Dwarakanatha - 1

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dwarakanatha - 1
'Amararay thirikindrarku aadi ser ananthapurathu
Amarar kon archikindru anku akappani seyvor vinnor
Namarkalo solla kelmin naamum poyi nanuka vendum
Kumaranar thathai thunpam thutaitha Govindanare!' 
     Radhekrishna! We will begin Dwarakanatha's attributes from  Ananthapathmanabha. According to swami Nammazhvar it is Govinda who is lying as Ananthapathmanabha in Thiruvananthapuram. He who saved Lord Shiva from his predicament raised the Govardhana mountain on his finger to save His people from a disaster. The same blemishless Govinda sees that nobody in this place has any complaint (kurai). This Govinda declared that under any circumstances it was His duty to protect His people who have surrendered unto Him.  If one surrenders completely to Pathmanabha saying 'I have none but you to protect me' He will definitely take their responsibility in His hands. We have to raise both our hands as Draupathy did and cry out 'Govinda! Pundareekaksha! Rakshamam saranaagatham!'  He saves all from the pangs of diseases, confusions in mind, scandals of the world, prarabdha karmas, and from all dwandwas or dualities of the world.      
     Just as we eagerly look at Him through the three doors, all the devas too are looking at Him with great devotion inside the sanctum, says swami Nammazhvar. They seem to say to us that we don't have to worship them serperately, and that if we worship Pathmanabha all the devas will  be pleased. Nammazhvar says Pathmanabha is their leader - 'Amararkon'. So it is better to worship Him. All the devas have gathered here to do service to Pathmanabha. At night when the temple is closed and nobody is around, the devas start their services - 'kainkaryam'. They discuss about the devotees who had visited Pathmanabha that day. They eagerly come out of the sanctum to see how it feels to look at Pathmanabha from outside through the three doors. They envy at us humans at our fortune! 
     The cats, rats, and cocroaches that run around the place are all some great sages - 'Rishis' who have come down in that form to enjoy Pathmanabha. There would be  Shri Sukabrahmarshi, or Ambarisha, or Dhruva or any other great bhaktha among them. Swami Nammazhvaar says we have more rights than those divine beings as Pathmanabha has come down to our place. 'So hey people of this world, go there, advises Nammazhvar. This Govinda once removed the suffering of Skanda's father Mahadeva when he was inflicted by an asura. The eighteen feet moorthy of Pathmanabha is an ocean of mercy only! The people of Thiruvananthapuram are indeed very fortunate! The great need is devotion or bhakthi for Him.
     The people of Mathura had such devotion for Bhagavan Krishna. They had heard about all the stories of asuras getting killed in Brindavan by a cute little blue boy. They had their mind filled with his leelas. They gossiped among themselves that the boy was none other than the son of Vasudeva that had come to kill Kamsa the evil asura. It was only because Nandagopa and Yasoda brought Him up He looked like a Yadava. So when Akroora brought Krishna from Brindavan, the people of Mathura were very happy. Krishna too behaved as if He was very familiar with the place. He went straight to the malakara's house and accepted his offerings. He blessed the hunch back Thrivakra by changing her into a beauty. He killed the big elephant Kuvalyapitam, the boxers Chanura, and Mushtika, broke the bow kept for worship byKamsa and ultimately killed him too. He fell at the feet of Vasudeva and Devaki as if He knew they were His parents. He made Ugrasena the king. In everyway He pleased the people of  Mathura
     After finishing His education at Sandeepani's gurukul, He was back in Mathura protecting the people. Only Jarasandha the father in law of Kamsa was very much angry with Krishna. He came with his 23 akshauhini sena or battallion to attack Krishna. Each and everytime he met with defeat at the hands of Krishna. But he was not prepared to accept the defeat and fought with Krishna for 17 times. Krishna killed all his battallion each time leaving him free to go to bring back more. It is said that the Mathura people were disturbed by the continuous wars. They prayed to the Lord to help them. So Bhagavan decided to shift the people of Mathura to a new safe place. Radhekrishna!



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