Sakshi Gopal -6

Monday, May 17, 2010

     Radhekrishna! In the last issue we read that Bhagavan agreed to come with Kalyana brahmachari to Vidyanagaram on one condition. Now we will see what happened after that. Bhagavan asked the brahmachari to proceed in front and that He would follow him. Brahmachari was surprised at this request of Bhagavan. That Bhagavan, behind whom the whole world is waiting to follow is ready to follow a bhaktha! It was really surprising for him. But he had no other option but to agree to Bhagavan's condition. The condition also insisted that at any cost brahmachari should not turn back to check whether Bhagavan is coming with him or not. Bhagavan also said that brahmachari can hear the tinkling of His anklets while he proceeded. Brahmachari agreed to this arrangement and proceeded. Who can relly understand the divine leelas of Bhagavan! Bhagavan gives ananda to those who obey Him completely. Brahmachari promosed he would not turn back and look. He felt guilty that he was making Bhagavan walk all the distance. At the same time he was overcome with emotions that Bhagavan agreed to oblige an ordinary devottee like him. The same Bhagavan who walked over the forests for 14 years as Rama and who walked over Brindavan grazing cows as Krishna was walking behind brahmachari. Brahmachari was hearing the sound of anklets as he walked.
      Bhagavan too was equally moved by this devottee's devotion. Isnt he like 'Akroora' who ushered Him to Mathura? Bhagavan playing His flute, with His anklets twinkiling the garland on His neck dancing, the peacock feather on his hear fluttering, walked like a bull, a lion or an elephant behind brahmachari. All the devas who were watching from heaven were surprised and debated among themselves whether it was Bhagavan's mercy or the devottee's bhakthi that was great. A great fortune for the brahmachari to be followede by Bhagavan for days together. If his marriage had been conducted without any hindrance he would not have had this fortune. So be happy when some problem or other rises in your life. It means another great fortune is waiting for you! Radhekrishna!
     Five year old Dhruva was denied the opportunity to sit on his father's lap. But that earned him Bhaavan's darsan ultimately. Only because Pandavas were denied theiru rightful country they had Bhagavan their side in Kurukshethra war. Because of that only Arjjuna had the fortune of hearing Bhagavath Geetha from the Lord.  Hiranyakashipu tortured his son Prahlada because he did Haribhakthi. But Prahlada had the fortune of having Bhagavan appear before him as Narasimha. Kalyana brahmachari had started realising the secrets of life now. He did not worry about his marriage or the insult he had to face anymore. Now his attention was completely turned towards the sound of anklets of Bhagavan. Radhekrishna!
     In the meantime in Brindavan the people were terribly upset because the deity in the temple was missing. Serious search was going on there to find out the deity. Now Bhagavan preferred to play with this bhaktha called brahmachari. Suddenly brahmachari felt that the playing of the flute and the tinkling of the anklets had stopped completely. Brahmachari got scared terribly. He didnt know what to do. He wanted to turn back and see what was happening behind his back. But did not have the courage to do so and continued walking further. They reached the outskirts of Vidyanagaram. From somewhere a doubt got into his mind that Bhagavan might have been lured away by somebody else mid way. What if he reached his place and Bhagavan were not there? Won't the people again laugh at him? He was confused now. He did not hve the courage too to look back. But the confusion going in his mind at last provoked him to turn back and look. He saw Bhagavan walking behind him quietly. As soon as he turned, Bhagavan stood mid tracks and laughed aloud. "So this is all the faith you have on me" asked Bhagavan.
     Brahmachari was ashamed of himself for doubting Bhagavan. Bhagavan told him that as he had breached the promise, he should bring everybody to His place now. He will stand as a witness from this place only. That instant brahmachari knew that this was all His divine sankalpa only. He immediately went inside the town and called everyone. They asked him sarcastically whether he had brought his witness. He replied with tears in his eyes that his winess was standing outside the town. Most of them could not believe his words. Some who knew understood his bhakthi were happy that he was at last successful in bringing Bhagavan. Anyway everyone followed brahmachari to see for themselves. They were all totally taken off by what they saw. Some non believers began to blame brahmachari that he had stolen some deity from somewhere and brought it here. 
     The panchayath asked the old brahmin whether it was the same deity in front of whom he had made the promise. The old man  scared as immediately told the truth. Now that the witness had come everybody expected the witness to tell the truth. While brahmachari saw bhagavan all others could see only a deity. Brahmachari now requested Bhagavan to tell the truth from his own mouth. Bhagavan opened his lotus lips and told that the old brahmin made the promise of giving his daughter in marriage to the brahmachari with Him as a witness. That Bhagavan who ignored the promise not to take any weapon in the Kurukshethra war to take His weapon for the sake of his great bhaktha Bhishma, now had come here leaving his abode in Brindavan for the sake of brahmachari.
  "Parithranaya sadhunam vinashaya cha dushkritham
    Dharma samsthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge"
 Krishna says that I take birth in all yugas to save my sadhu bhakthas. We must realise Bhagavan's great mercy from many bhaktha charithras. Let us see what happened later in our next issue. ?Till then Radhekrishna!



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