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Saturday, April 17, 2010

                Radhekrishna! Kalyana brahmachari was overwhelmed by Bhagavan's leela. Once he wanted to visit Brindavan atleast once in his life and now Bhagavan has forced him to come again there. But for the situation he was in  he would not have thought of visiting Brindavan again. He was doing namajapam with full faith and reached Brindavan. He went straight to the temple and stood before the deity. He narrated all that happened at his town to Bhagavan and asked him to accompany him. The temple pujari also noted this and laughed at his innocence. For him he sounded as a lunatic. Kulasekhara Alwar in his Perumal Thiurmozhi says:-
Peyare enakku yaavarum, yaanum oar peyane 
evarkkum ithu pesi en 
Aayane arangaa endru azhaikindren peyaayozhinthen empiraanukke" 
'I am a lunatic for others and as far as I am cocerned all others are lunatics only, mad after worldly things. I would better be Krishna crazy than otherwise.' Bhakthas dont care what others think about them. Kalyana brahmachari was also in the same state. He stood in front of the deity and kept calling 'Gopala! Gopala! Come!' But for Gopala nobody else could understand him. At night the temple was locked and everybody left. It is said that the temple closes to give rest to Bhagavan. But brahmachari knew athat Bhagavan has no rest and he takes care of everyone even when they sleep. He chat in front of the tempe and kept crying for Bhagavan. Bhagavan had no other choice  but appear before him. We should have such a determination in bhakthi. But the pity is we have great determination in every other thing in this world than bhakthi. We have great determination to become a doctor, to attian riches etc. Radhekrishna! Kalyana brahmachari forced Bhagavan to appear before him. The doors of the sanctum opened at last and Bhagavan gavae his real darsan to brahmachari. Brahmachari drank the beauty with his two eyes and was very happy. He forgot everything and lost himself completely in Bhagavan's beauty. How can anybody put in words athe divine beauty of Krishna? From tow to top and from top to toe he was enjoying again and again. Radhekrishna!
     Bhagavan asked him what the matter was. He was immensely happy to hear Bhagavan's sweet voice. Recovering himself he told Bhagavan everything that  happened and asked Gopala if he remembered the brahmin's promise. Bhagavan agreed that he remembered his promise. Brahmachari requested him to come with him to Vidyanagaram as his witness. Bhagavan smiled beautifully and asked the brahmachari whether such things are possible in this world. Brahmachari replied that there is nothing that Bhagavan cannot do. Bhagavan then replied that he would invisibly come to Vidyanagaram and hep him. Brahmachari refused that and forced Bhagavan to come with him in His form. Bhagavan again asked him whether a deity can do all these. Brahmachari cleverly replied that whether a deity or not He is Bhagavan and so all powerful. Hearing his reply Bhagavan was very much impressed and agreed to start with him to Vidyanagaram on one condition. Radhekrishna! 
Want to know what Bhagavan said? Do visit this blog next month same date. Radhekrishna! Until then keep chanting like brahmachari. Radhekrishna!


gaurav said...

OmRadheKrishnayaNamah,I pay my sincere obeseinces unto the feet of veedhasaaram ,plzz accept my request and complete this beautiful and inspiring story now.You know One guruji told me to remember that the day people start calling you mad will be the start of your spitual journey or path of bhakti,I wish to get more and more mad for Radhekrishna .....


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