Dwarakanatha -2

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dwarakanatha 2
     Radhekrishna! In the last issue we saw that Bhagavan decided to move the people of Mathura to a safer place. The all powerful Bhagavan wanted to create a new country in the sea. On Bhagavan's request Samudraraja made space in the midst of the sea for a new country. He pleaded a boon from the Lord that once the Lord leaves the earth he would take back the country into the seas. He wanted to enjoy the place where Krishna lived for some time. Bhagavan agreed to his condition. Vishvakarma constructed a country in the most wonderful manner. There was no place to equal that. It was greater than Indra's Amaravathy.
     During that time Kalayavana who was a friend of Jarasandha chased Krishna. Krishna pretended to run away from him and entered a cave. The great king Muchukunta was lying there sleeping. Kalayavana mistook him for Krishna and kicked him unaware of the boon Muchukunda had got from the devas. He was instantly burnt down to ashes. Bhagavan then gave darsan to Muchukunda and blessed him. Jarasandha made another attempt again at Krishna. This time Krishna and Balaram left the battlefield mid way and disappeared. Jarasandha was searching for Krishna everywhere when Krishna along with his people entered Dwaraka, the place created by Krishna Himself! 
     This is supposed to be the door way - dwaar to Parabrahmam. It is called the golden city. All the devas offered whatever they could for this city. It shone like thousand suns. Andal in her Nachiyar Thirumozhi describes Dwaraka as a place sung in praise by the black birds in the woods. A holy place indeed with the presence of Lord Krishna! The Lord of Dwaraka is also known as Ranchodji - meaning one who ran way from the battle front!! The Lord of the Universe who is the assylum for everyone, ran away from the battle field and took assylum in Dwaraka. We can well imagine its greatness then !
     Dwaraka is a holy city where Krishna married His 16,108 queens. It was only after coming here that Rukmini sent message through a brahmin for Krishna, to take her away from her impending marriage with Sisupala. It was here that Bhagavan brought Rukmini and married her. Manmatha was reborn as Pradyumna in Dwaraka only. It was from here that Anirudha was taken away by Usha, Bana's daughter to release whom Bhagavaan had to fight with Bana.
     It was in Dwaraka that one day Bhagavan saw Sathrajith  wearing the Syamanthaka stone. The people of Dwarka thought it was Lord Surya who was coming to meet Krishna. Krishna explained to them it was not Lord Surya bu the Syamanthaka stone that Sathrajith had was emitting so much brightness. They were all astound at that.Bhagavan Krishna asked for the stone which Sathrajith refused. The stone caused Sathrajith the life of his brother. Later the blame was put over Bhagavan Krishna. In Brindavan Krishna was called a thief and He never contradicted it. But here in Dwaraka when he was blamed of stealing the stone from Sathrajith, He made every effort to prove that He was innocent. So again Bhagavan had to go in search of the truth and in the process married Jampavathi and Sathyabhama too. Bhagavan wanted to give Dwaraka the fame of His marriages. Lord Narada had a feeling that while his father Brahma had the fortune of seeing a number of Krishnas in Brindavan, he never had such a luck. It was as if to please him Bhagavan married the 16,108 queens in Dwaraka at the same time in 16,108 forms. 
     It was here that Narada could enjoy Bhagavan conducting His family life in various forms with his various consorts. At one house Krishna was taking oil bath, in another house he was seen doing sandhyavandhana -daily oblations. At one place He was playing games with Uddhava, in one hosue He was seen fighting with two boxers. He was taking care of cows insome place while was giving offerings to people in another house. Somewhere He was deep in thought and somewhere deeply engaged in marriage arrangements of  His children. Somewhere he was feeding brahmins with great respect and care. Somewhere He was doing jalakreeda with his queen, and somewhere He was discussing with the spies of His country. Saint Narada witnessed all these in Dwaraka only. 
     It was in Dwaraka that King Nriga got released from his form of chamillion due to a curse. It was in Dwaraka that Krishna feigned to quarrel with Rukmini and when she fell down in anguish and fear, took her in His lap with His four arms to console her. It was from Dwaraka that Lord Guruvayurappa and Udupi Krishna reached their places. Dwaraka is the base for many divine temples of India. It was in Dwaraka that Krishna's friend Kuchela was ushered into His bedroom and fully honoured by Him and His people. He forcibly took the rice flakes brought with great love and care by Kuchela
     Dwaraka had lofty buildings. It was from Dwaraka that Bhagavan took a brahmin along with Arjuna to Vaikunta for retrieving the brahmin's demised children. It was in Dwaraka that Radhika Rani came to Rukmini's palace one day. Rukmini ushered her inside and honoured her. Radhika and Rukmini kept talking for sometime and then Radhika left. When Krishna returned home at night with a shock Rlukmini noticed that His feet were full of blisters. Horrified at the sight Rukmini asked Bhagavan the reason for that. Bhagavan laughingly replied that it was because of Rukmini only He has burnt His feet. Surprised and pained at that Rukmini asked Krishna how she had burnt Him. Then Bhagavan said that Rukmini had offered hot boiling milk to Radhika Rani. Radhika immersed in her Krishna Prema did not at all notice that and accepted it. As Radhika has Bhagavan's Lotus feet in her heart always the hot milk she consumed burnt them. Hearing this Rukmini broke down and wondered at the bhakthi of Radhika Rani !!!! Radhekrishna!
      Here in Dwaraka Bhagavan played a divine drama to subdue the ego of Sudarsana the disk and his consorts using Anjaneya. For the great bhaktha's sake He assumed the form of Lord Rama too. It was in Dwaraka that Uddhava the great bhaktha surrendered himself to the Lord and got His divine messages exclusively. It is said that the population of Dwaraka was about 56 crores. Bhagavan came down  as Krishna in order to lessen the burden of Mother Earth. With that purpose He decided to destroy His lineage also without any partiality or prejudice. All of  them fought within themselves due to the curse of some sages and killed themselved by divine sankalpa. Just as Bhagavan shed His mortal form, the sea plunged Dwarka from all sides within minutes. It was Bhagavan's great grandson Vajranabha the only survivor of the lineage, who built the present temple on a raised sand dune. To this day Bhagavan's court, palaces, etc lie under the sea. Such a wonderful place is Dwaraka. The present temple is said to be around 200ft tall. Even this temple has been said to be rebuilt 7 times over the years. 
     Usually in almost all temples Bhagavan's deity stands with 4 arms,  holding Sudarsana  the disk, and Padma the lotus on the rightside.  He holds Panchajanyam, the conch and kaumodaki the gada on the left side. But here in Dwaraka it is exactly vice versa. Bhagavan holds the conch and gada on his right side arms and the lotus and the disk on the left side arms. Rukmini too has a seperate temple. Balarama, Pradyumna, Anirudha and Lord Shiva too have temples for them here. The flag on the dhvajasthambha is said to be 52ft long. It is said Dwaraka was divided into 52 divisions, entrusted with 52 ministers and  supervised by Lord Krishna. The flag is changed thrice a day in the temple. Flags are given as offerings by many people to Dwarakanath. Bhagavan is offered food for about 17 times a day. Starting from milk as the first offering in the morning it continues with varieties of sweets and dishess. Bhagavan's alankaram -decoration is also changed 17 times. Dwarka is indeed a very special holy place ! Though enemy countries such as Pakistan have tried to demolish the divine place many times, it has escaped the disasters. Even Tsunami could not do much damage to this temple. This is the greatness of this place. The people here believe that they are still ruled by Lord Krishna only. Radhekrishna!



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