Panduranga -12

Monday, June 17, 2013

Kooba kumbhar 3
Mauli chandraka bhooshanaa marakatha 
Sthambhaapiraamam vapum
Vakthram chithravimugdha haasa madhuram
Baale vilole driso
Vaacha shaishava sheethalaa madagaja 
Shlaaghyaa vilaasasthithir
Mandam mandamaye! ka esha
Madhuraaveethimitho gaahathe. 
         Akroora brings Lord Krishna from Brindavan to Mathura. People hearing about His arrival gather to have a look at Him. A girl asks her friend who this might be. 'Hey friend, look! His  hair is decorated with peacock feathers. His body looks like an emerald pillar. His face is sweet with attractive smile. His eyes keep moving about. He walks like a wild elephant. He moves slowly along the streets of Mathura. My sakhi, can you tell me who this might be?' Sri Leela suka depicts this scene vividly in his Krishna karnamritam. 
         Radhekrishna! In the last issue we saw that Kooba kumbhar was caved in the well he was digging. His wife never lost her faith in the Lord and waited patiently with the full hope that her husband was still alive inside the mud. Everybody tried to advise her that she should be brave to accept the loss of her husband. But she didnt believe them. Days were rolling on. Nothing happened. The shop owner daily started singing bhajans near the well taking it to be the samadhi of a divine bhaktha. There was water coming out of a corner of the well. People considered it as divine. Kooba kumbhar's wife pulled on her life making pots as much as she could and waited for her husband's return. 
          One day a bhajan group was passing by the village. They decided to take a break and so stayed back. During night the members could clearly hear somebody singing bhajans. They followed the sound and found it was coming from the well. They were very much surprised to hear the sound. Next day they reported the matter to the king.The king also came there and ordered men to get down and check. They checked around very carefully. By leaning their ears to the earth they also could hear the sound of somebody singing 'Vittala, Vittala'. They removed some mud from that surface and found a passage leading inwards. Now the sound of the singing was clearer. They followed the sound and found Kooba kumbhar sitting inside a cave like space singing bhajans with closed eyes. He was totally unscathed. Nobody could believe his eyes. He was still alive even after so many days. 
        Kooba kumbhar was carefully brought out of the cave. The village rejoiced at his come back. His wife was very happy that Panduranga has succeeded. She never claimed her devotion or faith brought her husband back. It was the Lord who ultimately won! Everybody asked him how he survived under the soil. He replied that he didnt know anything except that the earth fell over him. He remembered crying out 'Panduranga'. He woke up now only when these people came he said. Everybody praised him but he never paid any attention to that. The shop keeper apologised to him for making him dig the well. Kooba kumbhar said he was not at all sorry for what had happened. He was only happy that he could be of use to him.
       Kooba kumbhar and his wife spent the rest of their life more devoted to Panduranga and ultimately attained His abode. Devotion can make anything happen. Absolute faith in the almighty compels the Lord to take care of His devotees! Surrender to the Lord without any expectations. Enjoy His blessings. Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna!



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