Dwarakanatha - 4

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dwarakanatha - 4
     Radhekrishna! Bhagavan's mercy is limitless. Nobody can predict to what depth it can go. For the sake of a true bhaktha like the old man Ramadasa, Bhagavan was prepared to leave even Dwaraka and go with him. Hearing Bhagavan's  instructions the old man was very happy. He hurriedly called his wife and asked her to pull with him the cart containing Bhagavan before anybody noticed. She didn't understand a thing. Bhagavan sat inside the cart and the couple began to pull the cart. This is the secret of life! Bhagavan should be made to sit in the cart called life and the couple should jointly pull Bhagavan. This is the great difference between the animal life and human life. Animals live for the sake of their body only. Humans must live for the sake of Bhagavan only.
      This blessed couple began to pull Bhagavan jointly. After sometime they became tired. They were old and not very healthy as to pull the weight of akhilanta koti brahmaanda naayakan!   They felt so sleepy that they didn't know that they had stopped the cart. Both of them sat there and slipped into a mild slumber. After some time they woke up with a start and saw the cart was moving. They were surprised to find themselves inside the cart and Bhagavan was pulling them with His four arms. The same Bhagavan who helped the devas and asuras during the churning of the ocean of milk. by holding the mountain- manthara parvatham with his four arms was pulling couple in the cart. The secret is once we start pulling Bhagavan in our life then He will take over and pull our life smoothly. The couple were bewildered to the core.  This is the greatness and kaarunyam of Bhagavan!
      Ramadasa cried out in agony in seeing the plight of Bhagavan. He couldn't stand the sight of Bhagavan bearing their weight. Bhagavan obliged and again sat inside the cart and the couple began to pull Him now with new energy. Meanwhile it was morning and the temple of Dwarakanath was opened for morning puja. The people were shocked to see the absence of Bhagavan's deity inside the sanctum. They began to search for Him everywhere. Their sorrow knew no bounds. Then somebody said that Dwaraka Ramadasa was seen sitting in front of the sanctum at  night crying. Then the people putting one and one together came to a conclusion that he would have stolen Bhagavan. So all of them started to catch Ramadasa red handed. 
     They ran and reached him. Seeing them approaching Ramadasa was bewildered and asked Bhagavan to hide Himself into a well on the road side. Bhagavan did so and prompted Ramadasa to lie to the people of Dwaraka. The people of Dwaraka reached and questioned Ramadasa again and again about the deity. Bhagavan was prompting him from inside to say 'I don't know! I don't know!' The old devotee was repeating what Bhagavan was telling him. But as he was not used to lying he kept glancing at the well again and again. Now the people began to get their own doubts and somebody peeped inside the well to find the deity inside it. For them it was the deity of Ranchodji. But for the old couple it was Bhagavan Himself. They took out the deity and the old man cried in pain. It pained him to know that they would take away Bhagavan from him.  
      Bhagavan consoled him and asked him to tell the people that he was prepared to give gold to equal the weight of Bhagavan. Then he can take the deity with him. The poor man was in a fix now. He was very poor. How can he promise gold equal to the weight of Bhagavan the Lord of the Universe? He looked at Bhagavan questioningly. Bhagavan assured him not to worry and carry on with his promise. So he requested the people to come to a compromise. He made the promise of giving gold to equal the weight of Bhagavan to get the deity for himself. The pujari and the other devotees laughed at him. Even the temple authorities were finding  it a great task to decorate Him with enough gold jewels. How can this poor old man give gold equal to the weight of Bhagavan? They sarcastically agreed to the condition thinking that the old man can never keep his promise. Was he able to fulfill his promise? Or was he punished by the authorities for stealing the deity? Keep chanting till the next issue to know that. Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna! 



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