Panduranga - 5

Saturday, November 17, 2012

     Radhekrishna! Sakkubai is a great devotee of Panduranga. She was a simple woman who did intense bhakthi while attending to her household chores sincerely. Stories like such bhaktha's are a real inspiration for us who are immersed in  worldly matters. The whole mankind is in search of endless bliss. To attain 'paramananda' all are running madly after everything in vain. Bhakthi is a sure way to attain that 'paramananda' or ultimate bliss! But we are totally ignorant of how we should be in devotion. Hearing stories of great bhakthas who have lived an ordinary life like us will show and inspire us in the path of devotion. 
      Once a mahathma was going with a thampura in his hand singing the glories of the Lord. So occupied was his mind in the Lord that he did not notice a small sand fort in his path. It was a river bed and children were playing there. A little girl had built a sand fort and the mahan stepped over it by mistake. Immediately the girl cried out angrily 'hey nana'! He stood in his tracks and came to his senses. He asked the girl why she called him. The girl angrily replied that he had stepped on her sand fort. Only then did he notice what he had done and apologised to her that he had done unknowingly. The girl replied that whether he did it knowingly or unknowingly he has spoiled her fort. 
       The mahan totally agreed that she was absolutely right and said he forgot himself and made the mistake. The girl asked what was that made him forget himself. He was fascinated by her timidness and replied that he was singing the glory of the Lord which made him forget everything. The girl's name was Sakkubai. Now she began to attack the mahan with her questions.
Sakkubai:- "oh! Will the singing of the glories of the Lord make us forget everything?'
Mahan:- "Yes! It will make us forget the world itself!"  
Sakkubai:- "But you must find some solution for the mistake    
                you have done" 
Mahan:- "Tell me what should I do?"
Sakkubai:- You give me the tambura you are holding in your hand. 
The Mahan laughed at that and asked her whether his tambura and her sand fort are equal things. She smartly replied that for her the sand fort was as important as the tambura for him. Enchanted by her smart answer the mahan handed the tambura over to her. She tried to play it but couldn't do it properly. The mahan asked her what she was doing with it. The girl replied that she was trying do what he was doing. He had told her that singing the names of the Lord will give immense happiness. The mahan seemed very happy and content. She wanted to experience the same happiness so was trying to imitate him. 
            Immensely pleased with her reply the mahan touched her head with his hands. The girl now asked him whether she can also attain the same happiness by chanting the Lord's name. The mahan was taken aback by her straight forward approach. He could see a great devotee in her. He wondered at the strange leela of Panduranga. Only the Lord had directed him to come that way to meet this child. He gave the Lord's nama as upadesa to the girl in her ears!
Sakkubai:- Nana! What will I get by chanting this nama?
Mahan:- My child! You will get everything in your life.
Sakkubai:- Nana! Where are you going now?
Mahan:-  Pandarpur! To see my Lord there. 
Sakkubai:- Oh! How does he look?
Mahan:- He stands on a brick keeping His hands on His hip for     balancing Himself. He wears a peetambaram on His hip. His feet and hands resemble the lotus. His anklets are very  attractive. He wears a tulasi garland on his wide chest. His smile is very enchanting. His eyes are long and wide like a lotus petal. He wears an unique gopi mark on His forehead. The golden crown shines over His head.
      From toe to top the mahan described the lord. The form entered the innocent girl's heart. He told her that if she chanted the nama continuously she can see the form directly. He asked her to be devoted to the Lord to enjoy unlimited happiness. Sakkubai asked him when she can see him again. He replied that when she really wants to see him he will come. She returned the tambura to him saying that since she can get anything now by chanting the nama she did not need the mahan's tambura. The mahan was taken aback by the simple faith of this little girl. He blessed her with all his heart and moved away. Keep chanting until we meet in the next issue to know what happened to Sakkubai. Radhekrishna!



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