Panduranga - 27

Friday, October 17, 2014

Thukkaram - 11
      Radhekrishna! The Lord says in the Bhagavath gita that one who does not desire anything, hate anything, worried about anything, who has sacrificed good and evil things, is dearer to me. That bhaktha has no differentiation. He has no sorrow. He wants to live his life only according to the wishes of the Lord. Thukkaram was like that. Always immersed in the thoughts of the Lord. He never had the thought that the Lord ignored him. He always knew that Panduranga does some leela since He takes liberties with Thukkaram. 
       Now Thukkaram again settled back in his life doing namajapam, spending most of his time in the Bhandara hills. One day when he was circumbulating the temple he noticed that it was damaged here and there. He felt very sorry. The Lord who is taking care to keep us all perfect is living in a damaged temple! He couldn't bear that. He decided to do whatever he could for the temple. He got permission from the Lord though he had no money with him at all. Daily he would go around, collect sand, bricks, etc from wherever he got and keep it at the temple. He never depended on anybody else for this kainkaryam of repairing the temple. Lord Vittal was moved by his devotion. 
          He gave darsan to the chief of the village and asked him to restore His temple.  Next day he called the people and told them about his dream. When they visited the temple they found Thukkaram silently doing the repair works little by little. They were inspired by his determination. So it was decided to sell the corns kept in stock for Thukkaram and collect the necessary money. With the money collected from the corns the work was done. But for consecrating the temple they lacked money. Thukkaram was very happy that the temple work was finished. But was sorry there was not enough money for the consecrating function. He prayed to the Lord.
     The Lord again came in the dream of the village chieftain. He said they have all cheated Thukkaram. The man wondered. He said he had taken the corns kept for Thukkaram for the reconstruction of the temple with his consent only. The Lord replied, that those extra corns were given by the Lord for Thukkaram. But for the efforts taken by Thukkaram by singing and chanting to ward off the birds was not rewarded. That man has not paid the salary Thukkaram deserved. So next day the farmer was called to ask for his wages. He already was instructed by the Lord in his dream and was prepared to pay. Due to Thukkaram's connection these people had the Lord's darsan so easily. The money was paid by  him. Thukkaram conducted the function feeding everyone with the money he got. He was moved by the Lord's grace showered on him. Whatever he wanted He fulfilled. Panduranga is karunasagaran indeed! 
       Meanwhile Jijayi kept abusing her husband. But could not bear her husband deprived of food and so daily would walk 6 kms to the hill to give him his food. To and fro she would be scolding Panduranga, that He was the only culprit to have spoilt her husband this much. He is indirectly troubling her by enticing her husband. It was very difficult for her to walk this distance daily. One day she was carrying the food abusing the Lord. On the way a big thorn pierced her feet. The pain was terrible. She cried aloud and sat down holding her feet. Tears were rolling down her cheeks as she felt left alone. She put the blame on the Lord again. It is His doing only to hurt her! She couldn't take out the thorn. It was getting late for her husband. She became worried. But she never wanted Vittal to know her predicament. She did not want to be defeated in front of her. 
       Just at the right time Lord Panduranga came from a distance. Her hatred knew no bounds. He was the last person she wanted to see at that time. Her continuous thoughts that He should not come there brought Him automatically. "Sathatha smaranam!" She did not want to see Him there. She thought He would definitely tease her because she was in a dependent position now. That Lord which the three worlds yearn to get became something unwanted for her. She looked down away from Him. Panduranga sat beside her, took her feet in His lap and softly removed the thorn from her feet. She felt as if she was touched with a flower and was immediately relieved. As she was His bhaktha Thukkaram's wife He volunteered to help her inspite of her hatred towards Him. All the devas who were watching this wonderful leela were spell bound by His kripai. They wondered what austerities Avali did to attain this grace! 
      Avali got up collecting her things and walked towards Thukkaram. Panduranga started following her. She was getting irritated very much by His action. But her hatred made her mind think of Him only. Such concentrated thoughts of the Lord forced Him to follow her. Thukkaram was sitting chanting. Today somehow he could not get the Lord's darsan to his satisfaction. He was wondering why bagavan was not coming so easily today. As he looked down he saw Panduranga and  Avali walking towards him. He was taken aback by the scene. He never expected Avali with his Lord! 
      Lets also keep wondering with the happenings. Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna! 



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