Sakshi Gopal -7

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sakshi Gopal

     In the last issue we saw that Bhagavan for the sake of his bhaktha left his abode in Brindavan and came to Vidyanagaram. Just to fulfill the promise made by His  bhaktha, Bhagavan in His deity form revealed the brahmin's promise to everybody. Now let us see what happened next.
     Everyone were astonished to see a deity open its mouth and speak. Brahmachari broke down at Bhagavan's mercy and began to cry. He said he did not want any marriage and that he only wanted to prove that Bhagavan is truth. He was happy now that Bhagavan has taken the pain of coming with him and at this moment he wanted to leave this life with Bhagavan's thoughts. The old brahmin realised his mistake and accepted before everyone that he had made the promise of giving his daughter in marriage to the brahmachari. Only because he was scared of his wife and son that he lied to everyone. The brahmin's wife and son too realised their mistakes and apologised with the brahmachari, the panchayath and Sakshi Gopalan. The people of Vidyanagaram also apologised with Kalyana brahmachari for being sarcastic and rude to him. Seeing all these brahmachari was melting at the mercy of Bhagavan. Malini was very happy that Bhagavan Himself has blessed her marriage.
     It was Kalyana brahmachari's bhakthi that brought Bhagavan Gopala from Brindavan to Vidyanagaram. One who was once an orphan became the pet of everyone in the town. Many people came forward to volunteer his marriage duties. Some offered to gift him clothes and other things for the marriage. One who is accepted by Bhagavan will be accepted by the whole world. The marriage was conducted in front of Sakshi Gopalan in the presence of everyone in the town. Bhagavan blessed the couple. Malini thanked Bhagavan for giving her such a pious and good husband. How many people have the luck of having Bhagavan at their marriage? How many people tend to invite Him for any functions in their family? If He is invited with love He will definitely be present at the occasion and bless us. Everyone who attended the marriage of Kalyana brahmachari could completely experience Bhagavan's presence there. Bhagavan pleased with His bhaktha's devotion decided to stay back there itself. He ordered Kalyana brahmachari to do the daily puja for Him. Malini and Kalyana brahmachari enjoyed endless happiness. All the people joined together and built a  beautiful temple for Sakshi Gopalan there. Radhekrishna!
     Bhagavan is an ocean of mercy.He will do anything for His bhakthas. We have to do our duties properly and think of Bhagavan always, rest Bhagavan will take care. Kalyana brahmachari's story is a proof of this. It is said in our sasthras that if a bhaktha is born in a family the lineage before and after his birth are benefitted. Mother earth also feels happy to bear a bhaktha. In the couse of time Sakshi Gopalan who came to Vidyanagaram left this town and went to Puri Jagannath for the sake of another bhaktha. He is still in Puri Jagannatha kshethra. The pilgrimage to Puri is complete only when this Sakshi Gopalan too is visited. Bhagavan got His name Sakshi Gopaloan as He stood witness to Kalyana brahmachari. He got the name Parthasarathy as He became Arjjuna's sarathi during the Kurukshethra war. In Tamil Nadu there is a place called Thiruvekka. There for the sake of a bhaktha called Kanikannan, Bhagavan left the place and stayed for a single night at a place called Orirukkai, meaning one night's stay. These stories of bhakthas show us the mercy of Bhagavan and the greatness of bhakthas. When this story was narrated to Sri Chaithanya Mahaprabhu by Sri Nithyananda, Sri Prabhu forgot himself and danced chanting 'Hare Rama hare Rama Rama Rama hare hare, hare Krishna hare Krishna Krishna Krishna hare  hare'!  Hey bhakthas! Bhagavatha bhoomi is a place for bhakthi. Bhakthi is common for everyone. Anyone can attain Bhagavan through bhakthi. Whoever realises the true meaning of bhakthi from this story of Sakshi Gopalan will attain all happiness in their life  by the mercy of Bhagavan. Radhekrishna!  Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna!



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