Dwarakanatha - 6

Friday, December 17, 2010

Dwarakanatha - 6
     Once some of the residents of Dwaraka became proud with ego. Sudarsana azhvar had the ego that he was the foremost among the attendants of Krishna. Garudazhvar thought that there was no one to equal his speed and power to carry Bhagavan wherever He goes.  The 16108 consorts of Bhagavan developed the feeling that Bhagavan liked them most. Bhagavan can never stand ego of any sort. He decided to subdue their pride. He decided to use Anjaneya the great bhaktha
      As antharyami He induced Anjaneya   to come to Dwaraka. Anjaneya entered a park in Dwaraka and began to destroy it. The security people came running and reported about a strange monkey which they couldn't control. Bhagavan first sent Sudarsana azhvar  to take care of the monkey.  Sudarsana felt very proud that Bhagavan knew his powers and dedication and so has selected him for this kainkaryam. He kept circling around Anjaneya for some time to scare him. Anjaneya noticed this strange thing whirling around him with a whistling noise. Disturbed, he caught it in his hand and kept it under his armpit. Bhagavan waited for some time but Sudarsana did not turn up. 
      The all pervading Bhagavan knew what had happened and now called Garuda towards Him. Garuda was happy that Bhagavan had some kainkaryam for him.Bhagavan told Garuda that a strange monkey had entered Dwaraka and was destroying a garden there. He instructed Garuda to tell the monkey that the King of Dwaraka was calling him. Garuda wondered why Bhagavan was sending him for such a trivial service. Anyway he went and called Anjaneya - "hey monkey! Our Lord of Dwaraka, SriKrishna  has sent for you." 
Surprised, Anjaneya retorted - "And who are you, a bird to call me like this?"
Garuda, irritated said "I am the topmost among the attendants of Bhagavan SriKrishna. People call me Periya thiruvadi."
Anjaneya:- Oh is it so? Well I am not concerned with that.
Garuda:- My swamy wants you to meet him immediately. 
Anjaneya:- Who is your swamy?
Garuda:- Sri Krishna, the Lord of Dwaraka.
Anjaneya:- Well I don't know him.
Garuda:- What? Haven't you heard about my swamy Sri Krishna 
               who killed Kamsa?
Anjaneya:- No
Garuda:-  Haven't you heard about the cowherd boy of Brindavan 
                  who lifted the Govardhana mountain with one finger?
        Anjaneya who himself had lifted heavy mountains looked 
                sarcastically as if what is so great in it and said "No".
Garuda:-  Haven't you heard about the lover or Radhika Rani?
  Anjaneya unconcerned said "No".
 Garuda:_ Don't you know about Brindavan?
Anjaneya:-  No.
Garuda:- Then what else do you know?
Anjaneya:- I know about Ayodhya, Rama, Sita matha, Lakshmana, 
                   Bharatha, Dasaratha, etc.
       Garuda could not force him further. Thoroughly defeated he came back to Bhagavan and told Him that he could not bring the monkey here. The monkey was a devotee of Rama and refused to come here he said. Then Bhagavan instructed him to go again there and tell the monkey that Rama calls him. Garuda felt humiliated when he was asked to go again. His ego got a big blow.  
      Second time he approached Anjaneya with more respect. He told him that Bhagavan Rama calls him. Anjaneya also showed respect now and said he would come immediately. Garuda thought that as Anjaneya was a monkey it would take much time for him to reach the palace and so asked him to hurry up. Anjaneya laughed at him and told him that he would go and meet Bhagavan. He asked Garuda to proceed. 
      Meanwhile Bhagavan was excited in the palace awaiting Anjaneya. Seeing His excitement everyone became inquisitive. Bhagavan replied them that His great bhaktha Anjaneya was coming and He was preparing to meet him. So Bhagavan now turned Himself into Rama and said that some one should come as Sita to meet Anjaneya. Bhagavan's queens hurriedly dressed up themselves as Sita and came.  Bhagavan could not find any one to equal Sita, who was without an iota of ego in her. She  had only Rama dhyanam in her. But all his queens thought they could become Sita and their ego defeated them. If they had prayed to Bhagavan for His grace to turn themselves in to Sita then they would have definitely become Sitas. Anjaneya came inside shouting Jai Sitaram! He prostrated before Bhagavan and stared at Sathyabhama who was sitting near him. 
 "Rama! who is this> Is this your maid servant? Why are you sitting near her? Swamy! where is my Sita matha?" asked Anjaneya.
Sathyabhama was thoroughly shattered to hear this. She was under the impression that she was the most suitable wife of Krishna and the blow she got was very heavy. Meanwhile the real Sita entered from somewhere. Anjaneya prostrated her happily. 
      Bhagavan enquired Anjaneya what he was holding under his arm. Anjaneya replied that it was nothing but a disc (chakram) - a play thing of kids which was whirling around him making noise and so he had kept it under his arm. Sudarsana felt blasted. He thought himself to be the topmost of attendants while Anjaneya degraded him to a child's play thing. When Bhagavan requested Anjaneya to give Him the disc Anjaneya released Sudarsana and handed over him to Bhagavan.
     Anjaneya now turned towards Sita matha. 
"Sita matha!  Please take care of our Swamy. Beware of these maid attendants. They take too much freedom with our Swamy which does not suit Him." After taking leave from Rama and Sita Anjaneya left. 
      Great men say it was none other than Radhika Rani who came as Sita matha because she never had any wish of her own. She always changed herself according to Bhagavan's wish. Great is Radhika Rani's selfless devotion!
     By this time Garuda reached the palace. He prostrated before Sri Krishna and informed Him that the monkey at last has agreed to come there and would be reaching there in a short while. Everyone laughed at him Garuda looked puzzled. Bhagavan smiled at Garuda and told him that Anjaneya had already come and left before Garuda could reach the palace. Garuda could not believe his ears. So far he was under the impression that there was no one to equal him in speed whenever Bhagavan wanted to go somewhere.  His ego was subdued then and there. Thus Bhagavan played this wonderful leela by changing Dwaraka into Ayodhya for a few minutes for the sake of the bhaktha Anjaneya and also for destroying the ego in His people. This Dwaraka is now called Pett Dwaraka .  Still more to hear about Dwarakanatha!! Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna!



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