Panduranga - 6

Monday, December 17, 2012

Sakkubai - 2

  Vyaamoha prasamaushadham muni mano vrithi pravruthyaushadham
Daithyendraarthi karaushadham thrijagatham sanjeevanaikaushadham
Bhakthaathyantha hithaushadham bhavabhaya pradhvamsanaika aushadham
Shreya praapthi karaushadham piba mana Sri Krishna divyaushadham!
       Radhekrishna! The great devotee Sri Kulasekhara Alwar in his Mukuntamala claims that the name of the Lord is a powerful medicine - aushadham! This medicine cures all sorts of diseases, like giving clarity to an enchanted mind, leading the minds of saints in the right path. It saves us from the troubles and difficulties caused by asuras. It  is the best medicine which revives the three worlds. This medicine is comforting for the bhakthas. This is the best remedy for worldly fears. It brings only good for mankind. So oh men! You please take the medicine of Sri Krishna nama! What more can anything else give than this? Great people have repeatedly highlighted the greatness of bhagavannama. We have to follow their advice and attain immortal happiness. 
       Such a valuable thing as nama is not easily attained. Only the merits of crores of births and the mercy of a sadguru will bring the nama to a person. Sadguru in his limitless mercy imparts the truth to a deserving disciple. Sakkubai was very fortunate to have met with a sadguru who gave her the precious mantra deeksha which is a remedy for all worldly and spiritual ailments. By the will of the Lord the little girl had full faith in what the mahan had told her. The mahan left her after giving her upadesa. From that moment the girl started chanting it with full faith. She never for a moment doubted the mahan's words.  As her mind was without any blemish it automatically caught on to the nama. Naturally she started enjoying the chanting.
        The gopis did chanting like that. They could never take Krishna off their mind. So chanting came to them spontaneously.  Even when they were doing their work like cleaning the house, churning the curd, cooking, bathing the babies, etc they chanted Krishna. They called out Govinda, Damodara, Madhava even when they went in the streets to sell butter and curd. Bhakthi should be like that. The mind must be attached to Krishna only and nothing else. By divine grace Sakkubai attained the same state of the gopis. She gradually lost interest in all other things. Most of the times she preferred to be aloof from others enjoying her chanting, meditating on the form of the Lord.
      Naturally the parents became worried as her devotion grew. Her devotion also developed in to madhurya bhavam or nayika bhavam. For her Vital became her lover, her everything. She kept this secret to herself. She envisioned Panduranga in various forms in her heart. As her love deepened it led to pangs of separation - viraha bhava! She flowered in to a beautiful damsel. 
       Now many marriage proposals came up for her hand. Many came to see her. But she looked lost somewhere in thoughts unmindful of the world around her. This made them hesitate to accept her. People talked that she was not normal. Nobody is normal in this world. Some are crazy about money, some for women, some for power etc etc. But the people think they are the only normal people. Sakkubai was crazy about her Lord. The parents became really worried now. Sakkubai was unmindful of everything.
          Can anybody change divine plans? We will have to accept whatever happens. Lord is only doing what is good for us! At last by divine will a boy came to see Sakkubai and was enchanted by her looks. The parents of the boy also liked her very much. So the marriage took place in her village. Sakkubai just accepted everything as Vital's wish and obeyed. She went to her husband's village with her in laws. For the first few days all was well. They all showed love to her and were very friendly. But as the days went on the mother in law noticed that Sakkubai had no interest in worldly gossips or such things. She did all her duties as the daughter in law of the house in a pleasant manner. But never indulged in wasteful talks with them. Even while doing her duties she kept quiet with her mind occupied with her Vital. 
      When her work was over she used to sit alone with closed eyes and do chanting. She was always happy with the thoughts of her Lord in her mind. She used to sing the Lord's glories while drawing water from the well or washing clothes. Sometimes she will laugh to herself thinking about Krishna's bala leelas while cleaning the vessels. Her mind was completely occupied with the Lord. This was very much misinterpreted by the family. Neighbours also talked ill of her. Her mother in law blamed that she was thinking of her paramour and has no interest in this family. Sakkubai did not mind their complaints at all. Her faith did not falter an inch. She did not try to prove herself. 
        Her patience only fired their hatred towards her. Her husband also started ill treating her. She considered everything as the leela of Vital only. Vital is playing with her in the form of her mother in law, father in law and husband, she thought. So she never felt sorry. She had heard about the stories of gopis. Whenever they get a new dress they would go to Krishna wearing it to ask about His opinion. Krishna would spray some mud over the dress and say now the design was good. The gopis enjoyed that too. Sakkubai was a gopi in the heart of her hearts. So she enjoyed whatever happened. Her family began to torture her now. What happened then? We will see in the next issue!
Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna!



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