Dwarakanatha -3

Friday, September 17, 2010

Dwarakanatha -3
      In the last issue we saw the different attributes of Dwaraka, and its origin, disappearance and rebirth. During the later years once upon a time the temple doors were closed and no pujas or oblations could be done for sometime. There was no way that the doors could be opened and pujas done. It was at the period of the great bhaktha Meera Matha. She left her palace and went to Brindavan and was living there happily. But rumours started that if Meera Matha would come then the doors of Dwarakanath could be opened. The rumour spread so wild and far that the people of Dwaraka utimately decided to approach her. They collectively went to Brindavan singing bhajans to meet Meera Matha. They met her and requested her to come and open the doors of their temple. Meera Matha refused saying that she had no such powers and also she had taken a vow to be only in Brindavan till her end. But the people insisted her saying even Radhika Rani had come to Dwaraka and at last she had to agree. Getting permission from her guru Raidasa she left for Dwaraka. All the people singing bhajans approached the temple entrance. Meera Matha with folded hands and closed eyes prayed to Dwarkanath that she was fed up with wordly life and that she wanted to mingle with Krishna. She cried out in the agony of viraham - seperation. Tears were rolling down her cheeks and she her pain expressed in bhajans which melt everyone's heart. "I have nobody else but you. Where else will I go" she sang. The; crowd sang with her full of emotions. They all cried out 'Giridhari Giridhari' along with Meera Matha. Their prayers pulled Dwarakanatha towards them. He couldn't hold on any longer and suddenly the doors burst open by themselves to the astonishment of everyone who had gathered there. If a temple is without any puja or prayers for some time the divinity of the deity will disappear gradually. But the deity of Dwarakanath even after being without any puja for a long time shined in full splendour hearing Meera Matha's bhajans. Bhagavan stretched His hands towards her and Meera rushed into his outstretched hands. Then she just disappeared. Ranchodji swallowed her as such. People were spell bound at the scene. Even today Meera matha's saannidhyam or presence is felt very much inthe temple. Those with the power of namajapam canfeel it. The place where Bhagavan had swallowed Meera Matha is known as Pet Dwaraka.
      Another devotee had great love for Dwarakanath. From his village he would go to Dwaraka whenever he got time. His name was Ramadasa. He was getting old but was immersed in Krishna bhakthi. One day he went to Dwaraka with his wife to have Ranchodji's darsan. Bhagavan smiled at him as if to say "Oh you have come at last. It is a long time since you came here. I was thinking of you only!" The devotee had darsan to his heart's fill. He was not sure whether he would be able to come back again. Anytime life would come to an end. Looking at Bhagavan his eyes filled with tears. His tears moved Dwarkanath. Bhagavan appeared before him and asked why he was crying. The old man told Him that he was afraid whether he would be able to have this darsan again in this life. Even if he was alive except his wife who too was old like him, his family people  would object to his coming here again. 
     Only those who help us to go near Bhagavan are the real relatives. But the world is  based on selfishness only. The old man told Bhagavan that he did not want to go back at all. He could not even think of not seeing Bhagavan again. Bhagavan laughed at him and said "Then take me with you". The old man was surprised at this. 
"Are you sure you want to come with me?" he asked.
Bhagavan replied "yes" and said without a bhaktha like him nothing  was there for Him. Ramadasa could not believe his ears. Bhagavan promised him that he would come with Ramadasa. The bewildered Ramadasa asked Bhagavan how he could carry the plump, well built Bhagavan to his village. He was old and frail. Bhagavan repllied that he had made ready a small cart for that pupose and that He would sit inside the cart. The old man and his wife could pull Him to their village. Ramadasa was delighted at this proposal. Radhekrishna! 



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