Panduranga - 11

Friday, May 17, 2013

Kooba kumbhar 2
     Kimiva srunuma kasya brooma katham krithamaasaya
Kathayatha kathaam dhanya manyaamahe hridayesah
Madhura madhura smeraakaare mano nayanotsave
Kripana kripana krishne thrishnaa chiram batha lambathe.

       Sri Leela Suka asks in his Krishna Karnamritham that what else is there in the world to do, but enjoy Krishna. What is there to hear? What is there to talk? What is there to do? The Lord resides in our heart. So instead of talking about useless worldly things talk about the leelas of Krishna which will increase the devotion in your heart. He is sweeter than sweetness. His form is pleasing for the eyes. I am so fascinated by Him like the attachment of a miser to his wealth.
      Radhekrishna! Kooba Kumbhar was very much happy to do the service devotees. The devotees were very pleased with his sincerity and devotion. They wondered how he could manage food for so much people. Kooba Kumbhar humbly replied that everything was managed by Panduranga Himself. This is the truth. But people seldom realise it. Usually we tend to say that  we approached this person, convinced him to agree to help etc etc. But who are we to convince? Isn't it the Lord who as antharyami makes us do everything? We conveniently forget that part and claim the credit of everything. Once a neighbour of a mahan kept complaining about a tree which curved into his compound. The mahan daily used to chant Vishnusahasranama and pray to the tree to curve to his side since it was disturbing his neighbour. In course of time the tree slowly reversed its course of growth. It is the Lord as antharyami in the tree who has done it. We must realise the truth. 
         Kooba Kumbhar had staunch faith and believed it was the Lord who has arranged everything. Kooba Kumbhar's wife was very much pleased when she heard how everything was arranged. She too was happy with the Lord's decision. He has given them an opportunity to serve the bhakthas as well as the shop keeper. She considered everything as Vittal's blessing. She was confident that they can finish the work since namajapam was with them. They never thought that they did things. Both of them started digging the well after the bhakthas left. 
         Both of them chanted Panduranga while working. Kooba Kumbhar was digging and his wife kept removing the sand. They didnt even feel tired as they were very much enjoying the chanting. By evening surprisingly they had reached a long depth. Suddenly Kooba Kumbhar felt a rock and broke it. Water gushed out from under. They were very happy and cried out Panduranga! Panduranga! We might wonder whether it is possible at all. But with the Lord's grace anything is possible. Kooba Kumbhar realised the Lord's grace and told his wife that their service to the Panduranga bhakthas has earned them this grace. Both of them danced with happiness. 
       Suddenly the earth from one side began to slide in and fall on Kooba Kumbhar. As people were watching from outside Kooba Kumbhar was completely caved inside the earth. All of them were shocked. Kooba Kumbhar's wife cried out Panduranga! Immediately rescue operation was started by people. But how much ever they dug they couldn't find out Kooba Kumbhar inside. Kooba Kumbhar's wife didnt lose her faith. She said he was definitely inside somewhere and would come out. They searched in the mud for a long time and lost hope. They tried to convince her that everything was over and there is nothing more to be done now. The shop keeper was very much sorry for the accident. He felt guilty that it was because of him it had happened.
           Kooba Kumbhar's wife was hopeful and waited for her husband chanting. The devas didn't know that the Lord would come as a fish, tortoise?  Hirnayakasipu never dreamt that the Lord would appear as Narasimha from a pillar. Nobody imagined that the Lord would do so much leelas in Krishnavatara. Our imaginations, and expectations are limited. But the Lord is beyond and above our intelligence. He is sarveswara! She was fully aware of the Lord's power and patiently waited doing namajapam. Let us also wait till next month doing namajapam like her. Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna!



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