Panduranga - 8

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sakkubai – 4

Leelaananambujam adheeram udeekshamaanam
Narmmani venu vivareshu nivesayantham
Dolayamana nayanam nayanabhiramam
Devam kada nu dayitam vyathilokayishye!
           The Lord’s face resembles the lotus which Lakshmi devi is holding playfully in her hand.  His eyes are active running around in all directions!  He blows many secret feelings through the holes of His flute. When will I be able to set my eyes on the sweet Lord who is a feast for my eyes? Sri Leela Suka blurts thus in Sri Krishna Karnamritham.
Sakkubai’s heart ached like that to see her Vital. She has heard that the Lord’s looks has the power to entice anybody. She desperately wanted to experience that. The woman who came to help her also was describing the Lord. She shattered all the restrictions from her mind and ran madly. Yes she was mad of Panduranga! Vitala! She was not bothered about her family people any more. Her only concern was to go to Pandarpur and enjoy her Vital! Luckily she got into a good company. It is very important that we should be in the proper company. Others in the group should also have the same attitude for the Lord. If we fall into the wrong group then we will be led away from the Lord and pushed in to worldliness.
         The mahathmas in the group were surprised to see her midway. They saw she was bruised all over her body. When they enquired she told everything that happened. Seeing her truthfulness they took pity on her. The mahathmas could guess that it was Lord Panduranga Himself who has come to relieve her. So they were only happy to take the staunch devotee in their group. All of them now proceeded towards Pandarpur singing bhajans.  From a distance Sakkubai saw Chandrabhaga river. When she was told it was Chandrabhaga she swooned and fell down.  Gaining consciousness she ran towards it. They all took a dip in the river. She felt very much excited. Is it not the same river where great bhakthas like Namadeva have bathed? The same water runs over it now!  Tears welled in her eyes. After finishing the bath she began to run towards the temple chanting ‘vital! vital!’ She became mad in devotion. She inched through the crowd forwards. From the distance she could see the divine form. She shuddered at the first sight. Her excitement grew.  She desperately wanted to touch the Lotus feet.  Viraham tortured her. She was impatiently waiting for her chance to go near Him. All the devas from heaven were watching eagerly at Sakkubai.
         At last she came near Him. Her breathing stopped for a few seconds. She forgot the world itself and was drinking the divine form with her eyes. She couldn’t take her eyes off the deity. All the people were wondering at her bhava. What a bhakthi? They thought.  With trembling hands she touched the cool feet of the Lord. She felt she was losing herself in an ocean of indescribable bliss. Time stood still for her. The Lord gave her His divine darsan. She could see the actual form before her smiling at her. She forgot who she was, where she was, she forgot her husband and family, she forgot she has left another woman in her place she forgot everything. She could only see the lotus feet, lotus hands, coral lips which sported a sweet smile, the long and beautiful nose, the lustrous golden crown etc.
      She cried out to the Lord, ‘hey Panduranga! What have I don’t for this favour? Your mercy is limitless. Have I done any bhakthi to attain this? Oh Lord! You have showered your karunyam on this mean janma too. How can I ever repay you?’
Slowly as somebody pushed her forward she came to her senses. She forgot her whole past. She was now only aware of her Lord. She decided to settle there doing service to her Lord. Sakkubai’s life changed totally. Daily she would do kainkaryams such as cleaning the temple, making garlands for the Lord washing His clothes etc. She was enjoying her present life like anything.  So far she was doing all services for others thinking of her Lord. But now she was doing all her work for Him only. Her happiness knew no bounds.
       Meanwhile in Sakkubai’s house the fake Sakkubai was standing tied to the pillar. Her husband came in after sometime and asked her whether she would behave herself hereafter. She meekly said yes. ‘Will you ever say you want to go to Pandarpur again?
‘No my lord! Why should I want to go to Pandarpur now?’ she replied. Since there was plenty or work pending in the house he untied her.  Panduranga who had come as the maya Sakkubai now gave a beautiful smile. For reasons unknown Sakkubai’s husband was captured by that smile.  The Lord who took the mohini avatara could enticed the devas as well as asuras. There is no wonder if a mean human being as Sakkubai’s husband was attracted by the maya Sakkubai. He felt some kindness towards his wife. The maya Sakkubai did all the chores in the house meticulously. Somehow the food she prepared tasted more delicious. Every work she did impressed them all. They did not want to scold her anymore. Even the mother in law started liking her very much.
        God’s mercy is limitless we have heard mahans say. Here in Sakkubai’s story it is proved beyond doubt. The Lord of the Universe stooped down to such a low level as to do menial service to Sakkubai’s family. Other than doing all the house hold chores, the maya Sakkubai pleased her husband in the bed too. She even took over the pain of Sakkubai’s monthly periods.  Is there anything to equal this mercy of the Lord?  He will go to any extent for the love of His bhakthas! The whole family was feeling a divine peace in their hearts. They could not but love this maya Sakkubai. There was gradual change in them. Life was going on like this.  What quality those people had to have Panduranga in their life like this? Their only quality was their connection with Sakkubai. Sathsangam brings jeevan mukthi. The chanting she had done in that house gave them all such a fortune! Sakkubai’s chanting made Him do all things!
         In Pandaripuram the real Sakkubai was immersed in the new bliss and was not aware of any of these changes happening in her house. She never even remembered them. Now mother Rukmini started worrying. What is this strange leela of the Lord? Has He forgotten who He was? He seemed to have forgotten everybody including Rukmini for the sake of His dear bhaktha Sakkubai!  This is how our bhakthi should be. We must do such chanting to tie the Lord with our devotion. Do chant and wait for the next issue. Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna!



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