Panduranga - 20

Monday, February 17, 2014

Thukkaram - 4
      Radhekrishna! The Lord has created the universe with the help of 'pancha bhuthas'! The wise men see the world as the Lord's expression only. They can see the Lord in everything and everywhere! Hearing about these great people can inculcate bhakthi in our mind. 
      Thukkaram was such a great bhaktha. His elder brother was Savaji and younger brother was Kannaiya! They represented the thrimoorthies ! His father Bholoba was running the family business. When he felt he was old enough to retire he entrusted his business to his elder son. But he refused to accept it as his mind was interested only in the Lord. As he was the 'amsa' of Lord Sankara he was firm in his decision. 
         Thukkaram was now entrusted with the business. Bholoba taught him the intricacies of business which he learnt soon. Business was doing well. Bholoba was relaxed and retired from work. Bholoba married his three sons off. Thukkaram's wife was not healthy and suffered from asthma. Thukkaram showed care and affection to her. His parents felt sorry for him and found another suitable girl for her. His second wife was Jijayi alias Avali. His responsibility increased as the family was expanding. He was the only earning member who had to take care of all the members!
               One by one his parents attained the Lord's feet. His elder brother's wife left this world. Savaji had nothing to hold him back now. He left the home in search of ananda. His younger brother also left him. Thukkaram was alone running the house. All of a sudden the business got some setback. There was loss over loss. Whatever he did failed. Jijayi tortured him with harsh words. He silently bore that. People also began to criticise him. Some people said he was useless. Some were of the opinion that he was naive and can be easily taken for a ride. Some said he was not fit to do business at all. Thukkaram surrendered to the Lord and considered everything as His 'leela'.
             His faith led him forward. We have to be always positive. Have the firm faith that whatever God does is for good only. He knows everything. Never try to condense His grace into our limited perception. Thukkaram considered Jijayi's abuses as his 'prarabdham' and so was happy that his prarabdham was being spent that way! The Lord's calculation can never go wrong! He kept chanting Vital Vital more fervently now!
       Once Thukkaram along with some of his friends with the purpose of doing some grain business went out of the village. They had to pass through a dense forest. It was raining heavily. The forest was full of wild beasts. Since he was immersed in chanting often he did not notice that his friends had all gone and he was now alone. When he came to his senses he was not scared  But complained to Vital how he was going to make it. One of his bullocks was dead. The single one fell down and the grain bag fell into a pit from the  cart. He could not pull the bag out single handedly. He cried out 'Oh Vitala! Please come and help me. How can I carry the weight of the grain all alone. I have nobody else but you! Hey 'anaatha naatha deena bandho' hurry to your bhaktha's call !'
        What happened then, we will see in the next issue. Till then keep chanting like Thukkaram. Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna!



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