkubai wanted Vital only! Her faith was so firm! At last her husband got tired and tied her to a pillar in the house. Sakkubai was hurt all over. They locked the room from outside. Sakkubai felt miserable. She was not bothered by the tortures to her body; her only concern was that the bhakthas might have left for Pandarpur without her. She wanted to go with them.  She prayed to her Vital whole heartedly. “Bhagavan! Are you not aware of my desire?  Is it wrong on my part to wish so? Don’t you think I too have the right to come and see you? I very much want to come and see you my Lord! I am not asking much. I am asking only to let me go to Pandarpur and see you. Can’t you do something? You are karuna sagara – ocean of mercy! Please hurry my Lord. Please I beg you to fulfill my life’s desire.” The Lord was moved by her sincere prayers.  The Lord never desserts His devotees.
           Suddenly a woman’s soft voice called out to Sakkubai 'why are you crying'? Startled she saw a woman standing by the window on the road looking at her. Sakkubai told her that she very much wanted to see Panduranga. Then the other woman asked her why she was kept tied to the pillar. Sakkubai replied that since she said she wanted to go to Pandarpur her husband has tied her up. The woman asked whether Sakkubai hasn’t seen Panduranga before. Sakkubai replied she has not. Then the woman said that it is a real loss that she hasn’t seen Panduranga. She started describing the Lord.  The elegant way He stands on the brick, His style of wearing the peethambara, the unique way of tilak on the forehead, long nose, lotus like eyes, coral lips all very enchanting, she said. Sakkubai’s desire flame was fanned by this woman. You must see Him at least once in your life said the woman. Hearing her Sakkubai broke down and cried. 'It is only asking for that I am suffering now' she said. What a loss for her! Such a beautiful chance slipped away from her! She couldn’t control her sorrow.
          The woman silently entered the room from the back door. She came to Sakkubai and dried her eyes. She tried to console her. Sakkubai told her that the only wish in her life cannot be fulfilled. For that the woman told her that to see Panduranga one can adopt any means. She can even cheat her family members! Surprised Sakkubai looked at her face. The woman now came near her and said both of them had strong resemblance. She would untie Sakkubai and help her get out of the back door to see Panduranga. Instead Sakkubai can tie the other woman in her place and slip away before anyone notices. If those people come, the woman herself will pretend to be Sakkubai till she comes back. Sakkubai couldn’t believe her ears and just kept staring at the woman’s face. The woman released her from rope and hurried her to do as she told. She repeatedly told Sakkubai that there was nothing wrong in that. Sakkubai somehow got convinced and did as she has told. She sent a thankful look at her and hurried out through the back door. She felt like a bird freed from its cage. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her in the direction of the devotees. Without long she could catch up with them. They were totally surprised at her appearance there. They happily took her in their group and they all proceeded towards Pandarpur loudly singing bhajans.
         You would be eager to know what happened to Sakkubai and the woman afterwards. We will be back with that in our next issue. Till then keep chanting the divine nama! Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna!    



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