Panduranga - 18

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Thukkaram 2.

            Radhekrishna! In the last episode we saw that Viswambharar an ordinary business man of Dehu becoming a great devotee of Panduranga. He became so immersed in devotion that he felt it was impossible for him to be separated from his Lord. His heart melted with the grief of viraha. Bhagavan could not stand the suffering of His bhaktha. He appeared in the dream of His bhaktha and promised to stay with him forever. In the dream Viswambharar saw Vittal running towards a dense wood on the outskirts of Dehu and suddenly disappear. Viswambharar woke up excited and called everyone for searching the Lord. At last they found a heap of tulasi leaves on the ground. He believed that the Lord must be there only and so instructed to unearth that place. Then a voice was heard from the heavens - "  The Lord standing on the brick has come here attracted by the devotion of Viswambharar. Gently remove the sand with hands.Then you can see!"
        Viswambharar chanting "Vittal Vittal" gently started removing the sand with his hands. Suddenly his hand felt something hard. When he removed more sand he could see the crown of the Lord. He was over joyed and began to unearth excitedly. Slowly the forehead, the eyes, the nose the lotus lips came out in the order. On further search he could feel Rukumayi devi also standing near the Lord. The crowd became very excited and all began to chant "Panduranga Panduranga" with full devotion. Finally the deities came out. Immediately somebody brought some water milk, flowers etc. Abhisheka was done to the deities there and flowers offered. The people of Dehu were so happy to see the Lord has come to their place along with his consort. A temple was built in that place and the deities consecrated there. Even today we can see the Lord in the temple in Dehu on the banks of Indrayani river. 
      Viswambharar became more more devoted to the Lord because of him simplicity. His wife Amabhai and children Hari and Mukund were also very much devoted to the Lord. Viswambharar's mother was happy seeing this and prayed to the Lord to take her back. Her purpose was fulfilled. It is the duty of every mother to see that her children are devoted to the Lord. When that was fulfilled she decided to go back. The Lord very much pleased with her prayers merged her in Him. Viswambharar offered all the karmas he did to the Lord. Whatever we do must be to please the Lord only. Then our karmas reach the Lord directly. When the doership is not there then the results also do not affect us in anyway!
        Viswambharar led a life of a karmayogi. The Lord appeared before him and asked what he wanted. Viswambharar smiled, what more did he need. He had the Lord at his beck and call in his village itself. Still when the Lord insisted he said he would like to have a great devotee in his clan who could purify the world with his devotion. He will be remembered for generations to come. Hearing this Panduranga was more pleased with his demand. He did not ask for any wealth or riches. He has asked for a pure devotee! Immediately the Lord gave him the boon that a great devotee would be born in the family who would benefit 21 generations above and below! Viswambharar was over joyed at this. 
         Life was going on well like that. Viswambharar felt he had enough of this life and wanted to reach the Lord. With prayers he attained the lotus feet of the Lord. Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna! 




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